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Feeling embarrassed in a public place due to the erection of nipples is common for women, however, it can be prevented by wearing bras in which nipples are not seen. But when it comes to buying the best bras to hide nipples they should have some specifications.

Some bras come with firm yet soft cups that effectively hide nipples. Besides some include wear-free seamless design that helps get an attractive look while ensuring more comfort.

In this guide, we have made a list that includes all the qualities needed to hide nipples as well as support, slip-less, and fit within the budget. Apart from these, the reader will learn some alternative ways to hide nipples. So let’s hack it!

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Best Bras To Hide Nipples Confidently

1. Warner’s Women’s Wire-Free Contour Bra To Hide Your Nipples

Warner's Women's No Side Effects Wire-Free Contour Bra


With extra side coverage panels, this Warner’s Women’s Contour Bra is the first recommendation on our list to help you hide your nipple.

This contour bra design with extra concentration on side coverage so the user can smooth out the underarm bulge. It will not only provide a slim shape but keep the fit look with a regular cloth.

Most importantly the manufacturer includes Flexible wire-free cups that will successfully hide nipples and won’t slip.

Besides, its front-adjustable straps will allow the user to adjust the bra to ensure a perfect fit. From a range of sizes and color options, the customer can choose the most desirable bra with the exact cup size without compromising on style.

The downside of this bra nipple coverage is it causes pain at the bottom band and some users find the bra doesn’t stay in place after long use.


The bra is available at an affordable price with a range of colors and styles. Besides, it includes a flexible cup and is made of high-quality nylon and spandex fabric.


It causes a bit of pain at the bottom of the band and only allows machine wash

2. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Bra to Hide Nipples

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra DF3P66


Next, we have Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Underwire Bra. It comes with a front-close shape style that allows the user to adjust the fitting.

The fabric is designed with a wide-size cup that is made of high-quality nylon and spandex and its Center Belt Lining and Cup Linings are from polyester to ensure durability.

Even the cup pad is designed with 100% Polyurethane Foam which is able to hide the nipples completely while feeling all-day comfortable. Most importantly cup offers extra lift and support so the user can have the desired shape and attractive look pushing the bra a little bit.

With Comfort Cushion Straps, the ladies won’t feel any shoulder pain while it will hold everything successfully.

However, Bali is a world-class brand for producing user-friendly women’s fabric but still, some users got negative experiences. Some customers find it snagging while some feel it is not ideal for a large-chest woman.


With plenty of design and style, these nipple concealer bras are available at a decent price. Besides it includes classic lining, clasp closure, Comfort-U design, and Cushion Straps


Apart from snagging a bit this fabric only allow to wash by hand

3. Playtex Women’s Wire-Free Bra

Playtex Women's Plus Size 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire Free Bra


In our list of best bras to hide nipples, this Playtex Women’s Wire-Free Bra will be a more appropriate option for large size women however it offers plenty of size range for a different shapes.

It is made of fully nylon fabric which promises comfort and extra durability. With full coverage lining and hook and eye closure style, this bra will not only hide everything inside it but allow it to wear and put off more comfortably comparing previous items.

A key feature includes Lift panels in cups that will allow ultimate lifting until the shape of the side.

Moreover, five beautiful natural-looking shaping opportunities will increase the user’s confidence, especially in the public place. Design with Cushioned straps, this bra with nipple concealer won’t dig into the shoulder even after regular use.

However, you should pay attention while choosing the size since there is enough complaint against size collection and some feel it is not ideal for seniors.


With a unique uplifting style, this bra offers ultimate lift and support. Plus it provides a great natural shape while available in a wide range of colors and sizes.


The size collection of the bra is horrible and some find it is not suitable for seniors.

4. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Lift Bra to Hide Nipples

Fruit of the Loom Women's Seamless Wire Free Lift Bra


This Fruit of the Loom Women’s Lift Bra comes with a smooth and supportive style that most women often search for. Besides, it is made of stretch and soft fabric that provides all-day comfort.

Especially it is designed with a pad and bottom bump that ensure perfect lift and shape while hiding the nipples.

Moreover wearing the bra, women will have a seamless wirer-free natural shape to enjoy outdoor activities.

It includes Front adjustable straps and Smoothing ballet back and a ribbed bottom band so the user can have an overall comfortable feeling with an attractive shape. Even its three-column 3-row back hook and eye closure will effectively ensure a supportive season and won’t let slip at any cost.

The error side of the bra is its construction is not reliable and some feel it is not appropriate for small breasts.


With a Built-in bottom bump pad, quality fabric, Front adjustable straps, and seamless design, this nipple concealer bra is available in a range of sizes and colors.


It is not so durable and may not be ideal for small breasts.

5. Warner’s Women’s Contour Bra

Warner's Women's Cloud 9 Wire-Free Contour Bra


We would like to end our recommendation list of bras to hide nipples with this Warner’s Women’s Contour Bra.

Especially it comes to taking comfort to the new height with its top-quality fabric and user-friendly design. It includes light contour cups that are not only supportive but shape the girls while hiding them from showing.

