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Pregnancy is is the most challenging period that women go through. This many women embrace the drastic changes in their bodies, some feel uncomfortable and want to consider shapewear. So if you are also wondering if can I wear shapewear during pregnancy, keep reading the guide before deciding.

Following we have revealed the consequences of wearing shapewear, what type you can wear and want to keep in mind. In short, this single post will help help you comfortable and safe during pregnancy while defining your shape as desired.

Can I Wear Shapewear During Pregnancy?

Can I wear shapewear during pregnancy
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You can wear shapewear while pregnant as it won’t cause any medical issues. But make sure it puts light compression in your tummy, doesn’t limit your breathing and movement, and helps feeling comfortable.

How Is Maternity Shapewear Different Than Regular Shapewear?

Regular shapewear and maternity shapewear are designed differently. Maternity shapewear is constructed with more comfortable fabric than typical shapewear, making it perfect for a pregnant body. Plus, maternity shapewear doesn’t narrow the amniotic fluid and other cushioning that protects the baby in the womb.

Maternity shapewear also uses normal compression-shaping technology in the bottom, legs, and hips area while leaving a mesh panel to ensure gentle support to the belly region. Since this shapewear doesn’t provide any compression on the belly, many pregnant women prefer maternity shapewear to feel comfortable.

Is Maternity Shapewear The Same Thing As Compression Clothing?

Maternity shapewear and compression clothing have both similarities and differences. Most typical shapewear is designed to smooth out the body under desired dress and help feel comfortable by preventing excessive sweating or thigh chafing. Along with that, Compression clothing brings additional medical benefits during pregnancy as well.

Compression socks or leggings are recommended by a healthcare provider for pregnant women who need to travel on the road or flight for more than four hours.

The reason is that traveling during pregnancy increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It’s a blood cut in the lower legs that can move to the lugs and can happen due to sitting for a long time.

Fortunately wearing compression defines or socks help avoid forming blood cut. Hence it’s recommended to consult with a doctor before traveling to take the safest preparation. Remember, typical shapewear doesn’t act as same as compression leggings.

Is It Safe to Wear Shapewear While Pregnant?

It’s a very initial and big question that comes to pregnant women’s minds. Many women believe shapewear and pregnancy can’t go together. The reason is that shapewear defines shape by sucking body parts with excess fat and skin. Not to mention, during pregnancy, those large belly areas are covered by the baby instead of fat. So can you wear shapewear while pregnant?

Yes, you can. If wearing maternity shapewear doesn’t limit your movement, breathing, and sleeping as well as feel comfortable, you can wear this undergarment during pregnancy. Still, you have to be careful about wearing shapewear during pregnancy. If the undergarment put any pressure on the tummy it won’t do anything good to you and the baby.

Instead, the shapewear should target your butt, thigh, and other body areas to define the shape.

Another important thing to remember is that you should choose seamless shapewear during pregnancy.   This type of shapewear will feel you comfortable instead of irritating and won’t suck in the stomach.

When To Avoid Maternity Shapewear

Though it’s safe to wear shapewear while pregnant, still it can get too hot and feel uncomfortable along with the growth of your baby. If you are concerned about maternity fashion, don’t compromise with comfort. It’s vital for both physical and mental health. So you shouldn’t be able to feel best through every trimester instead of ditting into tight undergarments.

So avoid wearing tight-fitting maternity shapewear so you can feel sexy confidently in your clothes while progressing through pregnancy.

Wondering whether can you wear a waist trainer while pregnant? You can’t. Waist trainers like corsets usually shrink the belly. That’s why waist trainers are preferable for postpartum recovery instead of wearing them during pregnancy. Thus it will be safe to wear maternity shapewear according to the specific body type to feel great.

What Should Do When Choosing Maternity Shapewear

Since you require both comfort and support from your maternity shapewear, choose the fabric that will deliver you the desired performance. if you want to wear maternity shapewear while pregnant, make sure it is made of light compression and optimum stretch. This will let you move around without dealing with painful constriction. The other point you should remember are:

The piece should be Fluctuate with Your Size

Unsurprisingly, women’s body grows during pregnancy. It’s quite a normal yet healthy part of the process to ensure the growth of the baby. That’s why purchase adjustable shapewear that has light compression to feel secure instead of constricted.

Avoid Hooks and Zippers

Keep away from the undergarment that can grab, pinch or poke you while looking for maternity shapewear. In this case, choose shapewear that doesn’t have painful hooks and difficult zippers. Instead, purchase maternity shapewear with Velcro to wear during pregnancy. This will let you pull easily and allow you to wear comfortable instead of jabbing in any of the wrong places.

Use Light Compression Styles

As said earlier, wear maternity shapewear that only has light compression. It’s super important otherwise the shapewear can put extreme pressure on the growing belly. Though many women think that belly compression relieves soreness or pain, the shapewear that targets the hip, lower back, and underbelly actually solves these issues. Maternity shapewear with light compression feels comfortable and relieves pain even after wearing it for a long time.

Focus on Legs, Butt, and Thighs

These are the area you should target while wearing maternity shapewear during pregnancy. This will keep things lifted and feel, comfortable in the long run.  Remember, you should choose maternity shapers to wear keeping your health and baby’s well-being in mind instead of appearances or body looks.

What should not do when choosing maternity shapewear

Opt for High Compression

To feel comfortable, avoid wearing maternity shapewear with a high level of compression. During pregnancy, the women’s body goes through lots of changes and gets bigger. So wearing high compression shapewear will incredibly feel uncomfortable.

Instead, opt for a light to medium compression undergarment so you can round out any bumps.

Wear a Waist Trainer

You can wear any typical shapewear while pregnant except waist trainer. This undergarment overly compresses and squeeze inters organs such as abdominal muscles, liver, ribs, spleen, or intestines more effectively than other.

If you tie up your waist trainer too tightly, it can limit your mobility, and rib fractures, and restrict breathing capacity and abdominal muscles. Though waist trainer may not harm the child, it can harm you.

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Does shapewear help during pregnancy?

Many Pregnant women suffer from separation due to the pressure of the growing uterus on the belly. Wearing shapewear can help alleviate this pressure. You can also prevent Painful Skin Chafing by wearing shapewear while pregnant

Should you buy shapewear especially designed for pregnancy?

It’s a better idea. Shapewear that is specially designed to wear to recover from pregnancy can effectively shape the thigh and butt. It also ensures light compression across the tummy to feel comfortable.

What fabrics you shouldn’t wear while pregnant?

During pregnancy, keep away from unnatural fabrics like elastin, chiffon, synthetics, and georgette. These will overdrive your hormones and cause excessive sweat. Instead, wear clean cloth while pregnant.

Final Words

You can also go with your common sense when deciding whether can I wear shapewear during pregnancy or not. You don’t need to design e shape when your baby grows on you. If the shapewear put pressure on your belly, limited the movement, and put it away until the baby is born. However, you can wear maternity shapewear with light to medium compression safely and comfortably.