Best Moisture-Wicking Underwear [For Men and Women] In 2022

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Looking for the best moisture-wicking underwear? Don’t know where to start? Relax! We have got your back.

Moisture-wicking underwear is such exceptional undergarments that allow enjoying summer hot days still protecting private skin from irritation. At the same time, it feels breathable and doesn’t dig into the skin even doesn’t roll down.

The people who had to do more often both on a sunny or cold day and practice intense exercise should wear moisture-wicking underwear. However, it’s subject to several crucial considerations that ensure the moisture-wicking effectiveness of underwear.

Luckily our researchers spend ample time making a shortlist of moisture-wicking underwear both for women and men; so they can comfortably concentrate on their regular job rather than worrying about privacy.

Here are our researched best moisture-wicking underwears that will give you the best comfort.

5 Best Moisture-Wicking Underwear For Women

1. POKARLA Women’s High Waisted Underwear

POKARLA Women's High Waisted Underwear - Moisture-Wicking Underwear


This POKARLA Women’s High Waisted Cotton Underwear is the best moisture-wicking underwear for a woman out there.  It is made of high-quality fabric with spandex that help feel the user breathable and absorb most of the fabric.

Many of the users don’t experience any pilling pinching and binding wearing this Cotton Stretch underwear.

Conversely, the woman suffering from muffin top finds this underwear more effective and experience since this underwear greatly reduces the appearance of muffin top.

With full back coverage, this is especially high-waisted underwear that is also nicely stretchy. Even if the woman is concern about pulling or rolling the underwear can confidently wear since its wider elastic waistband will keep the undergarments from those accidental situations.

However, there is a complaint against this underwear is it gets small around the waist and shrunk quite a bit.

POKARLA Women's High Waisted Underwear - Size chart
POKARLA Women’s High Waisted Underwear – Size chart


Highlight Features

  • It’s soft and comfortable underwear that Fits legs snugly without cutting and don’t dig
  • Ideal for wearing with any regular dress, even suitable for abdominal surgery recovery and postpartum c-section
  • With double-layer crotch, this underwear is breathable, healthier, and ideal for people suffering low back pain

Made of quality moisture-wicking material, this underwear is available at an affordable price and in a range of sizes and colors.


Some users find it a wired fit.

2. VOENXE Seamless Thongs for Women

VOENXE Seamless Thongs for Women


Next, we have VOENXE Seamless Thongs which is popular moisture-wicking underwear for women. This undergarment is made of polyamide and elastic fiber that is smooth, silky, and healthy.Thus wearing this underwear for many women is an experience that doesn’t irritate the skin and even doesn’t deform by washing. Thanks to its natural cotton layer in the crotch which is comfortable and soft and offers women extra protection in privacy.

Moreover many women, an especial who spend more time on training center find it comfortable since it reduces the friction during exercise and controls all type of fabric dresses or semi-nude dresses.

Most importantly the function of moisture absorption and sweat removal ability is the most attractive feature of this fabric. It seems a thin air and breathability is decent, thus woman finds it suitable for extremely hot summer days.

But before buying this women’s moisture-wicking underwear check the size carefully since many experience tight waistbands.

VOENXE Seamless Thongs for Women - Size chart
VOENXE Seamless Thongs for Women – Size chart


Highlight Features

  • Help reveal the traces and highlight the human body beautiful lines
  • With the combination of comfort and sexy curves, this underwear allow showing show a sense of confidence and romance
  • The function of moisture-wicking is impressive and helps feel breathable

It’s a besat selling moisture-wicking underwear that is budget-friendly and available in a range of size and color variation


The size chart is not correct, so measure the size carefully before buying

3. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Moisture Wicking Panties

Fruit of the Loom Women's Moisture Wicking Panties


With a soft and microfiber leg, this Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear is another great addition that keeps the skin moisture-free. Construct with cotton blend and CoolBlend fabrics this underwear is great for wick away moisture brings a cool environment inside the privacy especially when the temperature rises.A key feature includes soft waist and leg bands that offer extra comfort throughout the day. On the other hand, this classic bikini features a moderate rise that sits fairly above the hips and provides moderate seat coverage. With 100% cotton liner these underwear are tag-free and help feel extra soft.

However, there is enough report against this underwear that it doesn’t stay in place for the woman who has a front pouch.


