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With a gorgeous body like yours, you’re clear to have some extras around. Possibly more than you might wish for. There’s nothing wrong with the smooth curve to hips and dips, but it might rarely prevent you from wearing the outfits you like. It is very annoying to have a deep hip dip in your body. Relying on your requirements, there are some of the Best Shapewear for Hip Dips controllers available in the market.

What Are Hip Dips & How To Get Rid Of Them?

Hip dips are a curve in the middle of the hips and thighs. According to Google Data, the interest in hip dips or violin hips has doubled in the last few months.

It is naturally occurring and yes; you can get rid of this. And if you want to get rid of hip dips, you’re in the right place. Today we gonna talk about the best shapewear to hide your hip dips. (If you want to know about the exercises, skip the page to the last)

The best shapewear for hip dips is one that not just aids the look of your body, but also praises your other features. Thus let’s begin at the opening, and decide why you need a body shaper.

We have collected the final best choices and extremely suggested shapewear for hips and dips products for you. These products are going to raise your butt shape in a sexy way and style. Our suggested hips and dips shapewear is completed of 100% soft silicone grade material.

Besides, our suggested versions are non-toxic and they will emphasize and shape your booty in a very glamorous way. These shapewears have been particularly and mostly intended so that a natural sexy appearance can be set to your hips. They are smooth in terms of their feelings and you will not consider pain while wearing them up.

A Quick View Of Hip Dip Shapewear Or Hip Dip Spanx

Best Shapewear For Hip Dips In 2022 That Worth

1. Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Brief

Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Brief


The seventh place is provided to Hip Up Sexy Shapewear Control Panties as Spanx for hip dip. Those women who desire to find an hourglass figure and require finding disposed of the Underwear for Hip Dips condition, this is the right item to get. Besides, these are the bum shaping pads that proffer you hips a meaning that is naturally oval and curvier. Under your dress, lingerie, or under any of the hot little clothes you can bear them. They are removable and fit in your pockets effortlessly.

They still perform in keeping in place strongly and exactly. So, what did you choose? Will you find yourself these useful bum shaping pads! These pads of booster silicone buttock will proffer you the smooth and feeling that your buttocks earn. Therefore, try this product and provide us your rating and feedback on this web page to increase your butt and tighten your bottom completely.

  • Brings oval definition
  • They are removable
  • None

2. SHAPE ON Women’s Shapewear High Waist Tummy Control

SHAPE ON Women’s Shapewear High Waist Tummy Control


The first suggestion we have is this SHAPE Tummy Control Shapewear. These are very attractive elevated waist trainers that will proffer a complete and sexy appearance to your hips. Now it has become pretty simple to find full and shapely hips since these waists are being come on the market.

This is the sort of material that will simply match your body heat and be attached effortlessly to your hip section. Most possible, you’re going to like buying these hip-enhancing shapewear since they will develop your curves lacking displaying any lines and bumps of any type. These pads will also feel unseen and invisible under your tights, pants, or leggings because of their mesh-infused sturdy edges.

  • Worth it
  • very comfortable
  • huge product with all the features
  • Needs less inexpensive straps

3. Perceive DA-shapewear Control Panties Hip Up Women Body Shaper

Perceive DA-shapewear Control Panties Hip Up Women Body Shaper


This Perceive Shapewear for hip dips control is another choice you can try! These panties arrive in the form of a sexy ass lifter. To develop the area of your buttocks, for example lifting gloves should be worn and used. They are budget-affable and provide the shape of your hips with an increase and natural lift. The feature of this Shapewear is that all kinds of costumes will show seamlessly. Nobody will understand you’ve worn gloves for hip lifting. Besides, you can also slip these pads down effortlessly.

This shapewear is made of elevated-class products and when you alter these booty lifting pads you will feel no problem. We recommended this choice to you due to their improved padding aim. The faces of these hip pads feel extremely invisible, and this is their divide property. They are exclusively intended for women who have very flat hips.

