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Can you imagine only 20% of women wear the right size bra? That’s why it’s so much more important to know the breast size and bra size comparison side by side. It’s even true for women who often try bras from different brands and styles.

In the following, we have a friendly discussion about all the breast sizes and their required bra cup sizes, along with preferred styles. The intension top lets you wear the coziest bra to get enough support, boost the coverage and get the best shape.  So let’s hack it!

Breast Size and Bra Size Comparison Comparison Side by Side

The small to medium yet most common breast size ranges from A to H cups. Larger breasts are classified as I to L cup sizes, while some women have M to Z cup sizes due to augmentation or medical conditions.

While measuring the breast size and shopping for the best bra, you must know about the latter and the number that comes in. The latter stands for the cup size, while the number indicates the band size. The following are breast size comparisons with their representation:

Bra Sizes, Boob Sizes and Breast Cup Size Comparison Side by Side

Bigger Band True SizeBigger Cup
Bra Sizes, boob sizes and Breast Cup Size Comparison side by side

Size A

Size A - Breast Size Comparison Side by Side
Size A – Breast Size Comparison Side by Side

If your bust measurement is an inch different than your band measurement, it means you have an A cup size breast. And you are not alone, your favorite singer, Taylor Swift, also wears an A-cup size bra.

A cup is considered the smallest size, and the most common A cup size is 34A. This size cup also ranges from A, AA, and AAA. But if your bust and band are different by less than half an inch, then AAA is your preferred size, like actresses Zendaya and Tilda Swinton. However, it’s a modest yet uncommon cup size.

A padded bra and a push-up bra are mostly recommended for A to AAA sizes, while a chicken cutlet bra will boost the cleavage and deliver a full-breast look.

Size B

Size B - Breast Size Comparison Side by Side
Size B – Breast Size Comparison Side by Side

If your bust and band measurements are different by more than two inches, then you have a B-size breast. It means your band is around 28 to 29 inches. About 44% of women have B-size breasts, and many of them wear spacer bras as they want to sculpt their breasts without pushing up.

The band and cup size of this category ranges between 30B, 32B, 34B, 36B, and 38B. Increasing the cup size from A to B is normal due to becoming pregnant or breastfeeding.

Size C

Size C - Breast Size Comparison Side by Side
Size C – Breast Size Comparison Side by Side

Unlike A cups, it comes in only one size later as a B cup. Around 28% of women, including singer Madonna, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, and model Tyra Banks, wear C-cup breasts.

If you measure 3 inches between the band and the bust area, it means you’ll need a C-cup size bra. The band size in this category ranges from 33 to 42 inches, and it can improve your bust shape even if you have asymmetrical breasts.

For these sized breasts, wearing a wireless bra and an unlined bra will give you enough support and comfort. The most common C cup sizes are 30C, 32C, 34C, 36C, and 38C.

Size D

Size D - Breast Size Comparison Side by Side
Size D – Breast Size Comparison Side by Side

D cup size comes with an inch larger band than the C cup. Though D-cup size boobs are common, they are considered above average. Since this size bra tends to get slightly uneven, a push-up bra is a perfect option. But if you are in between ranges, a sports bra will be preferable for you. Like the C cup, its typical size also ranges from 30D to 38D.

Like the A cups, its latter ranges from D to DDD, where 34D is the average bra size in the USA. Despite this, a DD bra is around 5 times bigger than the band size, while a DDD bra is 6 times. Considering the weight, the DD cups are 4.2 pounds for each breast, whereas the DDD is 2.5 to 3 pounds each.

The overbust measurement of DD bras is 36.5 to 41.5 inches, while the DDD ranges from 37.5 to 40.5.

That’s why a wireless bra for DD should be made of stretchable fabric and has extra side-coverage panels to cover large breasts. But if it is a backless bra, it must have adhesive cups and a front closure to ensure enhanced lift.

Size E

Size E - Breast Size Comparison Side by Side copy
Size E – Breast Size Comparison Side by Side copy

The E cup size is an inch larger than the DDD size, and this is the size of bra to look for if you have a 5 inch difference between your bust and band.  If the band of these bras begins to have a skewed position, you can consider a bra extender for a more comfortable fit.

Size F

Size F - Breast Size Comparison Side by Side
Size F – Breast Size Comparison Side by Side

If you measure 6 inches between your band and bust, then you should wear an F-size bra containing supportive cups.

But if you are in between E and F, wearing an FF bra will give you a cozy fit. However, the bra for this size breast comes in a wide set style, resulting in its straps tending to fall. To avoid this situation, you may need to use bra clips.

Size G

Size G - Breast Size Comparison Side by Side
Size G – Breast Size Comparison Side by Side

A G cup is preferable for a woman who finds a 7-inch difference between her bust and band. But if you find 7.5 inches different, wear a GG cup.

It’s worth remembering that a large cup size with a smaller band fits well with a narrow-shaped body with a big bust. Conversely, a larger band with the same size cup offers broader coverage even with G-size breasts.

Despite this, a woman with G-sized breasts should wear a supportive bra so it can carry the weight of the breasts comfortably. Otherwise, the wearer can feel back pain and get sagging breasts, which will look odd.

Size H

Size H - Breast Size Comparison Side by Side
Size H – Breast Size Comparison Side by Side

The largest standard-size breasts are H and HH. For H-size breasts, the difference between bust and band is 8 inches, while it is 8.5 to 9 inches for HH.

Wearing the wrong size bra for H-size breasts can cause back pain and discomfort. That’s why you should choose a bra that has full-figured cups and a higher neckline so it can secure the breasts efficiently.

Extremely Large Breast Sizes

The size ranges of this category are from I to L. The band under the bust for such sized breasts ranges between 22 to 62 inches.  If your overbust is 9 inches bigger than your underbust, then you’ll require an L-size bra.

Likewise, if you have an inch bigger overbust than I, you should wear a J-size bra. Conversely, a K-size bra is around 11 inches bigger than the underbust size.  Remember, your K-size bra should have seamed cups and wide straps to get extra support.

Rare Large Breast Sizes

Some women may also have rare large breast sizes due to health conditions or breast implants. These sizes of breasts cause physical strain due to the excess weight of the breasts.

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Final words

Apart from the body measurement, choosing the right fit bra requires some consideration including band and cup size. The larger the band size, the larger the cup size. It means only an m annual measurement can’t deliver you the right fitted bra with enough support based on the breast’s size.

Hence, you should know the breast size and bra size comparison side by side. After knowing all about breast size, cup size, and an effective chart, hope now you can order the perfect fitted bra to get comfort and support around the breast area.