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Though the body shaper allows you to enjoy the party and every day’s activity with a slim and hourglass figure, there is a huge complaint about its midsection design. That’s why the demand for crotchless body shapers is high in the market, which also increases the chance of experiencing frustration. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

So, what is a crotchless body shaper? Crotchless is a king of design that lets you use bathroom very easily without taking off the shaper.

Crotchless body shaper designed to allow using bathroom conveniently without wearing off the body shaper or suit. But if you choose the wrong number, it can ruin all your parties and events. Regardless of the body shaper’s benefits, its midsection should be made of flexible and mesh fabric to allow it to move and sit freely. Besides, the crotch should be wide open for comfortability, which is overwhelming to find in such a massive market.

That’s why we have come out with the shortest list of crotchless body shapers that will ensure a convenient restroom as well as enhance confidence by reshaping the body. So let’s have a look!

 Best Crotchless Body Shapers In 2022

1. QianQ Crotchless Shapewear Bodysuit for Women

QianQ Crotchless Shapewear Bodysuit for Women

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This QianQ Crotchless Shapewear is designed to offer 360 degrees of shaping and firm control. So if you are looking for something to enjoy an S-curve, a sexy and charming figure, you should try this crotchless body shaper.

However, this tummy control shapewear is best suited for plus-size women, but its three different sizes will accommodate women of all shapes and sizes. 

More importantly, this shapewear is made of mesh breathable Nylon, Elastane, and Polyester material and a round crotchless design so the woman can conveniently go to the toilet.

So if you need to prepare for any cocktail party or wedding with a seamless and slimming shape, you can try this undergarment.

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Highlight features
  • Design with a wider shoulder strap with an underbust style to prevent digging and reduce shoulder stress.
  • For added security, this shapewear features a double-shaped zipper and a hook.
  • It’s made of a breathable mesh fabric with a seamless design to keep you cool while remaining invisible.

This crotchless shapewear is available at an affordable price and comes with two low-waist panties. Besides, it offers all-around shaping and is made of soft and breathable fabric.


It may not be suitable for small-sized women.


2. HEXIN Women’s Crotchless Body Shaper

HEXIN Women's Crotchless Body Shaper

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If you are looking for quality crotchless shapewear along with a lifter, this HEXIN Women’s Body Shaper will be the right option for you.

This High Waist Crotchless Slimming Bodysuit is made of Nylon and Spandex and will feel soft and breathable against the skin while walking or exercising. 

Design, this tummy control shapewear is multifunctional, which helps recover from postpartum and accelerates fat burning.

This shapewear’s impressive feature lifts the hips into a beautiful curve, while its crotchless design allows you to go to the toilet efficiently.

Highlight features
  • This breathable and high-elasticity shapewear comes with a bra design and will fit any size of the breast.
  • With 3 rows of hook closure, this crotchless shapewear is easier to put off and on while ensuring a perfectly snug fit.
  • This bodysuit greatly improves the waistline and creates a charming curve.

This shapewear is available at a reasonable price and offers an hourglass body figure. Suitable for any occasion, this bodysuit is lightweight and easier to wash.


The opening between the thighs is a bit too large.

3. CODE GREY Liposuction Crotchless Body Shaper

CODE GREY Liposuction Body Shaper

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This CODE GREY Liposuction Body Shaper is especially suitable for post-surgery women who want to optimize the surgical result.

This crotchless body shaper, which is made of medical-grade compression, aids in the healing process after liposuction procedures. The body shaper reduces swelling and bruising after surgery and greatly enhances recovery. 

With a combination of adjustable hooks and zipper closure and crotchless design, the woman will not only have a comfortable and secure fit but also have a chance to comfortably respond to nature’s call.

Highlight features
  • It’s a liposuction surgical garment that optimizes surgical results.
  • Designed with a crotchless body shaper to respond to nature’s call for comfort
  • Made of breathable and washable fabric, this shapewear is easier to wear and put off.

This shapewear is reusable and available in four different sizes while mostly suitable for post-surgery recovery.


