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Suffering from sciatica has currently become a major problem. However, there is plenty of ways to deal with this common issue but it is the best massagers for sciatica that is an effective solution. It targets the effective area, heals it, and automatically reduces sciatica pain.

Apart from these, we are going to discuss indeed so you don’t have any further inquiry about sciatica such as what is sciatica, what causes this problem, how can you get rid of this problem, massager for sciatica buying guide and so on.

So keep reading the guide and get the most effective and exclusive information to prevent sciatica and get a healthy life.

What Is Sciatica?

It’s a kind of exercise that is used to perform to relieve pain in the sciatic nerve. It extends from the lower back to the hips and buttocks through the leg.

Sciatica usually affects one side of the body and then it causes other areas of the body. Besides, it can come with other symptoms like tingling, numbness, or weakness in the affected leg and foot.

At the same time, you can be affected by sciatica with your daily activities, while you are walking, standing, or even if you sit difficulty.

It is better to try massage rather than a painkiller. However, it won’t take care of the underlying cause of sciatica but it will be a temporary solution.

What Causes Sciatica?

These are several conditions that are related to the spine are mostly responsible for causing sciatica. Besides, it can affect the nerve while you are running along your back. Another main culprit is an injury like falling, spinal or sciatic nerve tumors.

Let’s look out for some other reason that causes sciatica…

Herniated Disks

Spinal bones or vertebrae are separated by pieces of cartilage. This Cartilage is packed with a wide, clear material so that it can be flexible and cushioning to allow the creature to move around. If the first layer of the cartilage breaks, the Herniated disks occur. The material inside Cartilage can squeeze your sciatic nerve. In this way, you can feel pain in your lower limp.

Spinal Stenosis

It is also known as lumbar spinal stenosis. This Spinal stenosis is branded by the abnormal narrowing of the lower spinal canal. When this narrowing puts pressure on the spinal cord, ultimately the sciatic nerve roots.


It’s a type of condition of degenerative disk disorder. If one spinal bone extends forward over another, the comprehensive spinal bone can touch nerves that caused sciatica.

How To Reduce Sciatica Pain?

The best way to deal with sciatica pain is to fix the problem that compresses the nerve. However there are two ways to reduce sciatica pain, one is electric massagers for sciatica and the other is self-massage for sciatica.

Before discuss in deep these topics let’s familiar with some common tips. Following some progressive treatment tips will help you reduce sciatica pain effectively.

Hot and cold therapy

Ice reduces inflammation while heat relaxes the muscles. Try an ice pack on the affected area for around 20 minutes and repeat it for up to a couple of hours.

Especially you can use both hot and cold or just anyone considering what is offered you most pain relief.

Over-the-counter medications

As inflammation causes pain, according to NSAIDs, ibuprofen, naproxen and acetaminophen may help you get relief from sciatica pain. Here are the best over-the-counter pills.

Physical Therapy and Stretching

Considering the reason for sciatica, movement can give you the best solution. Consulting with an expert therapist will help you get the right physical therapy and reduce inflammation.

Epidural Steroid injections under X-ray Guidance

Corticosteroids reduce inflammation and pain. If you need this level of relief, injects the steroid directly into your spine near the sciatic nerve. Although not safe for long-term use, steroid injections are perfect for short-term pain relief that allows you to continue healing through physical therapy.

Simply Invasive and Non-surgical Procedures 

However sciatica hardly needs surgical intervention, but if it starts affecting your blower or bladder, you feel severe weakness; you may have to face surgery. On the other hand, herniated discs are a tough condition that can’t fix by conservative treatments.

Why You Should Buy A Massager To Reduce Sciatica Pain?

