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Colombian shapewear has decades of history to reshape women and offer them desired flattering figures. But if you decide to utilize this shapewear, you must do some research on Colombian shapewear manufacturers so you can avoid misleading.

That’s why we come up with some of the top Colombian shapewear manufacturer’s lists that have already become popular for their quality, design, and effectiveness. Hope this will save your time and help you deal with the best one.

How Colombian Shapewear Became So Popular

From ancient days, women are trying to get the figure that is considered the perfect figure for their respective time. With the exception of the 20s, the small waist becomes the center of expectation.

From this period, the woman desired to have a tiny midsection through natural ore by getting the help of undergarments. And luckily they have Colombian share close to their door and find effective to fulfill their demand.

That’s the way Colombian shapewear become so popular among women with a wide variety of shapes. The other demands Colombian shapewear fulfills are:

Slimmer Look

After wearing Colombian shapewear, the body’s appearances turn better. This shapewear ensures the right compression and improves the overall body shape.

It is also an instant solution to compress the weak points and reduce the waistline slightly.

Better Support

Comfortable bust and back support are essential to improve posture. Colombian shapewear comes with the right structure and design to ensure the desired support in certain areas of the body. Its compressor helps relieve the back pain and them in a straight position.

Despite, bruising, swelling and tenderness are some of the vital aspects to consider especially after surgery. Luckily post-surgical Colombian girdles help contain the tissues for healing and help to recover quickly.

Improved Thermal Activity

Colombian shapewear effectively increases the thermal activity and increases the blood flow positively.

Reduce Cellulite Look

Colombian shapewear both tackle flabbiness and tone up the skin. Its waistband help reduces measures instantly. It also controls the upper, middle, and lower tummy to improve the overall look.


Paired with new outfits, Colombian shapewear offers a new figure and look as well as increased confidence.

Best Colombian Shapewear Manufacturers

Delié - Colombian shapewear manufacturers


Fajas Salomé - Colombian shapewear manufacturers

Fajas Salomé


Delié fajas, also known as Fájate in Colombia is one of the most popular Colombian brands in the undergarment industry. Delié fajas and shapewear offer a wide range of support including post-up, postpartum, and maternity to feel the best.

Colombian shapewear from this brand is also suitable for regular, post-op, and postpartum use to look stylish. They design their shapewear with comfort and the body’s health in mind.

Infused with ginkgo biloba, Cosmacol Emi, seaweed, and vitamin e, Delié Colombian shapewear is constructed with Viveltex fabric. That’s why this shapewear help reduces moisturize, nourishment, skin inflammation, and tone the skin to offer the desired shape.

Delié Colombian shapewear is also suitable for post-surgical recovery to keep the skin tight against the body to offer both relief and comfort. Overall, Delié fajas offer everything to let a nurse get back to their shape.


Most users consider Fajas Salomé as the original Colombian fajas brand for both women and men. This shapewear manufacturer is an expert in shaping and caring for the body.

Their high-quality fajas use Powernet fabric to ensure a compression effect. It is also designed with hypoallergenic lycra flannel to offer a soft and delicate touch to the skin.

Engineered with three levels of control, Fajas Salomé shapewear help to cover bulges that may cause due to wearing tight garments.

The features also help improve the bust area and offer a butt lifting effect. Fajas Salomé shapewear is the right solution for a first-time user to get soft and yet desired compression.

Fajas M&D - Colombian shapewear manufacturers

Fajas M&D

Fajas Diane - Colombian shapewear manufacturers

Fajas Diane


It’s quite difficult to get back to the original shape after childbirth and surgery. But you can handle those challenges and reach the target with the help of Fajas M&D Colombian shapewear.

These Colombian shapewear manufacturers develop their undergarments for medical and daily use. These also offer postpartum and post-surgical support to those users who want to get back their figure.

Fajas M&D shapewear is made from LYCRA elastic fiber. Combine with Powernet, lycra cotton deliver enhanced support to a wide range of body figure whether it is XS to 3XL.

Along with four compression levels, this Colombian shapewear highlights the health and aesthetics of the user. Wearing this shapewear regularly will redefine your curves safely and naturally.


Another well-renowned Colombian shapewear manufacturer is Fajas Diane. This shapewear is perfect for achieving an ideal shape, thanks to its belt design.

Diane Poitiere shapewear offers an effective way to get ideal shape no matter what size and shape you are.

The most impressive thing is that Fajas Diane offers shapewear with a wide range of sizes and types including short girdles, trouser belts, and waistbands that are fit for different occasions.

The size of their shapewear is ranged from 32 to 46, so picking the most fitted one won’t be a big deal.

Fajas MariaE - Colombian shapewear manufacturers

Fajas MariaE

Fajas Fajitex - Colombian shapewear manufacturers

Fajas Fajitex


Quality, comfort, and innovation, Fajas MariaE brand produces their shapewear maintaining these aspects since 1993. Fajas MariaE shapewear will not only feel perfect from the outside but also feel comfortable from the inside.

Fajas MariaE Colombian shapewear is also able to offer you the original shape after cosmetic procedures.

Their long-sleeved vests and postpartum fajas can effectively lift and tone the arms while their bras lift the breast for an attractive shape. Even they produce maternal girdles to support the tummy and enhance the body.


The first impression is vital for a girl whether it is makeup, clothes, or hairstyle. Fajas Fajitex also appreciates the user’s attitude. Their Colombian shapewear is stylish and stronger to make your day.

Despite, Fajitex shapewear shape the waist, tummy, buttock, back, legs, and arms to offer the desired look from all over. Their undergarment ensures a lifting effect while the belts offer the required level of compression whether you are looking for silhouette or slim curves.

More impressively each belt is made of different sizes and characteristics of the fabric to mold your body as desired. Lastly, if you require an enhanced personal image both from inside and outside with comfort, you can try these Fajas Fajitex.


What is Colombian fajas good for?

Colombian fajas boost thermal activity and ensure a positive effect on blood flow. This way Colombian shapewear reduce cellulite appearance and tone up the skin.

How to measure a Colombian faja?

Firstly measure your waist from over the belly button. Measure the waist without sucking the stomach in or squeezing the tape too tightly around the tummy. Then measure your hip through the largest part of the buttock.

Do fajas really shape the body?

In truth, Colombian girdles won’t help you reduce your weight. But this shapewear offers slimmer appearances by flattering the body from all around. However, you can add this shapewear to your diet plan to get the permanently slim effect.

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Final Words

Whatever you desired slim silhouette, emphasized waist, and flattened tummy, Colombian shapewear is the top choice. But there’s a wide range of names when it comes to the Colombian shapewear manufacturer. Therefore we collected the most reliable name and put it into the list so you can only deal with the quality, effectiveness, and style.