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Waist trainer vest is the latest addition to the waist trainer that is short in sleeves but covers your shoulders to under the hip.

Waist trainer vests are now a popular trend between celebrities and other ladies which may encourage you to try one.

Picking a waist trainer can be easy but not all brands provide you with the best options. And if you’re a plus-size woman then you’re lucky. Cause our today’s post is about plus size waist trainer vest. But others can also choose this waist trainer vest in a smaller size available.

So if you are willing to pick the right yet best plus size waist trainer vest for an hourglass figure you should have a better understanding of it. Along with offering you those essential tips, we have come out with some of the best plus-size waist trainer vest reviews that should look out.

What Are Waist Trainer Vests?

The waist trainer vest is the latest addition to the waist trainer that is short in sleeves still covers all the back. These designs make this undergarment different from the waist trainer. From occasions to offices, waist trainer vest fits seamlessly into everyday routine, making it a popular trend.

Though the waist trainer vest fits in all shapes, it is especially suitable for women with back fat as it can reduce it. Some waist trainer vest features Colombian three hooks, making them comfortable to wear for a long time and put off easily.

Apart from the occasion or regular use, waist trainer vest is suitable to wear for gym and exercise as well. It can also help you get back the hourglass shape after pregnancy. Therefore waist trainer vest is popular among celebrities including Kim Kardashian.

Differences Between A Typical Waist Trainer And Waist Trainer Vest

Both waist trainer and waist trainer vests are different and you can pick the desired one based on shaping, style, and requirement.

Let’s look out some factors where these undergarments different from each other


Waist Trainer: A waist trainer is made of cotton, satin, leather, and long steel bones that keep it in shape. it also has satin laces at the back that can make the waist 3 to 6 inches slim. Waist trainers are durable and offer back support with an overall hourglass figure. But it’s not quite flexible and slightly expensive.

Waist Trainer Vest: Conversely, the Waist trainer vest is made of nylon, latex, and spandex. It also includes steel or plastic bones to keep it in shape. Instead of laces at the back, the Waist trainer vest includes front hook-and-eye closures to adjust for full compression. It can slip your waistline up to 3 inches. The waist trainer vest is so comfortable that you can sleep wearing it and is ideal for exercise as well. But it’s not durable as a Waist trainer.

Way To Wear Them

You can wear both of these undergarments under your dress for styling and goes well with a skirt, shirt, and pants. Despite this, both of them comes in plenty of colors, styles, and design to allow you to wear with a cute outfit.

But the Waist trainer is a bit difficult to hide due to its thickness and laces. Thus Waist trainer vest is perfect for regular wear along with occasions.

Uses and Results

Both Waist trainer and Waist trainer vests can slim your waistline and are perfect to wear for 8 hours long. Both can improve your posture and boost confidence. But some women prefer Waist trainers for an hourglass shape and wear waist trainer vest for comfortable wear.

The exciting benefit of wearing wear waist trainer vest over wear waist trainer is it suitable for workouts. Wear waist trainer vests that are stronger, shorter, and supple, making them perfect for mowing easily during intense workouts. Some women also wear waist trainer vest at night as it is highly comfortable.

Thinking about is it right to sleep wearing a waist trainer? We covered that topic here.


The waist trainer is sturdier due to its steel bones and adjustable laces at back. This undergarment won’t wear out or loosen soon and you can still wear it after becoming slim.

Conversely, you may need to replace your latex waist trainer vest if used regularly. Latex doesn’t give perfect compression and can drip its power. 


A waist trainer vest will make you sweat more than a waist trainer as it is non-breathable. It can also cover the large bust and offer more coverage at the back. Waist trainer on the other hand is flexible and comfortable for movement.


Waist trainers are costlier than waist trainer vests due to their steel boning. So price is clearly a deciding factor.

Best Plus Size Waist Trainer Vest That Works Truly

1. HOPLYNN Sauna Sweat Waist Trainer Vest

1. HOPLYNN Sauna Sweat Waist Trainer Vest

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Indeed, this HOPLYNN Sauna Sweat Vest is the best plus size waist trainer vest available right now. Whether your criteria are madly sweating, superiours quality, or comfort slimming effect, this waist trainer shapewear will get the highest point than the typical one.

