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Choosing and wearing a waist trainer is a simple task, but when it comes to a certain body type, like a long torso, the situation turns the opposite. Finding the best long torso waist trainer can be misleading as waist trainers aren’t universally compatible. So, apart from the desired style, you may need to focus on the right shape.

To lower the difficulties and help track the right long torso waist trainer, we made a list of some recommendations. Plus, the article includes some effective information on the long torso and tips for picking the best garments. Get stick with us.

1. YIANNA Underbust Long Torso Waist Trainer

YIANNA Short Torso Waist Trainer Corset for Tummy Control Underbust Sports Workout Hourglass Body Shaper-min

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YIANNA is one of the leading and well-known brands in the women’s undergarment industry, and undoubtedly, this Underbust Waist Trainer is among the best fabrics from the brands.

Even this underbust waist trainer is one of the best-selling undergarments that have already proven its reliability among women, proving better coverage for the upper tummy and hip area.

Made of quality latex fabric, this waist trainer are both for the short and long torso while ensuring high resistance to slim curves. It’s a multi-functional waist trainer that can be used as a boned waist training corset as it reduces inches off the waist, boosts thermal activity, and improves the overall hourglass figure.

We have a dedicated article on YIANNA Waist Trainer with a lot of information. Make sure to check it out.


  • Made of a combination of rubber, cotton, and latex, it is a comfortable, flexible waist trainer.
  • The long torso waist trainer can be worn for everyday waist training.
  • Made of three layers of upgraded fabric for the smooth waistline and added support.
  • Design with three columns hook-and-eye closure for desired adjustability
  • It has 9 or 25 spiral steel bones for the best posture.


  • It’s a bit hard to wear initially.
  • The latex rubber can cause an energetic reaction.
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2. Lady Slim Fajas Colombianas Latex Waist Trainer

Lady Slim Fajas Colombianas Reductoras

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Compared to the previous model, wearing this Lady Slim Fajas Waist Trainer has a sauna effect. This long torso waist trainer will maximize the weight-reducing process by sweating and reducing fat deposits due to being made of completely latex fabric. Apart from these, this waist trainer has sturdy three hooks and eyes with reinforced triple glued front closure, firm protection, and superb holding and adjustability.

Another impressive thing is that this waist trainer has flexible boning that not only corrects the posture but also avoids rolling during movement. So, if you want to look like an hourglass with a three-inch waist reduction and better tummy coverage, try this long-torso waist trainer at an affordable price.


  • The waist trainer reshapes and reduces fat deposits with the sauna effect.
  • Its inner layer absorbs sweat to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable.
  • Have 3 hook rows for comfortable adjustability.
  • With flexible boning, the waist trainer corrects the posture.
  • This affordable body shaper is durable and easier to use.


  • It may produce a bit of a smell for the first couple of days.

3. DILANNI Women’s Latex Underbust Waist Training Cincher

DILANNI Women's Latex Underbust Corset Waist Training Cincher

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Whether you are preparing for a wedding party or doing everyday activities, wearing this DILANNI Women’s Underbust Waist Training Cincher will improve your posture and give you a stunning figure. This waist trainer is made of soft yet natural latex material that smooths the waistline, midsection and makes the long torso look amazing.

This plus-size long torso Waist Trainer has  3 rows of thick eyes and hooks for size versatility and 9 flexible steel bones for amazing support without inhibiting movement. Another exciting thing is this waist trainer creates a thermal action to maximize the fat burning and toxin removing process to look and feel more confident.


  • The waist trainer is made of soft and gentle cotton for comfort.
  • It has a latex layer that creates thermal action that boosts fat burning.
  • Design with front and side boning to keep the user straight for improving posture.
  • Constructed with 3 rows of thick eyes and hooks for durability and size versatility.


  • The waist trainer doesn’t have many color options.

4. Kimikal Waist Trainer for Long Torso Women Sport

Kimikal Waist Trainer for Women Long Torso Sport Corset Belt

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If you are looking for a long torso waist trainer, especially for everyday wear along with accessions, try this Kimikal Waist Trainer.  This waist trainer is made of breathable latex fabric that offers firm control of the tummy under any kind of clothing without discomfort. Even compared to the previous one, this long torso waist trainer gets multiple 4 flexible hooks and 18 spiral steel bones. 

Combining these features, the user will not only have a comfortable adjustment of body shape with a larger option but also get optimum back support. It’s also a double steel boned waist trainer that improves overall posture and reflects the body shaping effect superbly.  Apart from these, this body shaper is suitable for postpartum recovery and easier movement for exercise and sports.


  • This waist trainer is made of stretchy fabric that is flexible to wear.
  • It has 4 sets of hooks and eyes for larger adjustment options.
  • Ensure strong back support and reshape the waistline.
  • It has 18 spiral steel bones for improved back support
  • Made of latex fabric, this affordable waist trainer comes in a variety of sizes and looks.