Fruit of the Loom Women's Moisture Wicking Panties -Size chart
Fruit of the Loom Women’s Moisture Wicking Panties -Size chart

Highlight Features

  • Made with a great combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex to draw the moisture away
  • With a microfiber leg and waistband, this underwear will keep the user dry
  • Available in four-pack at low cost

This underwear is stylish in design, tag-free, easy to clean, and comfortable


It may not be a suitable option for the woman who has a front pouch, and the baby kangaroo pouch

4. Wirarpa Women’s High Waisted Underwear

Wirarpa Women's High Waisted Underwear - Moisture-Wicking Underwear


With a great combination of cotton and spandex, this Wirarpa Women’s moisture-wicking underwear is especially design for high-waisted women.Its smooth stretchy double layer fabric waistband sits properly in the high waist without pinching or rolling down. Thus it boosts the confidence to enjoy indoor fun during the extreme temperature.

Most importantly the underwear is popular among most of the woman suffering from muffin top.

With a super high-rise design, this underwear not only wicks moisture but offers light tummy support with a nice soothing feeling.

In the end, it reduces the appearance of a muffin top. Comes with a multi-functional design this underwear is suitable for a range of women including abdominal surgery recovery, and postpartum c-section.

The downside of these panties is they may produce a bit of smell and the size chart is not suggesting the right one. Please choose wisely while you choosing the size of this underwear.

Wirarpa Women's High Waisted Underwear - Size chart
Wirarpa Women’s High Waisted Underwear – Size chart

Highlight Features

  • It’s a comfortable full-coverage panty that offers a nice soothing feeling.
  • With wide breathable crotch, this underwear for woman offer extra protection, and it is breathable, sweat-wicking, and healthy.
  • Offer secure feeling as its wide waistband keeps it in place and prevent rolling

This moisture-wicking underwear is comfy, good quality, and most ideal for high-waisted women. Plus, it offers a range of sizes and colors while available at a decent price.


It may produce a bit of smell and the size chart isn’t correct.

5. B2BODY Moisture Wicking Underwear for Women

B2BODY Moisture Wicking Underwear for Women


The last recommendation of moisture-wicking underwear for a woman in our list is B2BODY Moisture Wicking Underwear for Women. This underwear is made of proven Askin fabric that is moisture-wicking, soft, quick-drying, and offers cool touch. Moreover, its breathable fabric improves airflow and ensures a cool and dry season even after longer use.A key feature includes a Boy-short design that covers will the hips without showing a visible panty line while offering maximum comfort.

Even its Stretchy waistband impressed many users that stay in place legs without digging into the skin. With a Premium cotton layer in the crotch area, this moisture-wicking underwear offers better protection to sensitive parts.

B2BODY Moisture Wicking Underwear for Women - Size Chart
B2BODY Moisture Wicking Underwear for Women – Size Chart

Highlight Features

  • Made of polyester and spandex that makes it breathable, quick-drying and moisture-wicking
  • With long leg inseam style, this underwear will help eliminate chub rub, crafting and keep the skin cool.
  • This underwear offer better protection to the sensitive parts as it includes a Premium cotton layer in the crotch area

Its multi-functional underwear is suitable for dance, work out, ride a bike, and yoga. Despite easy to clean, this fabric greatly wicks moisture.


The size chart of the underwear doesn’t offer true info.

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5 Best Moisture-Wicking Underwear For Men

1. Reebok Men’s Moisture Wicking Boxer Briefs

Reebok Men's Moisture Wicking Boxer Briefs - Moisture-Wicking Underwear


This set of Reebok Men’s underwear is the best moisture-wicking underwear for men in the market. Especially it is made of moisture-wicking polyester material and spandex.The best part of the underwear that attracted most men is its quick-dry moisture-wicking ability.

This underwear can rapidly transport sweat away from the skin and keep the body dry, as well as cool and comfortable.

Moreover, the people who need greater mobility during an intense workout find it extremely helpful. This underwear not only wicks moisture but also offers the body optimal comfort. It’s an all-in-one undergarment that is fit for working out, sports, and Fitness Activities.

The complaint against this underwear is it doesn’t have fly for a nature call.

Highlight Features

  • Made of high-quality moisture-wicking materials and easy to clean
  • Quickly transport the moisture away from the body
  • Allow for greater mobility during an intense workout

Available in a range of size and color options, this underwear is ideal for Sports, Working Out, and Fitness Activities


This underwear doesn’t have a fly opening.