Made of great quality neoprene material, this vest fits perfectly and holds the whole upper top to offer fabulous curves.

Though it’s not a miracle product the waist trainer vest will offer you three in one effect including crazy sweat, breathtaking shaping, and durable service. Along with crazy sweat, this plus size waist trainer vest also soaks the sweat quickly to keep you dry and prevent skin irritation.

Despite you may feel a chemical smell during unpacking it but it will go out quickly.


  • Snug the boobs and fits around the upper body
  • Its Velcro on the belly band is adjustable and fits securely.
  • This waist trainer vest can enhance posture and release back pain
  • Offer a sleek look and fabulous curves


  • Smell slightly and its Velcro may snug on other cloths

2. Gotoly Women’s Sauna Vest

Gotoly Women's Sauna Vest

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If you are looking for a plus size waist trainer to get slim arms along with curves, this Gotoly Women’s Neoprene Sauna Vest is the way to go.

This waist trainer vest features sleeves to slim your arms, making it more unique than a typical vest. It also sweats in all the exact places to offer you a tiny waist while feeling comfortable on the skin.

Even you can wear this plus size waist trainer vest for 8 hours long, thanks to its high quality and soft blend materials. Comers in open bust design, this vest allows you to wear your favorite bra to push up the breast.

Another beautiful thing is this waist trainer vest is especially perfect for plus size women to control their tummy and back to offer an hourglass figure.


  • Its sleeve reduce unwanted arm inches
  • This sauna vest suit helps to lose water weight quickly
  • Enhance workout by sweating to achieve weight loss goals
  • Comfortable to wear for long


  • Some complain its zipper don’t stay up at the top

3. Wonder-Beauty Waist Trainer Sauna Vest for Women

Wonder-Beauty Neoprene Waist Trainer Sauna Vest for Women Workout Sport Girdle

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This Wonder-Beauty Neoprene Waist Trainer Vest is perfect for having tight compression at the tummy area and back support. The vest is also stretchy and remains soft against the skin while increasing sweat during a workout to lose weight.

Another highlight feature includes a wide strap on the shoulder. It greatly helps reduce pressure on the shoulder to keep the wearer relaxed without digging.

For essential support during workouts and gathering the chest, the manufacturer includes a removable bra with this waist trainer vest. So along with back support and a slim waistline, this vest will offer large coverage. Available in pink color this Waist Trainer Sauna Vest is the perfect choice for a weight loss workout at a decent price.


  • Offer tight compression to the belly area
  • Its Front zipper closure offers extra support
  • Has adjustable belt for a perfect fit
  • Sweat three times more


  • Only available in one color

4. Evanhome Women’s Waist Trainer Vest

Evanhome Women's Waist Trainer Cincher Underbust Corset Vest Steel Boned Hourglass Body Shaper

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This Evanhome Women’s Waist Trainer vest is perfect for firm support around the back to relieve back pain. Even the vest can flatter tummy and reduce waistline largely, thanks to its 6 rows of hook and eye closure.

This free-style waist trainer vest is popular among women as it can lift the breasts nicely and pull the mommy pouch as comes in u type anti-drop style.

Made of latex, this vest is capable of keeping you warm in cold weather remaining invisible under a regular and occasional cloth.

Suitable for any weight loss program, this vest fits in both short and long torso to flatten the tummy and offer sexy curves.


  • Comes in three colors and a wide size chart for a perfect fit
  • It remains invisible under the cloth
  • Lift the breast for more flattering looks
  • Perfect for any weight loss exercise


  • Some customers feel skin irritation after wearing this waist trainer vest

5. Ekouaer Waist Trainer Vest for Women

Ekouaer Waist Trainer Vest For Women Underbust Corset Body Shaper Tank Top Cincher Shapewear

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Whether you are a plus size, tall woman, or have an apple-shaped body, this Ekouaer Waist Trainer Vest will fit with all perfectly. Made of moisture-wicking and stretchable material, this waist trainer vest is equipped with three rows of hook and eye closure.

