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Angel curve is a well-known brand among women due to its quality waist trainer at a decent price. 

But it’s hard for a beginner to invest in a brand without having enough knowledge of it. Thus we have come out with this well-researched angel curves brand overview to highlight its top to bottom.

At a time you will have some best angel curves waist trainer reviews to practically know why this brand is so famous. 

What Are The Specialties Of Angel Curves Waist Trainer?

Angel Curves Waist Trainer is an extremely popular waist trainer that offers an instant hourglass figure. It’s more than shapewear that celebrities and women make them part of their daily life.

Wearing Angel Curves Waist Trainer, you will have improved posture, decreased appetite, stomach, and increased core thermal activity every time.

With world-class quality Colombian trainers these waist trainers make the figure flaunt-worthy. Angel Curves Waist Trainer is engineered with a dual-layer where the interior is made of breathable cotton and the outdoor is finished with latex to offer all-day best comfort and control. 

It has unique FlexiBoning rods to ensure the best constriction while flexing the body for the most comfortable move. Some Angel Curves Waist Trainer also features a long torso style to cover the curves with ease. 

The Angel Curves Difference:

  • It’s Premium-quality Colombian shapewear that offers authentic waist training performance
  • Has long torso style for maximum control and training
  • Construct with three rows of hook-and-eye closure for adjusting the waistline for a slim effect
  • Has a Full-latex exterior for a tight squeeze
  • Its Breathable cotton interior ensures all-day comfort

Wearing Angel Curves Waist Trainer, you will lose up to 3 sizes instantly. For long-lasting slimming results, wear this Angel Curves Waist Trainer for 6-8 hours every day for four weeks. This way you will lose up to 4-inches of the waist. 

Top 6 Angel Curves Waist Trainer Reviews

1. Double Compression Waist Trainer


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With a five-star rating from all customers, this double compression waist trainer from angel curves is definitely the best angel curves waist trainer out there.

The specialties of this waist trainer are that it stimulates shaping, offers double compression, and supports the back as well. It means wearing this angel curves waist trainer, a woman gets all-around support. 

Thus they rate it with a five start. When it comes to construction, this waist trainer has Adjustable velcro straps and a Zipper closure for precise sizing and ease of use.

Available at a decent price, this angel curves double compression waist trainer includes a detailed size guide to lead the bigger through the right size undergarments. 


  • Increases thermal activity
  • Accelerate the belly fat burning process
  • Ensure a preferred level of compression
  • Offer back support


  • Check the size chart carefully before making an order.

2. “KIM” Sport Waist Trainer (Purple)


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Angel curves designed this sports waist trainer, especially for waist training and working out. It tightens and flattens the tummy and creates compression in the core to encourage thermal activity. This gym waist trainer is also comfortable to wear as it has two rows of hook closures. 

With flexible boning and a cotton-lined interior, this waist trainer keeps the wearer in the right posture while offering an instant slim effect.

Another exciting thing is that this sports waist trainer supports the posture and helps relieve back pain. Comes with a large size chart this Kim sports waist trainer is considerably cheaper than the previous item.


  • Increase thermal activity
  • Ideal for exercising
  • Boost fat burning effect
  • Helps with back pain


  • Only suitable for short torso

3. Extreme Waist Trainer 2 Hooks (Black)


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This extreme waist trainer from angel curve is one of the best-selling items from the brand.

The instant hourglass shape is the first benefit of this extreme waist trainer, making it popular among celebrities and women. Another re-shaping effect this waist trainer delivers is improved posture, flattening the tummy, and reducing appetite. 

So if you are looking for an undergarment with a long l, lasting slimming effect, this extreme waist trainer is your way to go. More importantly, wearing 6 to 8 hours daily, this waist trainer will offer you a permanent 4-inch slim waist, while offering 3 inches slimmer tummy instantly.

Another attractive feature is that this waist trainer is suitable for the long torso as well.


  • Have two rows of hook-and-eye closure
  • It has a Full-latex exterior for tightening the tummy
  • Made of Breathable cotton interior
  • Suitable for long torso


  • The customer may experience a strong smell after opening.

4. Waist Training Vest-Nude


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This is another impressive type of waist trainer from the angel curves. This waist trainer features a vest nude style to ensure maximum support to the curve. It has adjustable straps to remain comfortable and fit against the skin and offer a slim effect all day long. 

With a high cut design, this angel curves waist trainer smooths the back fat around the bra. Finished with a dual-layer, this shapewear has a latex exterior for extra-tight squeeze while its cotton interior ensures breathable comfort.

