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Are you looking for the Best Spanx for Love Handles? While love handles are a common problem for women but choosing the right product to get rid of this problem is not as simple as being affected.

However, plenty of brands are available out there but today we will only focus on Spanx as the brand offer a much more effective product. So let’s begin the journey and figure out the most suited Spanx for love handles.

Best Spanx For Love Handles In 2022

1. SPANX Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit Shapewear 



This SPANX Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit Shapewear is the best Spanx for love handles in the market that is huge in the whole body and hides love handles. Besides, it is smooth and silky and it will feel lovely against your skin.

The surprising feature of this bodysuit is its lightness which is double-layered. So it will not only shape your body but conceals all of those features that you don’t like especially love handles.

The design of its mid-thigh legs part is also wonderful. The fabric will help the leg look trim and smooth being invisible underpants. Even you won’t feel pinching or binding. Even if you are seeking an ideal canvas for your outfit look no further!

On the other hand, the fabric constructs with 72% nylon and 28% spandex which makes it lightweight, and comfortable. Most importantly the shapewear will allow you to wear your best push-up bra so you can look all over gorgeous and attractive. However it’s a bit pricy but providing an overall slim shape, it will feel worth of investment.


  • Made from lightweight and comfortable fabric
  • Its gussets come full of cotton fabric
  • Designed with a double layer
  • Help to shape and lifted bottom

2. SPANX Thinstincts Mid-Thigh Short for women

SPANX Thinstincts Mid Thigh Short for women


This SPANX Women’s Thinstincts Mid-Thigh Short is specially designed with targeted shaping support. So it’s another great addition from the Spanx brand that can effectively deal with love handles.

Besides, it will target the stomach and make it slim without feeling your breathing problem. Moreover, this shapewear provides lower tummy control that greatly helps to hide love handles.

With microfiber, the fabric will feel lightweight while elastic-free fabric prevents pinching. So the shapewear won’t irritate your skin even after a long time.

On the other hand, its cotton gusset will make panties optional and remove Visible Panty Lines. The fabric is available at a reasonable price with two color options and plenty of sizes. So it won’t be difficult to find the right fitting and get rid of the love handle.


  • Made with high-quality cotton, Microfiber, Nylon, and Spandex fabric
  • Designed with targeted shaping support
  • Hide love handles
  • Lightweight and breathable

3. SPANX Oncore Open Bust Compression Bodysuit

SPANX Oncore Open Bust Compression Bodysuit - Best Spanx For Love Handles


If you are a plus-size woman and looking for a soft fabric to help you with love handles, then you can try this SPANX Women’s Open Bust Mid Thigh Compression Bodysuit.

It is made with lightweight yet powerful fabric that features fully-bonded front panels for a tabletop flat tummy. At the same time, its edge-bonded side panels will feel comfortable and offer a squeeze-free slimming shape.

Thus you will have a slim figure and won’t notice the love handle. Another great feature of this shapewear is its super firm hug. The manufacturer designs this Spanx for love handles with Comfortable sculpting power with less bulk. So the fabric will allow you to move easily while you are outdoors.

While its Leg openings stay hidden under the cloth, the open bust style allows you to wear your favorite bra to feel confident. Besides its adjustable strap will ensure the perfect fit and Double-gusset will allow you to use the restroom easily. So you will have one solution with this SPANX Women’s Open Bust Mid Thigh Compression Bodysuit.


  • Design with fully-bonded front-panels for a tabletop flat tummy
  • Its edge-bonded side panels will help to feel comfortable
  • Its Leg openings stay invisible under clothing
  • Allow wearing your favorite bra

4. SPANX Tummy Control High Waist Power Shorts

SPANX Tummy Control High Waist Power Shorts


Next on our list is SPANX Tummy Control High Waist Power Shorts. The fabric will not only reduce the love handle but feel free from the muffin top. The manufacturer designs this shapewear in such an incredible way this will offer you full coverage. So you will have all-around comfort support and a slim look.

On the other hand, its stay-put waistband features will prevent it from roll down and keep the shapewear in right place all day long. At the same time, its high-waisted tummy control shapewear style will target the stomach and provides all-over support.

With 54% Nylon and 46% Spandex/Elastane the shapewear will feel comfortable and breathable. Besides, it is available in plenty of sizes with two color options.


  • Available in Regular and Plus Sizes
  • Stay-put waistband features keep the shapewear in place
  • Target the stomach and provides all-over support.
  • Suitable for both love handle and muffin top

5. SPANX High-Waisted Tummy Control Higher Power Panties

SPANX High Waisted Tummy Control Higher Power Panties - Best Spanx For Love Handles


Another best Spanx for love handles in our list is SPANX High-Waisted Tummy Control Higher Power Panties. This shapewear especially comes with a hook and eye closure so you can easily wear it and put it off.

On the other hand, this power pantie is made with a great combination of nylon and Spandex. So it will feel comfortable and breathable. Most importantly these Spanx panties hug the tummy from all around and offer more coverage.

So the product will effectively reduce the love handle and make you feel confident. Moreover, you can wear it under your regular cloth as well as a wedding and favorite dress. It means you can enjoy an hourglass figure without showing love handles, at a party, date, or any type of occasion.