  • It’s a bit hard to wear alone.

5. LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Tummy Control Sport Workout Body Shaper Black

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This LODAY Waist Trainer Corset is one of the best workout waist trainers for long torsos out there. The waist trainer will hide the bumps, bulges, and rolls while looking tight and trim for the most hourglass look. More importantly, it’s a multi-functional workout waist trainer that will not only correct the posture, and slim the waist, but also ensure back support and push the breasts up for an attractive shape.

With a combination of Double Layer-high compression design, lightweight stretchy fabric 4 Spiral Steel boning, and Adjustable Straps, this Body Shaper will ensure optimum body support all over.


  • Suitable for both short and long torso women.
  • It has a double zipper for ease of use and hides the tummy for a slimmer effect.
  • It is made of lightweight and stretchy fabric to help perform any activity.
  • This lumber support belt reduces back pain and improves posture.


  • The boning may be dug into the back.

6. Gotoly Long Torso Waist Trainer with Adjustable Straps

Gotoly Quick Weight Loss, Adjustable Straps Body Shaper Waist Cincher Tank Top

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Want to have a more erect and attractive chest with a slimmer waistline while reducing weight? Wearing this Gotoly Waist Cincher, you will have all those advantages without feeling any discomfort. In particular, the manufacturer is constructed with a waist trainer with a front u type anti droop design and double spiral steel bones. So after wearing this long torso waist trainer, it will firmly control the armpit and back fat.

Comes in an open bust design, this body shaper effectively controls the tummy and waist while pushing the breasts up for the most attractive look. More importantly, you can wear this waist trainer to regain your pre-childbirth figure because the undergarment supports the core abdominal muscles, allowing them to return to their original shape.


  • This waist trainer reduces the waistline by up to three inches.
  • It greatly helps postpartum recovery.
  • The body shaper boosts thermal activity to flatten the tummy.
  • It pushes the breasts up for a more erect look.


  • The waist trainer isn’t suitable for extensive use.

7. SHAPERX Women Waist Trainer


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If you are tired of looking for a waist trainer undergarment, want to try an Eraser Belt, buy this SHAPERX Women Waist Trainer belt. This belly band from the world-class SHAPERX brand will provide you with all of the benefits of wearing the best long-torso waist trainer. The Long torso Waist Trainer with straps is especially suitable for weight loss and has a belly-burning effect while enhancing the compression around the tummy to make you sweat more.

Constructed with reinforced steel boning, this waist trainer also helps reduce lower back pain and stabilize the spine. A unique feature includes double velcro closures for the most secure fit during an intense workout. This tummy control belt is available at a decent price and comes in a range of colors for matching outfits at the gym.


  • It is made of a stretchy neoprene fabric that ensures easy sweating and breathability.
  • It has double velcro adjustment for sizing accuracy.
  • Can curve the waistline up to 8 inches.
  • Suitable for post-pregnancy and controlling love handles.


  • The waist trainer belt isn’t suitable for wearing under short or tight clothing.

8. Ann Chery Long Torso Waist Trainer Corset

Ann Chery Waist Trainer Corset Girdle Cincher Faja Colombiana Weight Loss Vest

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With over 35 years of experience, Ann Chery produces this Waist Trainer Corset, maintaining optimum quality and effectiveness. Made of 100% natural latex, this waist trainer will increase the body temperature and absorb the sweat for superiors’ experience.

Despite this, it can reduce up to three inches from the waistline immediately for a discolored slimming effect. The waist cincher also has flexible bones and rows for correcting the tummy and increasing compression. However, this long torso waist trainer will cost a bit more than its competitors.


  • Made of top-quality natural latex for reliable performance.
  • Can reduce the waistline by up to three inches instantly.
  • Increase sweating and absorb it to maximize weight loss comfortably.
  • It won’t roll down during movement.


  • It’s a bit more expensive than competitors.

9. FeelinGirl Plus Size Latex Waist Trainer f for Long Torso Women

FeelinGirl Plus Size Latex Waist Trainer for Women Lower Belly Fat Workout Sweat Corset Waist Trainer for Long Torso

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Last we have another best long torso waist trainer belt and this time it is from FeelinGirl brands. It’s a workout sweat corset that is specially designed for long torso girls to offer the desired waistline as well as extra waist protection with superior back support. In particular, this waist trainer is constructed with two pieces of high-quality elastic Velcro to ensure ease of tightness and good toughness.

A highlight feature includes a durable YKK zipper for the most straightforward operation with only five seconds. Even the manufacturer includes a semi-automatic locking ability with its zipper to prevent sliding and rolling down during extensive movement during exercise. This plus-size long torso Waist Trainer belt is available at a decent price with five different color choices.


