8 Best Longline Strapless Bra For Plus Size Women – WaistTips

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Sometimes, you want to wear a strappy outfit but in lack of a suitable bra, you can’t wear it.

A longline strapless bra for plus size is a strapless bra which is a bit longer than regular bras. The long part covers your tummy area and gives you a slimmer look to make you look so gorgeous. So no worries, put on your favorite gown and make yourself look like an angel.

A longline strapless bra for plus size can be easy to speak than picking and getting the desired performance. Since the undergarment isn’t commonly available choosing the best longline strapless bra plus size maintaining the basic requirement is a quite demanding task.

 So before jumping into the vast market let’s do some research with use.

The article will offer you some of the best longline strapless bras that are suitable for plus-size women to wear under a wedding dress and regular cloth.

Since it’s a bit difficult to test all these bras, but we’ve tested some and talked about those who are using them. Plus we include some essential information about plus size longline strapless bra to help get the most from it.

Best Longline Strapless Bra For Plus Size Women

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1. Dominique Tayler Lace Strapless Bridal Bra

Dominique Tayler Lace Strapless Bridal Bra - longline strapless bra for plus size

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This Dominique Tayler Lace Strapless Bridal Bra Out top picks for the best longline strapless bra plus size. The bra fits perfectly under the backless bridal dress while ensuring some room.

Even you can consider this longliner bra as a bridal corset as the bra has a lightweight and seamed structure to fits all around. An impressive thing is the longline plus size bra is made of soft non-slipping polyester at the front to huge the body snugly while its adjustable back is coming from nylon and spandex for extra rear support.

Apart from these its stretching spandex net panels at the rear also do a little slimming task and bring supportive comfort.

This longline bridal bra will be your great companion whether you are wearing a simple grown or wedding dress as its contour cups give impressive fits and support for the most attractive shape.


  • Flatter the figure with form sculpting
  • Has Hook and Eye closure
  • Design with stretching spandex net panels
  • Have contour cups that are molded to give you a superior fit
  • Comes in a wide range of size


  • The longline bra won’t be suitable for short torso woman

2. Felina Strapless Plunge Demi Push Up Bra

Felina Essentials Bustier Strapless Plunge Demi Push Up Runs Small

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If you are looking for a slight push-up effect along with a seamless and smooth structure to wear with a regular dress, try this Felina Strapless Plunge longline bra.

This plunge longline bra is designed to fit seamlessly under regular and occasional dress while ensuring a contoured silhouette. With a Patented hidden-wire construction this plus-size strapless bra enhances the shape with a clean and smooth look without restricting the movement.

Even for the extra confidence, the producer adds streamlined boning that keeps the undergarment stable while you are enjoying a sexy casual look at the party and occasions.

Another exciting feature includes soft-touch foam cups with power mesh lining and silicone accents. It means the bra will hug the skin comfortably without slipping and push the breasts slightly up for enhancing their shape


  • Comes with Patented hidden-wire construction
  • Its Bodice design makes the longline bra seamless
  • Have soft touch foam cups and flexible bones
  • Available in three most popular colors with a variety of size


  • Its need to order a band size up to get the right fit

3. Goddess Women’s Lace Bustier Bra

Goddess Women's Lace Bustier Bra #GD0689 - longline strapless bra for plus size

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This Goddess Women’s Lace Bustier Bra will let you enjoy the extra coverage and support with most of the dresses whether it is tops, jeans, or skirts. The bra also holds most of the body type without creating fat bulges and rolling down.

The feature that impressed us is it includes an optional shoulder strap, so the wearer can choose between strap and strapless. This is nowadays, a rare feature for the other competitors.

Despite the cup of this longline bra has a reinforced form to offer greater support to all shapes and sizes of breasts. With a combination of midriff coverage in the length and full coverage from the cups, this longline bustier is superb for having all-around coverage and shape.


  • It has a lower back that won’t poke out
  • It can lift the breasts naturally to fits into cups
  • The longline bra is made of breathable fabric and has flexible boning
  • Includes removable straps


  • It’s a bit hard to wear and put off

4. Le Mystere Women’s Soiree Bustier Bra

Le Mystere Women's Soiree Convertible Bustier Bra, Seamless, Invisible Bustier to Support and Carry Special Occasion Dresses

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If you want a bra for all of the possible dresses, like bridal bustier bra or for wearing under low back gowns or other seamless longline bustier for some extra coverage, this is the thing.

Le Mystere Women’s Soiree strapless longline bra won’t disappoint you for any of these purposes. This plus-size longline bra will ensure a sleek and polished fit and goes down to midriff for extra support and coverage. Apart from these, the strapless bra has firm and thick boning that makes it considered a corset for having the most flattering look.

