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by | Sep 29, 2022 | Featured, Blog

A waist trainer is an incredible undergarment that reshapes the body instantly and transforms it into an hourglass shape. But losing weight loss wearing a waist trainer is a slow process. But, some women take it so seriously that they start wearing it while sleeping. But is this good? If you’re also thinking to do this, we recommend you to read this, can you sleep with a waist trainer on? Know its good and bad effects.

Learning the answer is vital when it is subject to sleeping comfortably at night and having the advantage of wearing a waist trainer.

Luckily this guide has covered this topic deeply and will reveal whether is it good to sleep with a waist trainer on or bad? Despite the reader will learn reason in favor of the result.

How Do Waist Trainers Work?

how do waist trainers work

A waist trainer is pretty similar to classic undergarments called corset which was worn in the early years of the 20th century. Wearing at the midsection, the waist trainer tightly grips around the waist to slim it down.

Though it offers immediate results but using it for a month, the user can stable the results. However, honestly, wearing a waist trainer doesn’t lose weight all of a sudden. It takes time and patience.

This undergarment typically performs as an addition to a weight loss program. It isn’t a magic pill like you wear it and lose some weight without any exercise or diet control. Actually, waist trainers reshape the body to offer a slimming effect. So hourglass figure is your priority weight lose, a waist trainer will be a smart decision for you.

However, for some women wearing a waist trainer isn’t possible during the day due to plenty of difficulties. For example, some need to work at the office and lifestyle also doesn’t allow to wear it. As a result, many women decide to wear a waist trainer at night.

But the question is how useful wearing a waist trainer while sleeping? Does it bring any good or bad? We will discuss this deeply.

Can You Sleep with a Waist Trainer on?

can you sleep with waist trainer on

Some woman considers wearing a waist trainer during the night as they believe it maximizes the wearing time for better result. But the reality is you should not wear a waist trainer while sleeping.


It will bring lots of difficulties if you sleep with a waist trainer on. Let’s look some:

It Feels Uncomfortable

Firstly sleeping with a waist trainer can cause uncomfortable as it tightly hugs the body. Even waist trainer won’t allow moving easily which cause disturb to sleeping.

Sleeping with a waist trainer will cause sleep deprivation which will bring many health issues.

Apart from these, it can cause moodiness and grogginess, dementia, memory loss, and even obesity.

Obstruct Breathing

Wearing a waist trainer while sleeping can cause respiratory issues, and it can end up causing breathing problems. It can be a serious issue as you won’t feel the breathing problem while sleeping but surely feel gasping for air in the morning. This awful feeling can cause wearing the waist trainer for the night.

It Can Obstruct The Organs

Another big issue is restricting space for organic as it grips the body tightly. As a result, sleeping with a waist trainer can cause acid reflux by increasing pressure on the tummy.

Though acid reflux isn’t serious it can cause misery while trying to sleep.

Wearing Waist Trainers Can Be Dangerous

It can cause a panic attack while sleeping with a waist trainer on and you may need to stand up to breathe deeply. But taking a deep breath while wearing a waist trainer is quite impossible and it can add to the sense of panic.

Conversely, the waist trainer is difficult to wear off and it can be worse if you try in the dark.

Waist Trainer Can Get Damaged

People assume different kinds are wired positions during sleep. So twisting the spine a lot of sleep in unconventional positions can damage the waist trainer’s effectiveness and its structure.

You must be thinking, “Has it only the bad effects? Nothing good?”, the answer is NO, it also has some benefits too. Let’s talk about this.

Benefits of Wearing Waist Trainers While Sleeping

Waist trainers can boost the confidence to enjoy outdoor activity. Despite some other common advantages the waist trainer offer is:

It Offers The Dreamed Hourglass Figure.

It makes the tummy slim by increasing its sweats. Wearing a waist trainer improves posture. It keeps the midsection straight and ensures an attractive posture after wearing a waist trainer.

Wearing a waist trainer while sleeping sweats a lot on your tummy area. Sweating is a good thing for losing weight or gaining an hourglass figure.

Wearing a waist trainer throughout the day you can enjoy those advantages. Though many brands suggest wearing the waist trainer for 10 hours a day, you can have those benefits by wearing 8 hours.

Ways To Sleep With a Waist Trainer On

Still, if you are willing to sleep with a waist trainer, I recommend you follow these tips to have a better experience.

Pick A Short Waist Trainer

Rather than buying a waist trainer that offers full coverage to the midsection, pick a short waist trainer that especially targets the tummy area. It will offer a considerable advantage of wearing a waist trainer and offer enough space to the torso. As a result, you can breathe easily while sleeping.

Wear A Loose Waist Trainer

Don’t wear a waist trainer too tightly. Wearing a waist trainer loose still offers you the benefits of it. Doing so a bonus advantage you will get is it won’t cause any health issues.

Try To Wear During The Day

Even if you aren’t willing, still you should try to wear the waist trainer during the day for some hours. It will adapt to the body before you sleep with a waist trainer on.

Place Pillows Strategically

Considering your sleeping position, using a pillow can help you sleep comfortably, wearing a waist trainer. Place the pillow under the lumbar curve if you mostly sleep in the back position. Then if you are a side sleeper, sleep with a body pillow. Conversely, if you mostly sleep on your tummy, you should wear a latex waist trainer.

Final Words

Waist trainer comes to offer immediate action by reshaping the body. So don’t take it so seriously for reducing weight that encourages you to sleep wearing it.

So, we hope you got your answer – can you sleep with a waist trainer on? Though experts and even don’t recommend wearing it during sleeping, the choice is yours. Make your decision wisely. We never want you to face health issues.