It’s a bit pricy option


4. BRABIC Women’s Crotchless Waist Trainer

BRABIC Women’s Waist Trainer

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Next, we have a BRABIC Women’s Waist Trainer that offers a full-body shaping solution. A unique feature includes a removable chest strap.

This anti-slip breast support band assists women in enhancing chest gathering to improve breast shape. Furthermore, it is a tummy control shapewear that provides firm control of the tummy, waist, and thighs to instantly achieve slimmer hourglass curves. 

On the other hand, its open crotchless shaper design will help a woman to respond to nature’s call quickly and easily. This Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer is available in two colors and six different sizes to accommodate any body shape.

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Highlight features
  • It is made of a lightweight and elastic fabric with no steel bones in the tummy area, making it suitable for wearing at night.
  • Designed for boys’ short panties to slim the upper thighs and prevent rolling up while doing homework.
  • With an adjustable three-row hook-eye and crotchless design, this shapewear is comfortable to wear all day and allows you to go to the restroom without taking it off.

It’s budget-friendly crotchless shapewear that flattens belly fat, controls love handles, and offers a slimmer look instantly. Plus, it is easier to wear and maintain.


The leg area is tighter.


5. SLIMBELLE Seamless Control Shapewear for Women

SLIMBELLE Seamless Control Shapewear for Women

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If you are looking for a body shaper that remains invisible under a dress while offering a sexy figure and allowing you to use the toilet conveniently, look no further than this SLIMBELLE Seamless Tummy Control Shapewear for Women. This crotchless body shaper comes with a seamless design to remain hidden under the cloth without showing any outline. 

The U-Shape Push-up Breast Design, which makes the breast taller and straighter and allows you to wear your favorite bra, is a key feature.

More importantly, this shapewear comes with a wide and open crotch, so you can use the toilet comfortably.

Finally, this body shaper is available at a decent price while offering a range of color options with multiple sizes.

Highlight features
  • It’s a multi-functional body shaper that supports the back and thins the thighs and slims the tummy.
  • This open bust shaper allows you to wear your favorite bra while challenging and straightening your chest.
  • Its large open crotch design makes it easy to use the restroom.

This body shaper is made of flexible and elastic fabric that is suitable to wear all day long. Besides, it comes with a range of color and size options while fitting into the budget.


Some believe it frequently slips to the back.

Benefits of Wearing Crotchless Shapewears

Undoubtedly, shapewear is a common fabric among women in today’s world. Crotchless shapewear, on the other hand, used to be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Now it comes in a different form with a design to help a woman enjoy the desired figure based on their body type. So, whether you are searching for something for parties or the office, you will find crotchless shapewear by your side. 

This shapewear can transform the body into a perky and curvy one and enhance confidence, ideal for a woman who feels insecure about her body. Let’s have a look at some major types of crotchless shapewear and their advantages:

Control Camisoles

This crotchless shapewear looks like a tank top and comes with an in-built shaping panel, pads, and underwear. The goal of this shapewear is to reduce the flab and improve the bust.

Crotchless Long Leg Shapewear

This shapewear runs down to the thighs. It’s a great fabric that limits the bulging and shaking of the thighs and offers a smooth look.

Corset Shapewear

This crotchless shapewear is designed to make a woman’s waist look smaller. This shapewear compresses the woman’s waist. Lift the bust upwards and offer a busty appearance.

Seamless Shapewear

If you need stable crotchless shapewear, you should try seamless shapewear. It won’t have any visible seams, making it ideal for wearing under a fitted dress and skirt without showing any uncomfortable outlines.

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Final Word

Though body shapers provide an hourglass figure by shaping all over the body and allowing us to instantly prepare for parties and special occasions, it is difficult to respond to nature. Thanks to modern design, we now have crotchless body shapers that allows us to go to the bathroom conveniently.

Moreover, the body shaper we have reviewed above ensures 360-degree body shaping and offers a slimming figure while being breathable and comfortable to wear. So pick your most desired crotchless body shaper and enjoy the outdoors confidently.