The manufacturer also adds power mesh wings, stabilizing tricot gore, and firm foam cups. Combining all these aspects the plus-size woman will have the necessary support to hold the dress with flattering appearances. Even this longline bra is suitable for sort torso woman and doesn’t cause bucking at the side


  • Designed with a short-line silhouette cut
  • Remains invisible under trumpet style gown and most form-fitting mermaid
  • Have detachable straps and hook-and-eye closures
  • Will squeeze big-breasted women


  • The bra is quite small considering the band size

5. Dominique Women’s Longline Strapless Bra

Dominique Women's Longline strapless bra for plus size

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This Women’s Longline strapless bra is another best plus-size bra from the Dominique brand. With a full-coverage design, this longline bra is also a popular option as a bridal undergarment as the bra is supportive, flexible, and lace.  Despite this longline bra fits with the entire torso whether it is short, mid, or long.

Another exciting thing is its band at the back mostly remains unrevealed under the wedding dress and grown. So it won’t cause any embarrassing situation whether you are enjoying the big day. Finally, the strapless bra is made of lightweight and non-slip material while available at a decent price.


  • The longline bra can flatten a muffin top
  • It has firm yet flattering boning
  • The strapless bra can smoothen out bulges and wrinkles.
  • Greatly fit with all types of torso


  • The cup and band size arent comes in balance

6. Elila women’s Longline

Elila womens Longline strapless bra for plus size

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Whether you are a full busty woman or simply plus size and want to have the smooth and sexy foundation to enjoy your favorite dress, try this Elila women’s Longline.

This strapless bra works very well even with a busty woman and lifts the breast for a flattering look. But if you are a busty woman go down a few cup sizes for the most perfect fit. 

Apart from these, the plus-size woman may feel a bit snug around the back, and a slight lift in the bottom may cause uncomfortable. But providing maximum support with 360-degree full-length boning, the strapless bra converts the pain into confidence and pleasantness.

Lastly, this longline bra comes in 3 different colors with a large size chart and costs a fairly reasonable price.


  • Made of a combination of nylon and spandex, the strapless bra is comfortable and durable
  • Has for convenient use
  • Design with vertical 3-part cups
  • Ensure maximum support 


  • Can cause a bit uncomfortable in bottom

7. PARFAIT Elissa Women’s Full Bust Strapless Longline Strapless Bra Plus Size

PARFAIT Elissa P50116 Women's Full Bust and Full Figure Strapless Longline Bra

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This PARFAIT Elissa Full-Figure Strapless Longline Bra will be a perfect undergarment to wear under occasional, regular, or even wedding dress to enjoy a well-rounded shape.

this longline strapless bra will hold you perfectly as designed with special support. The strapless bra has a bone to smooth out the back and the upper stomach. This longline bra can pusher the excess weight down to offer a bigger muffin top

Another issue you may face is, the bra doesn’t go all the way down like a corset. Otherwise, this strapless bra is suitable for both large and small bust women, even ideal for the fuller bust to offer curvy shapes.

The bra also has silicon elastic on the inner cup edge to keep the undergarment in place for a long hour.


  • It is a smooth and seamless longline bra
  • The strapless bra is smooth and shape back with ultimate support
  • Remain invisible under t-shirts
  • Made of nylon and spandex


  • The bra cup may be small for some plus size woman

8. Carnival Women’s plus Size Bra

Carnival Women's Plus Size Plunge - longline strapless bra for plus size

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With a combination of Dual section fiberfill lined cups and Extra-low back closure, this Carnival Women’s Plus Size Plunge is another best longline strapless bra plus size on our list.

Wearing this plus-size bra you will not only have extra support to enjoy worrying-free outdoor activities. Even due to the low back closure, this is the best plus-size strapless bra for a backless dress that allows enjoying the wedding day and favorite outfits. 

Another impressive feature includes Two-inch waist elastic that helps prevent riding up and slippage to enjoy the strapless outfits confidently. Comparing the previous bra, this model will offer an extra advantage of tummy control.

Apart from these, its demi cups are ready for offering extra cleavage along with a little push-up. 


  • Made of double knit nylon for sleek and smooth foundation
  • Design with Dual section fiberfill lined cups to deliver extra cleavage
  • Has extra low back closure
  • Available in four different colors with plenty of sizes


  • The bra may feel a little tight.

What are Longline Bras?

A longline bra is an especially designed undergarment that extends past the bust line and down to the hips and waist and varies in design. These bras seem an extended bralette and are available in wired and unwired varieties.

longline bras are mostly worn as bridal lingerie and some women love to wear under strapless gowns. Most of the longline bras are superb for wearing under strapless dresses as these offer extra support where typical strapless bras fall slightly short. This type of bra also fits differently as these extend further down the body.

Picking the best longline strapless bra plus size includes the measurement of hips, waist, bust, and cup size. Once picking the right fit, the wearer can enjoy an attractive longline look with extra support to the back and shoulder. It’s a great benefit for busty girls who want to show off a strapless dress or top.

Longline Strapless Bra For Plus Size – Buying Guide

Torso type

Finding the right fit longline strapless bra plus size is largely depends on considering the torso. Luckily longline bra comes in a variety of sizes that can be extended over the hips.

So whether you are a short or long torso woman make sure the bra you are picking fits with your torso. Plus some longline bra has a larger band for more comfort.