  • This waist trainer belt is suitable for everyday use with any exercise.
  • It has a 12.5/13.5 inch length, making it ideal for people with long torsos.
  • Constructed with 3 layers of fabric to remove postpartum flesh and offer a smooth waistline.
  • It has a semi-automatic lock design zipper to prevent slipping.
  • Its spiral steel bones offer extra waist protection and relieve lumbago.


  • The size runs too small, so carefully order the size.

Best Long Torso Waist Trainers- Buying Guide

The journey of choosing the best long torso waist trainer can go wrong due to a lack of knowledge of what factors you should track. The following are some key aspects that a long torso waist trainer should have to offer a comfortable and flattering body with a longer service life:


The boning design of a waist trainer is vital for having better shaping features. The long torso waist trainer should have eight spandex, nylon, or latex boning for lightweight, flexible, and better back support. Despite this, you can choose a waist trainer with plastic mobbing for short-term use.


Between underbust and overbust waist trainers, the first type covers the upper abdomen area and the hips. Conversely, the overbust waist trainer covers the chest with extra support. Wearing an underbust waist trainer, you will have better movement and stability, and it accepts all types of clothes. It is also ideal for lower back support and reshaping the posture by giving the spine a break from slouching and reducing muscular pain.

Conversely, an overbust waist trainer mostly concentrates on the chest and offers the bust extra support. This waist trainer improves the waist-to-hip ratio and is good for fancy wear. It is, however more restrictive than underbust trainers!


Durability is a vital factor in choosing the best long torso waist trainer. Though you will sweat out regularly, working out with a waist trainer isn’t acceptable. Likewise, boning sticks with spandex or latex fabric, as these promise durable undergarments. The structure should be made of rubber and flexible properties. Though latex is a bit stretchy yet firm, it offers unbeatable compression and stability compared to other fabrics. Conversely, if you have sensitive skin, choose a waist trainer made of a combination of cotton and neoprene or latex. While cotton is a comfortable and non-irritating fabric, neoprene is quite inexpensive.


The initial stage of wearing a waist trainer usually feels the toughest. So having a hook-and-eye closure can help you lose and tighten the trainer if you feel uncomfortable. The feature could be a lifesaver on those tough days, so it should be added to the consideration list.

What is a Long Torso Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer is also preferred as waist cinchers, waist trainers, and trimmer belts, which is a type of compression shapewear. But when you talk about a long torso waist trainer, it’s an especially designed waist trainer that comes to fit perfectly with a long torso. The long torso waist trainer is used to hide tummy and back fat to get the disred slim effect. It shapes, molds, and slims the figure into a girdle structure to offer a much-coveted hourglass look, thanks to its hook-and-eye closures and steel boning.  It comes in longer in the front and higher in the back to promote a better body, feel fit, and sweat out the fat to reduce weight.

What Are The Differences Between The Short Torso and Long Torso Waist Trainer?

Generally, the torso of a woman is 15 to 17 inches on average. A woman who has less than this is considered to have a short torso, while a longer one is preferred as having a long torso. Conversely, a woman who is taller than 5 feet 6 inches usually gets a long torso. Likewise, you have a short torso if you are shorter than 5 feet 2 inches.

How To Measure A Short Torso vs Long Torso

Whether you have a short torso or a long one, you can better decide by measuring it in practice. Simply take a measuring tape and measure the length between the bottoms of the neck where the shoulders meet to the bottom of the spine.

Conversely, you can measure the torso by measuring from the top of the head to the crotch. Then measure the crotch to the floor twice, while standing flat-footed and barefooted. Comparing the two results, if you find the first one longer, then you are a long torso woman, otherwise, you are a short-torso woman.

What To Wear For A Long Torso

The most irritating thing for a long torso woman is some waist trainers don’t properly cover the lower tummy. It is especially true for workout bands, as these are designed to offer more motion range during a workout. It’s not a big problem. Instead, consider whether it’s a real problem or not!

But if you are seriously concerned about it, wear a waist trainer with shaped leggings to enjoy more coverage. A long torso woman should also consider a waist trainer with different compression levels and materials. While wearing high compression and tight-fitting spandex can be unflattering and painful, wearing lighter compression cotton cinchers will provide impressive results.

What To Wear For Short Torso

The main difficulty for short torso women is finding properly fitted garments while some jab slightly at the ribs or hips. A workout waist trainer will be the best for short torso women due to their narrow design. Despite this, you can also wear a workout band under your regular dress if you need to go for waist training. Likewise, long torso women wearing lighter compression cotton cinchers are also recommended to enjoy a flattering body with a comfortable feel.

Final Words

Being a long torso woman, choosing the right waist trainer can be a difficult task. But once you have some of the best long torso waist trainers to choose from, hopefully, the task is straightforward. Though the waist trainer we have reviewed is suitable for having the desired slimming effect and adding to the weight loss program, make the final decision based on your body requirements, changes, and shape. Otherwise, you may need to experience the frustrating replacement experience.