Massager is an automatic device that helps relax the muscle and greatly helps you reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve easily and quickly. Here are some other crucial reasons that will realize you the importance of massager for sciatica:

  • It will automatically massage the affected nerve and convenient to use, and inexpensive.
  • After applying the massager, it improves blood circulation. At the same time, flowing oxygen and nutrition to the sores area the device will promote healing.
  • It’s a helpful device that releases endorphins hormone in the brain. Thus one will ultimately get relief from the sciatica problem.
  • In the end, it ensures massaging regularly. So the exercise will be routinely followed and save lots of time and money as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Massager for Sciatica

If you don’t know what things make a massager the best massager for sciatica, then this section is for you. Here we will discuss some feature that with ensures the best massager which will be effective for sciatica.

Types of Massagers

Choosing a product based on needs is must essentials. When it comes to massagers, it is crucial as several types of massage are available and then help reduce the pain of sciatica. But it is you who have to determine which type of massager you need for your certain area’s sciatica.

Compression or Vibration

The next vital thing is compression or vibration. Some massagers are available especially to massage through the compression while some available mainly for vibration.

However, both are good. It will be better if you find a massager that offers both advantages. Both features help soften the tissues, lose muscle and reduce pain from different parts of the body.

So make you have checked these features before making the final decision.


This feature is also another great function that effectively helps relief from sciatica. So you have to keep this feature into your consideration. Usually, heat boosts the blood circulation of the body and increases the strength of the massage.

Thus it will ensure a comfortable massage and relax the body.

Intensity Level

Different people like a different intense massage. That’s why it is essential to have a massager with an intensity level.

It will allow people to set the intensity level of the warm and compression according to their preference. At the same time, this feature allows you to apply the massager in the different parts of the body and help decrease different chronic pains.

Portability and Battery Power

Portability and battery power are also some of the important features that should have in the best massager for sciatica. These features will especially allow you to carry the massager with you whatever you go.

Similarly, you will have the chance to apply for the massager when you are out of the home. Choose a massager with a high power battery to ensure the maximum time of massage.

Best Massagers For Sciatica Pain

Here is our list of the 7 best massagers for sciatica pain:

1. RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager for Sciatica

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager for sciatica

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With powerful motor and excellent design this RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager is the top pick in our list for the best massager for sciatica. This cordless massager is constructed with a high-power motor of 3600 pulses per minute to provide you a deep tissue massage.

The interesting fact is, its cordless technology will let you treat your body anywhere you want. You won’t need to plug into a wall socket all time to massage on sciatica. At the same time, it will quickly massage your body to help you get physically relax and increase joint flexibility. Thus you will get relief from discomfort, stress, and muscle tension.

The best part of this massager is it will automatically turn off after using 20 minutes to prevent overheating. In this way, it will ensure a safe sciatica massage season.

Besides this sciatica massage is relatively low in price that can massage up to 140 minutes on a full charge.

  • Powerful motor and safety design
  • Portable and flexible
  • Handheld and cordless design
  • Stylish and easy to use
  • Suitable for both man and women
  • Some feel it noisy

2. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager 

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

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This Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager comes with 100% vegan leather that is cruelty-free and durable. So it will feel you smooth tough and relieve sciatic nerve pain. Besides, it includes a heating function to offer an extra touch of muscle-soothing intensity to enhance blood circulation.

The key feature of this sciatica massager is it is designed with changes in directions ability. Thus it will automatically reverse directions every minute to feel you completely relax.

With no-fuss adjustable straps, you can easily enjoy a massage while securing it to your favorite chair, sofa, or car seat. At the same time, its overheat protection ability will greatly ensure the user’s safety and keep the device from getting damaged.

Its ultra-compact and ultra-slim design will not only help you massage on the sciatic nerve but neck, abdomen, around lower and upper back, calf, and thigh areas.

Finally, this sciatica relieving massager is available at a reasonable price that includes four wonderful nodes to relieve aches, knots, and muscle tension.

  • Ergonomic and compact pillow massager
  • Reasonable price
  • Advanced Heating function
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not a rechargeable massager

3. Magic Back Stretching Massager for Sciatica

Magic Back Stretching Massagers for Sciatica

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If you are looking for something at a low cost but don’t want to compromise the quality, let’s try this Magic Back Stretching Device. Especially this massager is mostly recommended for the post-operation patient but still, it works well for sciatica.