Coverage and support

Most plus-size woman has lots of bulges in their body. To hide those bulges and gets the slimmer effect, choose a longline strapless bra that can cover those areas and offer extra support.

Or if you have bra bulges, know how to remove them naturally.

With or Without Boning

Considering your personal preference you can pick a long line strapless bra with or without a boning structure. The boning structure is usually made of strong yet soft plastic to offer cinched waist shape. It also accentuates an hourglass figure.

Though the classic corset was made of whalebone or steel boning, the latest longline strapless bras were designed with flexible and comfortable boning. But if you don’t require firm support, you can pick a strapless longline bra without boning.

Right Color

A longline bra is mainly made of three colors including cream, white, and black as these are popular and compatible with bridal undergarments. Among them, White and cream are the most accepted color as these blend with the skin tone easily. But black is the ideal color to choose if you want to wear the bra as outerwear and it also blends with various types of dress.

Cup Size

Before shopping for any type of bra, measure your cup size correctly for the most comfortable fit. You can get aid from online videos and guidelines to determine the right size.

You should also focus on body type as Fuller-bodied ladies will find handy the full coverage strapless bra with minimal padding. But if you are a petite young woman you should consider a longline bra with more padding to get the light push-up effect.

Bustier vs Longline Bra

  • While a longline bra is a special type of bra that offers extra coverage and support, a bustier is a pretty same line corset but doesn’t have heavy boning.
  • A bustier is typically fitted above the waist, pushes up the breasts, and tightens everything to offer an hourglass figure. Conversely, a longline bra covers the waist along with breasts, hips, and bust to offer a slimmer figure, especially under a strapless dress, gowns, and tops.

The design and the material also make these undergarments different from others. But bustier and longline bras both come from nylon, spandex, and polyester. Apart from these you will find two types of longline bra out there including bridal long line and plunge long line. But the bustier doesn’t have types and mainly comes with a built bra.

Types of Longline Bras

Longline strapless bra plus size itself is a special type of bra that comes to offer extra coverage and support. Apart from these, you will find two types of Longline strapless bra plus size and they are:

Bridal Longline Bra

It’s a more formal type and commonly uses a longline strapless bra. The bra also feels comfortable under a wedding gown. Made of various breathable and flattering fabrics, this longline strapless bra hugs the body impressively and offer freedom of movement.

Apart from offering lots of support and coverage these bridal bras offer an incredibly sexy look to women even plus size. But its lace and sheer fabric of the cup, bra, and bands are a bit restrictive and only suitable to wear under the bridal dress.

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Plunge Longline Bra

A longline bra comes in a wide variety of materials and sizes while suitable to wear with low-neck tops and dresses. Its lower neckline offers a woman a shapely and fuller look. Some of the plunge longline bras also bring slimming and flattering look. Maintaining a strict boning frame this strapless bra can go down to the waist. Along with body shaping, this plunge longline bra also ensures greater support to the muscles, chest, and underbust.

Who Should Wear Longline strapless Bras?

Longline bras are mainly intended for plus-size women to offer them a flattering appears. But due to its popularity and demand, some manufacturers produce longline bras that are fitted with any size and shape women. So whether you have a short or long torso, small or large boobs, and plus-size or petite, you will easily find a longline bra to get the flattering look.

Above these, longline bras are vital undergarments to wear under a once-in-a-lifetime bridal gown. It’s a kind of silhouette-shaping bra that can greatly improve the form-fitting appeal that is the most plus-size woman want to have under bridal grown.

Despite a longline bra can trim the mid-section and tummy to offer a slimmer appearance to the plus-size woman.


  1. What is the best longline bra?

    Dominique Tayler Lace Strapless Bridal Bra is the best longline bra that ensures greater coverage with smooth support. It also keeps everything in place while snugly fit in the skin and offer the most flattering look

  2. What is the best strapless bra for saggy breasts?

    Felina Strapless Plunge Demi Push up Bra is the best strapless bra for saggy breasts. This push-up bra ensures desired performance while pushing the breast up slightly for offering great shape, thus suitable for saggy breasts.

  3. Should you go down a size in a strapless bra?

    While shopping for a strapless bra you should go down a minimum one band size. doing so will balance the support that you would lose wearing the bra strapless.

  4. Do longline bras more comfortable?

    Longline bras are designed to offer extra support and coverage as well as a trimmer waistline. The underwent also design with breathable, skin-friendly, and comfortable material to allow to enjoy those benefits for a longer time without feeling discomfort. More importantly, its fabric can be extended further down while staying in place during movement.

Final words

A longline strapless plus size bra is an especially designed undergarment that ensures extra coverage under backless and strapless to enjoy the most desired style confidently.

Throughout the guide, we have reviewed the 8 of the best longline strapless bras plus size that varies in sizes, styles, and functions. So whether you are looking for a flattering form to wear your favorite backless bridal grown or tops to enjoy the big day or special occasion, becoming prepared won’t be difficult.

But measure your body correctly and pick the right longline strapless bra based on the size and the certain body type.