This vest nude waist trainer may be slightly expensive, still recommended for having naturally slim sexy curves.


  • It’s an Authentic Colombian shapewear
  • Has 2 rows of hook-and-eyes and Adjustable straps for a custom fit
  • Design with FlexiBone rods for maximum squeeze
  • Increased core thermal activity


  • Only suitable for Long-torso and slightly expensive item

5. Red Lace Zip and Clip Waist Trainer


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As you know, angel curves produce different tyle waist trainers to meed to preferences of all women. They engineered this Red Lace Zip and clip waist trainer for more discreet compression while remaining seamless under a cloth.

Wearing for a long hour you will definitely notice its effectiveness and how greatly this waist trainer makes the figure slimmer and smoother. 

Comes in vibrant red color this waist trainer has double support closure for ease of use with a comfortable hold. Similar to the previous shapewear, this item also supports a long torso and has flexible boning for great posture.

It also includes a size chart for aid and comes at a decent price.


  • Has Latex Band
  • Comes in a seamless sleek design
  • Construct with Double support closure
  • Supports long torsos


  • The hooks are slightly smaller

6. Victorian Lace Waist Trainer 3 Hook


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This Victorian lace waist trainer is a limited edition by the brand. So whenever get chance don’t miss to buy especially if you want a feminine hourglass figure.

Comes in long-torso cut this angel curves waist trainer is the perfect undergarments for the gym as it promotes sweating and boosts thermal activity.

More importantly, by wearing this Victorian lace waist trainer you will have back support to get the most out of every workout.

Unlike the other angel curves waist trainer, this item includes 3 rows of hook-and-eye closures for tighter squeeze and slimmer waist.

With a combination of latex fabric and FlexiBoning rods, this Victorian waist trainer will not only give you the best waist training power but also long a lasting slimming effect due to its durable structure. 


  • Has breathable cotton lining for all-day comfort
  • Promotes core thermal activity
  • Design with 3 Hook-and-Eye rows
  • Helps you sweat out toxins


  • Hook aren’t made of high quality

Angel Curves Size Chart

Angel Curves Size Chart

Angel Curves vs. Luxx Curves

Brands like Angel Curves and Luxx Curves both are notable contenders in the woman’s undergarment industry. Thus both try to be top over the other producing more quality undergarments.  

Following we will compare both the Angel Curves and Luxx Curves in different factors including price, design, types, and more to give you a quick idea. 

Luxx Curves:

  • Offer a large variety of types and sizes of waist trainers
  • Provide guides, size charts, and quizzes to help the customer pick the most appropriate one based on their figure. 
  • Luxx Curves waist trainers are a bit pricier than other brands

Angel Curves:

  • Offer various types of undergarments including shapewear, leggings, waist trainers, and other
  • Don’t have many sizing resources compared to Luxx Curves 
  • Comes at an average price

Is Angel Curves Worth It?

Angel Curves is one of the leading brands in the women’s undergarment industry. From typical houses wife to celebrities, all are regular customers of angel curves due to their effective results. Angel curve promisingly slims the waist instantly and is a great partner to a healthy diet and workout for permanent results. 

It also comes in a range of sizes and types. So, whether you have a long or short torso, finding the right undergarment for a certain body type won’t be a big deal. 

Where To Buy

Buying an angel curve waist trainer is quite a straightforward task. You can order your desired waist trainer direct from their official website:


  1. How long should you wear angel curves waist trainer for lasting results?

    Wearing angel curves waist trainer you will discover 3 inches slim waist instantly. For lasting results, you should wear this waist trainer 6-8 hours daily for 4 weeks.

  2. How to wash angel curves, waist trainer?

    A gentle hand washes in warm water is enough for angel curves waist trainer. After washing, lay it flat or hang for air dry. But don’t use bleach.

Which One Is Best: Angel Curves or Luxx Curves?

It’s up to the user’s taste and preferences. If you are on the market to buy a waist trainer for the first time, go for Luxx Curves as they include guidelines on sizing. Conversely, Angel Curves is both suitable for a regular user, and the leggings and bras from the brands are highly recommended.

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Final Words

We have shortly summarized the Angel Curves brand overview and reviewed some of the best waist trainers from the brand at a time. The intention was to offer you a quick idea of the brand and let you enjoy the best experience if you wish to. Hope you find this research worthwhile and interesting enough to invest in the most effective yet quality waist trainer for the desired shape.