2. Apex Men’s Merino Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Apex Men's Merino Moisture-Wicking Underwear


This Apex Men’s Merino Wool Boxer Briefs especially design with an ergonomic fly opening. Built for comfort, this underwear got a front pouch that offers better stability and support during exercise, movement, and travel. Made of 100% merino wool this moisture-wicking underwear is lightweight and sweat-resistant.If you need something exceptional for man support as well as protection against thigh chafing and rubbing, look no further than this Apex Men’s Merino Wool Boxer Briefs. This underwear especially offers thigh-length coverage against those problems.

Naturally, odor and stain-resistant this underwear will last for long and allow to wash in machine resulting in easy to clean.

The error side of this underwear is some customers find a hole in the underwear. So it is strongly recommended to check the fabric while receiving and its waistband is a bit loose.

Highlight Features

  • This high-quality moisture-wicking underwear not only keep the user cool and dry in the heat but warm in cold climates
  • Made of premium-grade merino wool this underwear is exceptionally comfortable and ensure form-fitting
  • Design with breathable and odor-resistant fabric that makes it ideal for wear longer time

With ergonomic fly, this underwear is moisture-wicking and dry quickly. Besides, it is breathable and odor-resistant


Despite the lack of color option, some people find its waistband a bit loose.

3. Separatec Men’s Moisture Wicking Underwear

Separatec Men's Moisture Wicking Underwear


This Separatec moisture-wicking underwear for men is made of cotton, modal, and spandex. So the wearer will not only have the advantage of natural and healthy fabric but also feel smooth and comfortable all day.Designed with moisture management capable material, this underwear can facilitate moisture transfer and ensure always dry and fresh environment.

At the same time, it offers the freedom of movement while enjoying the outside activity. A key feature includes Patented Separate Pouch Tech that greatly keeps men’s intimate areas comfortably separated.

Conversely, its Dual pouch construction will not only reduce skin on skin heat build-up but also sustain a dry freshly.

Highlight Features

  • Design with a High elastic waistband that offers gentle compression without chafing and rolling
  • Its Stylish Separatec logo waistband design will provide a different visual experience
  • Construct with Extended 6.5 inches length that prevents annoying riding up and offer hassle-free wearing experience

This moisture-wicking underwear is available at a reasonable price and offers four different colors. Besides, it includes a Durable Widened Waistband and is made of moisture-wicking materials.



4. Pure Compression Men’s Enhancing Underwear

Pure Compression Men's Enhancing Underwear - Moisture-Wicking Underwear


Looking for men’s underwear that not only wicks moisture but also keeps you away from odor? Try this Pure Compression Men’s Underwear.Likewise the title tag, this underwear will hugs your legs closely and helps lift the package. As a result, you will discover a bigger thigh.

With anti-odor material, this moisture-wicking underwear will greatly prevent the build-up of stinks as well as keep the undergarments light and dry.

The feature that finds most of the user impressed is the way it huge the body. This underwear comfortably fits against the body with a second-skin fit that doesn’t bunch up.

The drawback of this underwear is doesn’t have a fly opening which may feel annoying for somebody while need to respond on nature call.

Highlight Features

  • This underwear comes with strategically placed mesh panels that keep the body at the perfect temperature.
  • Made of nylon and spandex to offer durable and long-lasting service
  • Design with anti-odor fabric that helps prevent the build-up of stink

Comes in a single piece that is available at a low cost however made of quality moisture-wicking material and prevents odor.


It doesn’t have a fry opening that can put in a frustrating situation.

5. Warriors & Scholar Men’s Trunk Underwear

Warriors & Scholar Men’s Trunk Underwear


Looking for something stylish that can still wick moisture? Look no further than this Warriors & Scholar Men’s Trunk Underwear.With a multicolor design, this Underwear is made from WarriorFit Tech Fabric that will both pulls moisture away from the body and helps maintain a trendy look at the outside during sunny days.

Even keeping the privacy cool and comfortable this underwear will let you enjoy the outdoor activity without irritating the skin.

Besides, it includes a soft and wide waistband that won’t roll down resulting in offer free movement.

Most importantly each pair of Trunk Underwear comes with Easy Access Fly that allows to Opening In Hand Width For Easy access without fumbling.

The error side of the underwear is some users find its fabric itchy and uncomfortable for long-time use.

Highlight Features

  • Design with an Easy Access Fly that can be open in hand widely without fumbling
  • Includes soft and wide waistband that prevents roll down and perfectly hug the body
  • Made of styles multi-color fabric that pulls moisture away from the body


These 6 pairs of trunk-style underwear are available at a reasonable cost that prevents odor and wick moisture away from the skin.