  • Sexy Shapewear intend
  • They look unseen under any kind of clothing
  • Reusable
  • No storage box arrives with the package

4. Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter Shaper Panties 

Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter Shaper Panties


Other recommendations for hip dip shapewear products we have are this Plus Size Lingerie for Women. Especially, the best part about this Plus Size Lingerie is to proffer a natural, sexy and real look to your hips. Formerly you position these jeans inside your pants or tights, so you can move freely, roam, dance, sit and stand.

Besides, they’re packed with a feature of blending shape. These pads will look extremely invisible under your leggings or pants for these causes. This edition is a factory warranty version, meaning that this pad will stay safe against rip and tear conditions of all kinds. Also, it is reinforced by mesh.

The set arrives with a storage box with these hip pretty pads. Before carrying and using these pads, you should read the instructions. Parading your butt is now extremely useful as these hip pads will create them look hugely cute and perky. Please note that these Plus Size Lingerie Women are supposed to be performed underpants and tights.

  • Sensible look
  • Mesh-reinforced
  • None

5. Be Fearless Women High Waist Control Panties Body Shaper

Be Fearless Women High Waist Control Panties Body Shaper


One of the most popular hip dip spanx is Be Fearless Women High waist spanx. Thick fabric-covered types of foam pads join these pants. Every foam pad covers your hip region effortlessly from top to bottom and it won’t slide off too. These butt pads are buyer-friendly, simple to remove, and also washable. Besides, they are extremely soft in the fabric and largely composition. So you can have these booty form-enhancing pads in the size variety of XS-XXL.

  • provides a great boost
  • Manage to fit firmly
  • The cloth is less moisture

6. Bali Women’s Shapewear Cool Comfort Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer

Bali Women’s Shapewear Cool Comfort Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer


Women Thin Abdomen Hips Shapewear is one of the best shapewear for hip dips. We are confident you will behold in the best way by these lifting pads. These pads can be reused and self-adhesive. Besides, this sponge bra shapewear is made of Mesh-Reinforced sturdy ND Edges and this is the visible component about these pads that improve the bum. These tough edges are paper-thin so that your dress may not make visible these pads. We suggest you find this option because it is made of strong material.

Based on standard silicone hip attractive pad products, their creation material is extra tear-resistant. If you desire to shape your hips slightly more eagerly and desire to bring that sexy feel into them, then we wish you can’t be upset by this Women Thin Shapewear. Since they are produced of a type of silicone material of medical-grade Echoderm and this fabric will naturally inspire and form your hip section.

  • Nice fit
  • Not firm enough
  • None

7. FTVOGUE Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Shaper Pad Panties Control Knickers ( 6% Off)

FTVOGUE Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Shaper Pad Panties Control Knickers ( 6% Off)


This FTVOGUE Shaper Pad is also on our list! We future this finest variant to you due to their outstanding content. These pads are made of fabric produced from spandex and cotton, and these contoured fabrics are breathable, giving you a smooth feel. These are extremely lightweight, moisture-wicking pads. These shaper pads are performing for you like a body shaper. You can Use these bum shaping pads if you desire to control your abdominal section with tightening your bottom.

This pad will also shape your breasts in a 100% sexy avatar. These hip attractive pads are extremely thin padded and the other person possibly won’t discern as if you’ve worn them or not! These pads are linked to the panty variant, suggesting that this item is the style of gloves and panty support hips. This product so serves the purpose of fruitfully in terms of giving your booty region a great boost and rounding the result.

  • smooth touching fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Somewhat costly

8. Bali Women’s Lace ‘N Smooth Firm Control Shapewear Brief DF8L14

Bali Women’s Lace ‘N Smooth Firm Control Shapewear Brief DF8L14


This Bali Women’s Lace is one of the amazingly happy seeming underwear for hip dips you must try on at the earliest ease. In less moment, these pads will certainly proffer you toned sexy and lifted butt. Besides, these pads are intended for those females who desire their bum to become rounder and curvier. They’re smooth and lightweight hugely. They are made to proffer your buttocks a natural glance, feel sexy, and we are confident that with all devotion and sincerity these foaming pads will provide this reason.