To add more convenience the manufacturer designs it with front-adjustable straps. Moreover, it will help lift the breasts a little bit to make them even more attractive. Besides, it includes a hook and eye closure to allow putting on and off easily and allow washing in the machine.

The drawback of the bra is its size measurements which are not accurate, so pay attention while buying the bra for regular use.


Offer a range of sizes, colors, and includes Light contour cups, convenient front-adjustable straps, and Super soft fabric. Besides the bra fit within the budget.


The measurement of bra size is not accurate, so measure or check the size while receiving.

Best Bras to Hide Nipple – Buyers Guide

Bust Size

Before buying a bra in which nipples are not seen, measure how big your breasts are, especially the cup size. It’s means know your boob’s size rather than your height and weight.

However, most of the producers don’t offer a standard set of cup and band size. But measuring the size previously will have to come back to the home with a more fitted bra with an accurate cup size.

Band size

Knowing the band size is another crucial thing to consider. Take a measurement topless when your breasts are in natural shape to have an accurate result.

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure the size of your underbust. Collect all the nearest numbers. You can determine the final result following two methods.

  1. An older method suggests adding the number of the measurement if you find it an even number. Besides, you should add five with the odd number.
  2. Conversely, modern-day practice prefers to add two with even numbers and three with an odd number.

For example, if you get the measurement 39 inches then you have to add 3, and the final band size will be 42.

Desire style

Picking your favorite style won’t hurt you but it will boost your confidence.

Besides, it will help you comfier outdoors. However, Padded and lined bras are the most popular option among women to hide nipples. But you don’t choose the underwear that slips as it will trouble you and can put you into an awkward situation.

So choose a bra that is designed with a firm but soft underwire that will hold your breast successfully.  A nipple-hiding bra with adjustable straps will be the most recommended fabric that will allow you to ensure an ideal fit.


Once you set your style and determine the cup size, now you can consider your budget. But it won’t be a good idea to compromise quality and comfort with the budget.

The best bras to hide nipples we have mentioned above cover all the quality specifications needed to hide nipples and especially fit in the budget. It unquestionable effectiveness these effectively handle the problem and offer overall comforts.

How To Wear This Padded Bra

  • Before wearing a bra or any cloth Clean and dry your breasts. Use mild soap and water to wash your breast and chest. Then gently wipe then a soft towel.
  • Let’s stand in front of a mirror. After that flip one cup outwards and attach it with the breast.
  • The clip angle of the breast will control the cleavage and support. so if you want more cleavage and push the breast up, then place the cup on the lower outer side of the boobs. But if you need a formal shape, then place the cups higher up the boobs.
  • Now push the breasts gently inwards so the cup can clip at the center.
  • If you find any visible lines or wrinkles, then smoothen out the cups. Finally press both the cup firmly for a few seconds to ensure the secure place of the adhesive.

What If You Don’t Have A Padded Bra?

Can you imagine that embarrassing situation suddenly your nipple erecting in public? However padded bra can keep you away from this situation, but you can still prevent it if you don’t have any bras to hide nipples! Here are some quick solutions:

  • If you have a scarf or shawl, then throw it over your shoulder.
  • You can fall your long hair over the chest to hide your nipple if you have.
  • Find a changing room and use it to massage your breasts. It will help relax the nipples.
  • Wear multi-color or checkered tops. Wearing a plain shirt or top cant hide the bulges and protrusions. Similarly, the erection will be noticeable.
  • If you experience reactions more often, you can try a nipple cover. the cotton ball is also effective. Just put them inside the cups and over the nipple.

Here are some best nipple covers we think work best and are also budget-friendly,

Best Of AllFJYQOP Silicone Nipple Covers
Silicone PetalsNippies Skin ULTIMATE ADHESIVE NippleCovers
Reusable Nipple CoversCHARMKING Nipple Covers 4 Pairs for Women
Washable Nipple CoversMUQU Womens Silicone Pasties
Budget Queen40 Pairs Nipple Breast Covers, Sexy Breast Pasties


What type of bra should I wear to hide my nipples?

A cotton bra will be the right option to apply. Usually, satin or lycra bra makes the nipple protrude out. But cotton bra doesn’t stick with the body and helps conceal the embarrassment for a long.

What can I use instead of a bra?

Following some fabrics will be an effective alternative: tight tank tops, Nipple Pasties, Scarves, Fashion Tapes, Nipple Covers, Tank tops, and Summer Scarves.

What is the most comfortable bra?

However, the five bras to hide nipples we have mentioned above are made of quality fabric to offer comfort feeling for a longer time, but Warner’s Women’s Wire-Free Contour Bra will be the most comfortable bra.

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Final Words

In the end, we have produced some pieces of info so you can choose the best bras to hide nipples as well as bulges, bra lines, and lift the breasts. Besides, the article covers a good research buying guide and some best alternatives so you can still prevent that awkward situation without wearing bras.

However, the recommendation list we have mentioned above meets all the requirements needed for hide nipples for long time without feeling shoulder pain at an affordable price. Plus, the entire items offer sample or size options with different styles and offer free shipping advantage.