Some users find the fabric is cheaply made and a bit itchy.

How Moisture-Wicking Underwear Works?

Moisture-wicking underwear is a type of hydrophobic that translates to water-hating. Even combined with hydrophilic fabric these undergarments can also translate to water-loving to offer the desired effect. Moreover absorbing water away from the skin and pulling to the surface this undergarment keeps moisture away.

Considerations For The Best Moisture Wicking Underwear [Buying Guide]

Likewise buying other products from out there, while choosing the best moisture-wicking underwear; you should collect some background info to make it worth of buy. If you can’t find the right one for you from the review section, still, this guide will help choose the underwear from the wide market.

Fabric Type

The fabric of the underwear is determined how much it will wick the moisture. Fabric-like rayon, nylon, and cotton made the underwear moisture-wicking. Besides these materials help enhance flexibility, breathability, and durability.

Underwear with a combination of this fabric will provide you a better result; however, cotton is rarely used. Luckily we have covered plenty of options that are made of cotton.

In terms of fabric, keep the element of skin reactions in mind. Don’t choose the material that can bring allergic reactions.

Odor Control

Moisture-wicking underwear is mostly worn in an extremely hot and cold environment. a fabric that can’t handle moisture will bring smelly groin. That’s why to choose underwear that can vent heat adequately.


Insufficient breathability can cause testicular hyperthermia. So the fabric you will choose should be breathable and make sure these will keep you fresh during the day.


While considering the size, don’t only depend on the producers. Measure before you purchase and don’t choose the tight one. It should have enough space for proper breathability.

Antibacterial Feature

Choosing the best moisture-wicking underwear is means preventing the formation of fungi on the genitals. The material wicks the moisture keeps the fungi away in the same way.

Moisture Wicking Underwear Benefits

Effective on all season

During the summer season, moisture-wicking underwear draws moisture away from the skin and prevents feeling discomfort.

In the cold weather, these same undergarments keep absorbing moisture close to the skin to help skin feel potentially greater. Even wearing light color will help feel cool in summer.

Has a variety of applications

Some moisture-wicking underwear is made of wicking materials that can be worn as sleepwear. People who experience night sweats more often or experience cold sweats or hot flashes will find moisture-wicking underwear comfortable in all the situation.


Most of the moisture-wicking underwear design in such a way that draws moisture away helps feel comfortable and confident. At the same time, offering proper ventilation and airflow it will help feel comfortable through water sport, workout, and other activity.

Improves hygiene

Bacteria love a warm and moist environment, making underwear a perfect place. Conversely, moisture-wicking underwear has the chance to dry out and bacteria simply love to remain in such a place. Thus the smell that usually accompanies underwear, the wearer won’t feel it much.

Easy to clean

Because of the synthetic nature, moisture-wicking underwear is washable, durable, and adaptable. So the user can clean it more easily.

Boost comfort

Exercising and other active workouts need serious motivation and feeling discomfort in attire can add huge distraction. With flexibility and a range of motion will let the user enjoy moisture-wicking underwear. Moreover, since the material is light and adaptive, it will allow the user to mostly focus on exercise rather than the fabric.


What is moisture-wicking underwear?

Moisture-wicking underwear is a type of undergarments that is made of special fabric to draw moisture away from the skin instead of just absorbing it.

Is moisture-wicking underwear healthy?

If you have shorts with moisture-wicking underwear, you can forgo the underwear. Wearing a fabric between the skin and regular dress will help feel comfortable. Besides it bring a healthier way to catch the sweat. Usually, it can be high-tech polyester that’s slick and light.

Does moisture-wicking material really work?

High-quality polyester is the most used moisture-wicking material that keeps sweat away from the skin. It makes the fabric more comfortable and much lighter, especially during the long training season.

Can cotton be moisture-wicking?

Cotton is such a material that keeps the user sweat-free during the extreme workout as it is designed to draw moisture. This cotton can be moisture-wicking and it is used in many workout clothes and sportswear.

Final Words

In the end, you have now some pieces of the best moisture-wicking underwear that is breathable, comfortable, and effective in both hot and warm season. So whichever you will choose from the list will have a longer exceptional season of dry and healthier protection.

However POKARLA Women’s High Waisted Underwear is the overall best moisture-wicking underwear for a woman in the list as well as out there, still, you can choose based on your preferences and style.

For your need, we are right here; ask your question or recommend to us which topic we should cover in the next article.