It is the creation induced by their cloth that increases and develops your booty region and curves. Most positively, using the higher materials, you will select and pick this best Shapewear for Hip Dips pads since they are completed and constructed. All kinds of hips can utilize these pads and put on them on exclusive types of outfits that are not restricted. Final but not least, these hip-enhancing pads require your side easy and quick care. This is the reason you should often wash and look after them as they are reusable and you can wash it. You can find these silicone pads with the assist of water and then repair them up with a mild soap.

  • ideal fit
  • High-class Material
  • Gives smoothness
  • None

What to Wear if You Have Dip Hip Or Hip Dips

Now what to wear to make your hip dip less visible (If that’s what you want)?

Waist Bands

Where is your waist? Basically, It’s among the top of your pelvis and the bottom of your rib cage still waistbands on many slacks are not anywhere close to here as low increase is low down on the hip which will heighten it, mid-rise, faintly better if it doesn’t boost a muffin top, but can be a slight low for some (can rely on your parts and how long a waist you contain). You will get that a higher rise jean that in shapes well at the waistband will compliment your hips more.

Fabric Option

Lightweight clothes that cling to the skin will emphasize them since there isn’t the weight to draw the fabric down to slide over the hips. Search for heavier weight fabrics that aren’t firm, but also don’t cling. Everything body-con will emphasize your silhouette. Fabrics that glide but don’t cling are what’ you’re seeking.

Skirt Shape

Relying on your body shape, several skirt shapes will suit best. A burned silhouette will skim externals and not pull in at the hips making a more flattering silhouette – fit and flare clothes are perfect if they also outfit your body shape.

For eight Shapes that get a straighter shape is best, ignore anything too clingy, for example, thinner stretch knits, instead go search for either fatter scuba knits that aren’t too tight fabrics that have a lining since this will assist in disguising the dip.


These are ideal for you as they cover the hole between the high and lower hips thus don’t accentuate dips.

Longline Or Waterfall Cardigans

A longer cardigan for example a waterfall length cardigan glides past your hips will cover the region if you’re concerned about them looking obvious in your clothes.

Exercises That Minimize Hip Dips

If you desire to minimize the look of hips dips, you can do positive exercises. They can aid you to build muscle and lose fat.

Observe yourself in a mirror to make sure you’re doing the poses rightly. For the uses that do one side at a time, begin with your weaker or less supple leg. That way, you begin with the side that’s a bit harder and the second side will look easier.

According to Healthline, there are some special exercises that can be very helpful to decrease dip hip or hip dips. Begin with 1 to 2 sets per day and slowly increase. You may desire to do several exercises on different days. Try to spend a minimum of 20 minutes per day doing this workout, and intend to do them 4 to 6 times per week.

These exercises effort to tone and strengthen the muscles in you’re:

  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Abdominals
  • Buttocks
Standing kickback lunges

This exercise is huge for providing balance and strength in the body. It efforts your thighs and buttocks. ensure you keep your front leg and foot connected. Engage your core all through the pose too.

  1. Come into a standing situation with your hands opposite your chest in prayer pose.
  2. Breathe in and lift your right knee to your chest.
  3. Exhale and lift your arms beside your ears with your palms facing each other as stepping your right leg back.
  4. Descend your right knee down into a lunge. Stay the ball of your back foot and carry on your toes facing forward.
  5. Inhale to lift your right knee help to your chest. Together, return your hands to prayer position.
  6. Perform 12 lunges. On the last repetition, remain your leg back and pulse up and down 12 times.
  7. Do again on the opposite side.
Side hip openers (fire hydrants)

These movements aim your outer hips, thighs, and side buttocks. Ensure to keep your weight calmly distributed between your knees and hands. You can apply a dumbbell following your knee for this exercise for raised difficulty.