Combining these features, you will have comfortable wear and a sexy natural curve.

Likewise the previous model, this vest also has a U-type anti-droop front to make the chest more erect and attractive.

To give you back the tiny pretty waist, this vest is designed with 9 spiral bones that offer firm support.

Despite this waist trainer vest is available in a variety of sizes, so picking the perfect plus size won’t be a big issue.


  • Made of soft latex material to feel comfort
  • This waist trainer vest offer appropriate compression
  • Gently lifts underbust
  • Have 9 spiral steel bones for strong support


  • Some complain its steel bone can’t hold a straight smooth shape

6. Junlan Women Neoprene Waist Trainer Vest

Junlan Women Neoprene Waist Trainer Vest

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This Women Neoprene Waist Trainer Vest is great for improving the appearance of the upper body and slimming the waist area.

However, you have to wash this waist trainer vest by hand after unpackaging due to its strong smell. But after drying the vest you won’t feel any smell and the vest will cover your whole abdomen area once wearing it.

This body shaper vest is also extremely easy to put on and sweat a lot, thanks to its Neoprene and Polyester materials. Comes in an underbust design, this shapewear will offer extra support and lift to the breasts and a snug fit without restricting the movement.

This waist trainer vest is available at a fairly lower cost and offers two-color to choose from.


  • Hold the body comfortably and slim the waistline without restriction.
  • Its Double layered design offer firm compression
  • Offer additional lumbar support during exercise to correct posture.
  • Made of neoprene fabric to sweat more


  • This waist trainer vest is slightly hard to take off

7. Gotoly Women’s Waist Cincher Vest

Gotoly Women's Waist Cincher Tummy Control Shapewear Compression Vest Invisible Body Shaper

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Want to try something different from the typical waist trainer vest with the conventional belt for your plus size curve? Try this Gotoly Women’s Waist Cincher.

Whether you have a short or long torso this plus-size waist cincher belt will cover your whole tummy and carry the weight comfortably and snugly. More important its front middle part comes in two-layer instead of a conventional belt design.

This means the vest will offer high compression in the tummy to control your fabby tummy, reduce waistline and improve the back posture even remaining invisible under the cloth. So you can enjoy a charming and slim waist all day long under any dress.


  • Made of elastic and stretchable fabric this vest is suitable for summer as well
  • With a front U-type anti-droop design this waist trainer vest make the chest erect
  • Have two wide straps that don’t put stress on the shoulders
  • This plus size waist trainer vest is suitable for regular and occasional use


  • This waist trainer may not hide the back fat.

8. Sweat Vest Waist Trainer for Women

Sweat Vest Waist Trainer for Women

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This Sweat Vest Waist Trainer is designed to offer you superior vest using experience. Unlike the typical waist trainer vest, this plus size sweat vest is highly flexible yet tricky to fit snugly and speed up the toxin elimination and calory burning process.

A unique feature includes a small interior pocket to keep the small accessories safely and conveniently.

Though you may need some aid to put on this plus size waist trainer vest, it won’t feel you suffocating and doesn’t have any smell.

Despite this, this waist trainer vest neither rolls on the back nor does its zipper come down during exercise and movement as made of tough class sipper and Strong Magical Velcro.


  • Design with an adjustable waistband for the desired compression
  • Made of lightweight yet comfortable neoprene material
  • Promotes sweating and prevent post-workout fatigue
  • Has sticky belt and interior pocket


  • This plus size waist trainer vest may not work for long torso

9. GYZX Women Waist Trainer Push up Vest

GYZX Women Waist Trainer Push up Vest

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This double-layer waist trainer vest is another best plus size waist trainer vest on our list. Likewise typical waist trainer vest, this undergarment also includes three hooks, adjustable straps, and zipper closure for ease of wear and use as desired.

But the fact forced to put this vest in our list is this waist trainer vest will sweat you automatically after wearing it for five minutes. So you will feel sweating in the abdomen area without exercise.

Despite this vest flatten the abdomen a little bit and push up the breast to make the figure charming and attractive.