Most importantly it will not only make your tummy slim but keep the muffin top away. Finally, this shapewear is available at a decent price.


  • Prevent from rolling down and keep the shapewear in place
  • Provides all-over support
  • Feel comfortable and breathable
  • Available at a decent price

6. SPANX Oncore Tummy-Control Compression Panty

SPANX Oncore Tummy Control Compression Panty


If you are looking for shapewear that can hide love handles as well as offer total transformation, then this SPANX Oncore Panty Shapewear will be a suitable option for you.

It features fully-bonded front-panels to offer you a flat tummy. At the same time, its edge-bonded side panels will greatly reduce love handles and make slim the shape.

The high-quality nylon and spandex fabric makes it lightweight and powerful so you can feel comfortable. The highlight feature of this shapewear is its designed with comfortable sculpting power with less bulk so it can huge the body super strongly.

The feature not only gives you slim look but will hide love handles while allowing you to move easily. At the same time, its non-compression bust design will provide a smoosh-free fit. Most importantly it includes Booty enhancing pockets that will prevent uni-butt.


  • Its Leg openings will stay invisible under clothing
  • Comes with Adjustable straps
  • Includes Double-gusset opening for easy use of the restroom
  • Made with High-quality fabric

7. SPANX Undie-Tectable Lace Hi-Hipster Panty for women

SPANX Undie Tectable Lace Hi Hipster Panty for women


We would like to end up our list with this SPANX Undie-Tectable Lace Hi-Hipster Panty. It is effective for both love handles and rearview.

Besides, it will keep invisible under your clothes to boost your confidence. The key feature of this shapewear is its Smooth – A light hug. The shapewear is ready to offer you a comfortable smoothing waist that will look and feels great! With elastic-free edges and cotton gusset, this shapewear will not only feel you comfortable but keep all panty lines invisible.

As it will hug your body firmly, the shapewear will effectively reduce love handles. On the other hand, it is available in a range of color and size options. So no matter whether you are a small size or plus size women or looking for a matching one, you will be satisfied when you will find the desired one.


  • Suitable for both love handles and rear view
  • A range of colors and sizes are available
  • Stay invisible under the cloth
  • Offer Comfortable smoothing waist

FAQs About Best SPANX For Love Handles

Is shapewear helpful with love handles?

Shapewear effectively deals with love handles in a range of ways. It can smooth out your shape and make your tummy more proportional. Most importantly shapewear is designed to help smooth the fat in several areas on the woman’s figure including muffin tops and love handles.

As a result, it will not only relieve you from love handles but it will make slim your whole waist and tummy.

Usually, the best shapewear smoothes out the silhouette of a women’s figure. So while you wear shapewear you might feet you’re your body allowing you to wear the cloth that you couldn’t wear earlier such as outfits, tight and form-fitting. This is the reason shapewear is well accepted among women if they have love handles or uneven bodies.

What to Wear with Shapewear to get out of its Effects?

There are plenty of options that you can choose to wear with shapewear. Most women like to wear shapewear underdress while they are going out, as it boosts their confidence by reducing love handles.

However, you are allowed to wear shapewear whenever you want. You can wear tops, dresses, outfits, and other regular cloth. Wearing shapewear under regular cloth will help smooth out your overall look and especially reduce love handles to look a lot better than before.

Even you can wear them with tight dresses like jeans as well. Several women wear low-waisted jeans with a simple tee as it helps to smooth their silhouette. As a range of type’s shapewear available, you can easily find the shapewear that will work with your outfit.

Best Spanx for Love Handles – Buyer’s Guide

No women love these love handles. It is just unwanted layers of extra fat that prevent women to wear their favorite dresses. This is the reason Spanx shapewear has huge demand in the market as it can effectively deal with love handles, especially spandex. This type of fabric helps trim down these layers.

Spandex shapewear is a vital fabric as exercise or workout or diet control can’t alone handle such a big problem. In this case, Spanx Shapewear comes into trend recently and has become the top choice as it helps women feel free from such an annoying problem.

However, all the results and advantages depend on choosing the right one according to body type. If you keep in mind the following tips while choosing shapewear for hiding love handles, you will be the winner.

Firm and Tight Fabric

Ensure that the fabric you are choosing is firm and can push back the love handles instead of just running along. Besides, the feature will help to make an actual difference that will be noticed. Not only focus on the tummy but consider the hips and the thighs while choosing shapewear for love handles as it brings an overall smooth body. Thought you shouldn’t not only depend on shapewear as the proper combination of diet and regular exercise with shapewear will offer you the best result.

Proper Sized Shapewear

Before choosing the shapewear properly measure your waist and hips. However, it is recommended to choose the same size as the pants that you often wear. But every woman is different. Taking the recent measurement and then choosing the shapewear will be ideal to push back the love handles and make the tummy smooth.

Besides, try to avoid choosing the smaller size. It will feel you uncomfortable rather than being effective.

Final words

Hopefully, we offer you enough best Spanx for love handle and you have got your solution. Spanx is the leading brand in the woman’s garments world that has reputation for producing top-quality products. The products we mentioned above are highly effective for love handles. At the same time, these are multi-functional so you will have extra support to enjoy a slimming look as well as an hourglass shape.