  1. Come onto all 4 as you would for Cat-Cow pose. Ensure to keep your hands frankly underneath your shoulders, and your knees straight underneath your hips.
  2. Breathe in as you lift one leg so that it makes a 90-degree angle from your other leg. remain your knee bent.
  3. Gradually lower your leg back down. Remain your knee from touching the floor before you raise it again.
  4. Perform this movement 15 times. On the last echo, pulse your leg 10 times in a higher position before lowering.
  5. Repeat on the reverse side.

Squats are a huge way to tone your hips, thighs, and butt. Ensure to keep your back directly and your toes facing forward. Keep your abdominal muscles for further support. You can embrace a dumbbell as doing these squats.

  1. Stand with your feet faintly wider than your hips.
  2. Exhale as you gradually lower down as while you’re sitting into a chair.
  3. Inhale and rise back up.
  4. Do again this 12 times.
  5. On the final repetition, grip the lower pose and pulse up and down 12 times.
Standing side leg lifts

Standing leg lifts aid to build up the muscle down the sides of your hips and butt. You may also sense a stretch in your inner thigh. Ensure the movement is stable and controlled. Don’t rush the movement, and aim to keep your body straight. Do not bend to either side.

You can do this work out using ankle weights for added trouble.

  1. Stand facing bold with your left side near a chair, table, or wall.
  2. Using your left hand for stability and support, root into your left foot and lift your right foot faintly off the floor.
  3. Inhale and gradually lift your right leg to the side.
  4. Gradually lower on an exhale and cross the opposed leg.
  5. Do 12 leg lifts on both sides.
Side lunges

Side lunges effort your entire leg. They aid define your hips and buttocks. Ensure you remain the toes of both feet facing forward. You can too hold a dumbbell as doing these lunges.

  1. Stand with your feet honestly underneath your hips.
  2. Cause into your right foot since you step your left foot over to the left.
  3. Place your foot on the ground and after that lower your butt down. Your left leg will be bent and your right leg will be direct.
  4. keep on pressing into both feet.
  5. Stand up and take both feet back together.
  6. perform 12 lunges on each side.
Standing side-to-side squats

These squats effort the sides of your buttocks, legs, and hips. Remain your butt low all through these squats. Every time your feet come jointly, squat a bit lower. You can arise a little bit since your move, but don’t arise all the way. Besides, you can also do these squats using ankle loads.

  1. Start in a standing position with your feet close jointly.
  2. Descent low into a squat position.
  3. Shift your right foot to the right.
  4. Then carry your left foot to rally your right foot.
  5. Subsequently, extend your left foot to the left.
  6. Bring your right foot above to meet your left foot.
  7. Do 10 of these squats on every side.
Glute bridges

This workout will work your thighs and buttocks. Hold your abdominals. This will aid you to hold your body and work out your stomach muscles as well.

  1. Just lie down on your back with arms beside your body with your knees bent.
  2. Make your feet faintly wider than your hips.
  3. Inhale and gradually lift your hips and butt.
  4. Exhale as you lower back down.
  5. Do again 15 times. On the last repetition, grasp the upper pose for at least 10 seconds.
  6. Then cautiously take your knees together and back apart 10 times.
Leg kickbacks

This works out helps lift your butt. Remain your core engaged to keep your lower back. Perform the movements gradually. Especially you can use ankle weights for these works out.

  1. Come onto all 4 as you would in Cat-Cow pose.
  2. Keep your hands beneath your shoulders and then your knees underneath your hips.
  3. Enlarge your right leg out straight. Then, gradually lift your leg as high as it will go.
  4. Then lower your leg back down to the floor, but don’t let your foot touch.
  5. Perform 15 repetitions. On the last repetition, remain your leg lifted so it’s parallel to the floor. Beat your leg up and down 15 times.
  6. Do again on the opposite side.
Side curtsy lunges

This poses efforts to your thighs and the face of your buttocks. Aim to stay low to the ground the entire time. Remain the toes of your front foot facing presumptuous. Ensure you’re truly stepping out to the side. Besides, you can also act these lunges as holding a dumbbell.