  • Made of flexible and stretchy fabric
  • Lift the breasts lightly to make the shape sexier
  • Sweat the tummy area and lead through permanent flattering
  • Offer higher compression with double layer front design


  • The adjustable strap is slightly thin and may dig into the shoulder.

10. SHENGXINY Plus Size Waist Trainer Vest for Women

SHENGXINY plus Size Waist Trainer Vest for Women

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If you are looking for a Plus Size Waist Trainer vest for complete coverage from thigh to abdomen and arms, try this SHENGXINY plus Size Waist Trainer vest.

This Full Body Shaper comes in a huge size chart so picking the right fit for your plus size body won’t be a difficult task. Apart from it, this full-body shaper has plenty of features that will impress you to invest in it for the desired goal.

Firstly, this vest is both hand and machine washable for effortless maintenance.

Secondly, it has an anti-gravity shoulder design sleeve to make the arm stitching for a better slimming effect. Another impressive feature is this plus size waist trainer vest ensures a strong hip lift for more flattering looks all over.


  • Has secure crotch for confident movement
  • Design with built-in scratch protection
  • Suitable for machine wash
  • Ensure full-body coverage


  • The price is slightly high


The Benefits Waist Trainer Vests Can Bring

Waist trainer vest is made of natural latex and its inner layer is constructed with cotton, making the undergarment highly comfortable to wear. Its steel bones are also supportive to keep the user in shape even while she is sitting.

While a typical corset shows fat while the wearer sits down, the waist trainer vest hides it all the time. Waist trainer vest is ideal to wear for whole day long to lose weight quickly and remain invisible under dress.

Another impressive benefit of the latex waist trainer vest is it offers a curvy shape that the woman dreams to have. Waist trainer vest also promotes weight loss at the gym by sweating more and burning more calories.

Whether you are going for a party or dinner, a waist trainer vest can make you slim to enjoy the occasion properly.

Apart from that, a waist trainer vest can restore the connection between the brain and spine to prevent headaches, making it suitable to wear for long.

Therefore, Waist Trainer Vests are well accepted among nurses, mechanics, and carpenters.

Improving posture, Waist Trainer Vests can help you achieve good health and shape to live happily.

Are There any Side Effects of Wearing Waist Trainer Vest?

Wearing a perfect fit of Waist Trainer Vests maintaining proper guidelines shouldn’t cause any side effects. Thus follows these tips to avoid any potential side effects:

  1. Read the owner manual of your Waist Trainer Vests and follow its instructions properly.
  2. Make sure the Waist Trainer Vests you have worn don’t limit the blood flow and breathing.
  3. Don’t wear your Waist Trainer Vests continuously over 8 hours to give enough time to the muscle for resting.
  4. Wash your Waist Trainer Vests following the instruction to retain their performance and longevity:
    • Waist Trainer Vests isn’t machine washable
    • Wash your Waist Trainer Vests gently by hand
    • Don’t expose the Waist Trainer Vests direct sunlight. Instead air dries it.


  1. How to wear our Waist Trainer Vest?

    Start with putting on the shoulder straps. Then put the lowest hook and eye closure of your Waist Trainer Vests on the slimmest part of the waist and fasten it. Buckle all the buttons from lower to top. Finish the other hook and eye closure and wear your Waist Trainer Vests successfully.

  2. Do waist training vests work?

    Of course, Waist Trainer Vests help shed the stubborn belly fat promoting the sweats. It also smooths out any lumps, making it perfect to wear under suits, t-shirts, and button-downs. Even Waist Trainer Vests are great for cold weather to remain toasty warm.

  3. What does a waist trainer vest do?

    Waist Trainer Vests can make the waist slim instantly. However, the effect is not permanent but great for looking beautiful immediately to enjoy any occasion and regular activities.

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Final words

The waist trainer vest is a great undergarment that fits perfectly in place to offer slim and hourglass figure matching with regular and occasional dress. Though picking the certain size waist trainer vest is challenging especially for a starter, hopefully, now it’s a piece of cake for you. We have offered some of the best plus size waist trainer vest that varies from minimum to high compression, style, color, and price. Now it’s your turn to pick the right plus size waist trainer vest and enjoy the perfect hourglass figure along with ease of user experience.