The manufacturer made this massager greatly maintained between the lumbar vertebrae and cervical vertebrae to reduce the pain caused by the operation. Besides relieving chronic back pain and ease away stress the massager will help you keep away from sciatica.

Most importantly it’s a Multi-level back stretching device that will make your life more enjoyable through better back health.

It is extremely easy to use and offers back support to stretch muscles, relieve back pain due to tight muscles, poor spinal alignment, and excessive flexion.

On the other hand, it is made of premium quality ABS that is sturdy and lightweight. So you can easily use it in the office chair, at the gym, at home and anywhere you want.

  • Multipurpose self massager for entire body
  • Includes massage pressure point to improve blood flow
  • Its comfy foam cushion will provide your back a decent support
  • Design with adjustable arch angle
  • Double abs plastic can hold up to 300 lbs
  • Low-cost option
  • A bit hard to assemble

4. SOLIDBACK Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment Stretcher

SOLIDBACK , Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment Stretcher

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This SOLIDBACK Massager for Sciatica comes with a unique proven design to get anyone to relive from Back Pain and especially from sciatica. It includes the highest quality of EVA foam that is hard but ready to offer soft touch. . The best part of the massager is its unique spiky arc-shaped design.

This feature wills effectively reach deep and lower back muscles completely. Thus you will have to relax from back pain and other muscle pain.

On the other hand, its contour along the center is intended specifically to help align the spinal cord. Moreover, it can hold up to 300+ LBS while the maximum height recommended is 5.4ft – 6ft.

After routinely use it for a couple of days, the massager will provide you the same advantage of visiting an expensive chiropractor or practicing yoga stretches. Even if you are looking for a massager at an affordable price that will relieve from deep stretching for long, then this one will be the right option to consider.

  • Provided immediate and long term relief
  • Can be used as an alternative to drugs
  • Help relief a range of conditions including sciatica
  • Affordable price
  • It can cause minor discomfort for the sensitive scene

5. CoryPlayer Back Stretcher and Multi-Level Back Massager

Back Stretching Device,Back Massagers sciatica pain relief

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This is another low-cost option in our list for the best massager for sciatica. The massager especially includes 96 massager points that will perform like acupuncture by pressing deeply on the exact area. Thus it will not only help loosen up the tight muscles but relieve chronic back pain.

At the same time, the device will greatly correct postural imbalance to allow the spinal to return to the natural curvature. Moreover, it will be an appropriate option as a home treatment for sciatica nerve, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, degeneration, and more. Thanks to its portable and lightweight design that makes it suitable to use at home, car, gym, and office chair.

The key feature of this massager is it constructs with 3 adjustable settings that make it ideal for all ages and various abilities. Even you can use its fixed straps it fixes it at the most comfortable level so you can effectively and easily relax the pain.

  • Made of high toughness ABS
  • Can bear up to 300lbs
  • Its soft foam pad help feel more comfortable
  • Provide enough protection to spinal
  • Very firm cream

6. PADO CM-07 Dual Motor Vibration Therapy Massager for Sciatica

PADO CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration Therapy Massager

Check Price On Amazon

With easy reach design this PADO CM-07 Dual Motor Vibration Therapy Massager will be great for Sciatica, Neck, Leg, Back and Sports Pain, Leg, and Foot. With a high-quality cordless design, this massager will help recover from muscle pain, aches pain.

However, it’s a bit costly option comparing other brands but the massager constructs with easy reach design to feel your worthy investment.

With a rechargeable long-lasting built-in quality Li-ion battery, this massager for sciatica will last up to 180 minutes continuously. Thus you won’t need to charge it regularly even every week.

Besides the manufacturer design the device with a 6-head stick that makes it ideal for larger muscle. Plus, the air-cushion stick will ideally deal with the areas with more bone-like par spinal, knees, shoulders, and foot.