  1. Begin by standing with your feet together.
  2. Lift your right leg and take it behind your left leg.
  3. Fall your right knee down into a curtsy lunge.
  4. Take your right foot opposite your left foot.
  5. Do again on the opposite side.
  6. Perform 15 lunges on each side.
Lying Downside Leg Raises

These leg increases target your outer thigh and butt. Ensure you use the muscles in your butt and hips to perform the movements. Then you can use ankle weights for these workouts.

  1. Lie down on your right side, ensure your body is in one straight line.
  2. Curve your right elbow and use your hand to support your head, or make your arm down on the floor.
  3. Then keep your left hand on the floor facing you for support.
  4. Gradually lift your left leg into the air.
  5. Then lower your leg down lacking letting it touches your right leg.
  6. Perform 20 repetitions. On the last repetition, make your leg at the top and do 20 pulses.
  7. Do again on the opposite side.

We have written a dedicated post on Exercises to Reduce Hip Dips With Images. Read now.

Hip Dips FAQs

  1. Can you get rid of hip dips?

    Unfortunately, you might not be able to get rid of them totally. You can't change your anatomy substantially. That said you can do two things to minimize hip dips. The first thing you can do is a practice to build and strengthen your muscle groups around your hips.

  2. What body shape has hip dips?

    Hip dips are known as violin hips because of its shape. It can come in body shapes but most commonly it comes on X body shapes. They are a few dip or gap in the middle of the high and low hips and art of the skeletal structure.

  3. Can shapewear help with hip dips?

    Yes, shapewear helps with hip dips. Wearing tight fit clothes hugs your body and reveals your hip dips area. When you wear padded shapewear, it helps you to hide hip dips.

  4. Are hip dips attractive?

    Hip dips are not bad, hip dips are normal. In fact, hip dips even cant be seen. And even if they are noticeable, you can easily control them via hip dips shapewear. 
    Learn more: Are Hip Dips Attractive?

How should I dress if I have hip dips?

You know that hip dips only appear when you wear tight jeans, leggings or any other dress. The easiest way is to avoid tight wearings. Also, you can wear:

  • Wear Looser Fitting Pants.
  • Favor Higher Rise Bottoms.
  • Wear Long Cardigans.
  • Wear Fit and Flare Dresses.
  • Wear Peplums.
  • Wear Boyfriend Blazers.
  • Wear Darker Colors on Bottom.
  • Wear Drapey, Effortless Fabrics.

Find Answers From a Doctor In Minutes, Anytime

Lifestyle varies that can find rid of hip dips.

Perform your best to take the needed steps to create a strong lifestyle. Exercise, eating well, and usually taking good care of yourself will aid you to feel good.

Raise your water intake and ensure you’re getting enough calories. Besides, Carbohydrates may provide you with added energy to exploit your workouts. Then eating lean protein may assist build up your muscle mass. Contain plenty of healthy calcium, fats, and fiber. Ignore processed sugar, junk food, and alcohol. Create smart food choices, but keep in mind it’s okay to be generous every once in a while.

You can stability out your fitness habit by working out other parts of the body too. To change your body, you must do a range of exercises. Include other types of cardio movements into your routine. Stay committed to a workout routine, and includes physical activity into your daily routine. Discuss with your doctor, nutritionist, or fitness expert for guidance.

The Bottom Line

Remember that your results may be slow. This may be weeks or months before you observe noticeable changes. Be as confident as possible about your body. Use helpful self-talk and focus on what you adore about your body.

These shapewears or spanx for hip dips will help you to hide your hip dips. But for getting the permanent results you have to exercise as well as wear these shapewears.

Follow a routine or wellness plan that makes you feel good. Set short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Achieving your goals will help you to feel and look better. The first steps start now.