On the other hand, improving blood circulation the massager will help you live healthily.

  • Great for improving blood circulation
  • High-quality Cordless Massager
  • Design with a 6-head stick and air-cushion stick
  • Comes in a full set
  • Pricier than other

7. Wryer Back Stretches for Sciatica 

Wryer Back Stretches for Sciatica

Check Price On Amazon

This Wryer Back Stretcher for Pain Relief will be the right option for those who are on a tight budget and still considering something multi-functional to get relief from sciatica.

With an ergonomic design that device will help your spinal curve restore naturally. Besides, this lower back stretcher will offer responsive support and instant back relief.

Most importantly the tools will help extend your back and enhance the movement flexibility in the lumbar area. Most importantly this massager for sciatica won’t produce any strange smell during daily stretching. Moreover, it is come from remarkably sturdy and compact material to hold different weights successfully up to 300 pounds.

Even if you are worried about the assembly, this massage will take seconds to install and offer immediate relief from sciatica. With multiple-level design will slowly working your way up. Lastly, it is versatile and portable that will allow you to carry whether you want to relax.

  • Comes with a multiple-level design
  • Cheap option
  • Versatile and portable
  • Harm-free and heavy duty
  • None

Self-massage For Sciatica

Nevertheless, say Massaging is an effective way to smooth tense muscles and relieve pressure from the sciatic nerve.

Here is some popular self-muscle that you can perform at home by yourself.

Palm and thumb massage

Massage your lower back setting your palms towards your spine area and down towards your buttocks parts. After that wrap your fingers around your sides getting help from thumbs. Then press the outer edges of the muscles around your lower spine. Gradually but strongly massage them towards your spine.

Tennis ball massage

  • Firstly Wrap two tennis balls firmly together in a towel and set them on the floor or ground.
  • Then Sit on the floor, knees bent, and gradually lay your higher body down catching the balls with the painful area in your back.
  • Stay there about one minute till the pain is gone.
  • Repeat the process in the other hurting areas.
  • Finally, rest for a while before standing up.

Knuckle Massage

  • First of all, Rest on your back, knees bent.
  • Then put your fists under the lower back and knuckles up against each side. At this time ensure that it set between your spine and lower back muscles.
  • Hold this position as long as you can.
  • Then rest for a few minutes before standing up.


Is Theragun good for sciatica?

Theragun helps release tension and increase blood flow to help relieve from sciatica. The main intention of the raygun is to relieve the muscles around the sciatic nerve and keep the nerve pressure-free.

Is massage or chiropractor better for sciatica?

These can encourage deep muscle relaxation and free of endorphins that perform as a painkiller. Usually, regular spa massage helps release tension and sore muscles. On the other hand, chiropractic massage heals the sciatic area to relief from sciatica problems.

Can a massage make sciatica worse?

However, massage is an effective solution for sciatica but everything has its side effects. It can make your symptoms worse if you are an inexperienced practitioner or get a treat by inexpert.

Is stretching well for sciatica?

Stretching routine usually targets the hips and hamstrings and helps relieves inflamed piriformis muscle. So applying stretching can help you get relief from sciatica but make sure you’re doing properly by following the right routine.

What is the best sitting position for sciatica?

Following some setting position will help you get the best result for sciatica

  • Sitwith both feet on the ground
  • Sit directly with your back and ensure your buttocks touching the back of the chair
  • Don’t cross your legs and Pivot your chair
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Final Words

Though we are not tech specialists, nowadays sciatica became a big problem for all; especially women.

In the end, we have offered a piece of information on the best massagers for sciatica. Hope you find this guide helpful for your curiosity to get relief from sciatica.

At the same time, our deeply analyzed buying guide will help you find the most desire massager for sciatica so you can enjoy healthy life and release from sciatica pain.

Let us know your thought about the best massagers for sciatica in the comment box.