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Going braless can be comfortable for girls but it brings the risk of facing an awkward situation like showing nipples. But still, if you are willing to go outside braless you have come into the right place. There is some hack that can help you enjoy outdoor activities comfortably without wearing bras and still covering nipples without a bra. Although, there are a lot of benefits of not wearing a bra. Know them here.

This guide will teach you how to cover nipples without a bra with some smart and effective solutions. More importantly, the hacks are easier to apply and increase the appearance. So let’s get into this.

How To Cover Nipples Without A Bra

Showing nipples is the main thing of concern when thinking about braless outfits. So learning how to cover nipples without wearing a bra is a handy solution. You can simply cover your nipple by taking some right steps.

Following the section, you will learn three crucial processes to cover your nipples even without wearing any bras.

Concealing Your Nipples

Wear Pasties Cover Nipples

one time pesties - how to cover your nipples without a bra

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You can use pasties, a one-time useable, and a type of adhesive stickers that greatly cover nipples. This item is suitable to wear with thin fabrics like lower-cut shirts.

Especially pasties are available in plenty of colors to allow the user to wear the most matching one with the nipple size and skin tone. More importantly, these come in lots of exciting designs, however, it is advisable to choose the hard one as thinner can’t conceal the nipples.

Regularly Use Silicon Covers

Use reusable Silicon Covers

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If you are afraid of going outside without a bra, invest in a silicon cover. Likewise pasties, silicone covers also cover the nipple and remain adhesive. More importantly, silicone covers are useable which you can wash and use regularly instead of throwing in the trash.

Silicone covers are a bit expensive; still, it’s worthwhile as you can use some brands up to 100 times. Silicone cover made of thicker material will offer better coverage however can be visible under some fabrics.

Try Band-Aids To Hide Nipples

Band-Aids To go braless without showing nipples

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There is some common item that can immediately save you from an awkward situation like showing the nipples. A duck tape with the right thickness can be a lifesaver offering better coverage. However, you will need to remove the duck tape carefully from the sensitive skin.

Another item is an adhesive bandage which you can wear by placing with the non-sticky area centered over the nipples. It will lower the pain while you will try to remove the adhesive bandages. If you have larger nipples mark an X with duct tape to cover the nipples. You can take shower to remove the tape comfortably as water will weaken the adhesive.

Apply Cotton Ball

Apply Cotton Ball To Cover Nipples Without A Bra

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You can place a cotton ball over the nipple and tie it in place. A panty liner can be a good alternative to a cotton ball which also needs to place directly over the nipple to prevent showing. While using a cotton ball makes sure you have spread it evenly so it can’t make a protrusion of its own.

Avoiding a Nip Slip To Cover Nipples

Use Fashion Tape

Fashion Tape To Cover Nipples Without A Bra

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Applying a transparent, double-sided fashion tape will stick the cloth to the skin. So while you move around, your nipple wont is visible even if you don’t wear a bra.

To wear it, remove the backing paper and attach the tape to your nipple. Use the opposite sticky side to stick to your cloth and don’t be afraid of any accidental slips. This fashion tape is perfect for tank tops with large armholes and low-cut dresses and tops. More importantly, fashion tape is easier to remove and doesn’t cause a skin reaction.

Apply a Bandeau

Use Bandeau instead of bra to hide nipples

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Usually, the bandeau is a thinner, lacy, and great alternative to a bra. This undergarment can be seen however stylish to wear with the low-cut shirt. Even this bandeau is an ideal option to wear with a fabric that is prone to show a nipple.

Camisole or Tighter Fitting Tank Top

These items are another effective way to cover nipples without wearing a bra. Wearing a tighter fitting tank top underskirt will completely keep the nipples hide. But it is better to wear the matching camisole to have improved confidence.

Using Clothing as Camouflage

Wear a Patterned and Dark Color Dress

Patterns like polka or stripes dots can keep the viewer’s eye away from your nipples. Plus, dark color dresses like rich blue, black or purple can do a great job to make the nipple hardy seen. Conversely, keep away from wearing white or sheer materials cloth as these can highlight the nipples.

Add Extra Layers

Wearing a cloth with multiple layers will not only keep the nipple hide but also other parts of the body shape that you don’t want to show like fat truly. Tank tops, undershirts, or camisole can be done a great job even without adding bulk. Moreover, you can wear a longer tank top under a blouse for a gorgeous look. Thin camisole with lace trim is a commonly available cloth that offers excellent fashionable layering.

Wear Loose Fit and Thicker Cloth

Wear Loose Fit and Thicker Cloth - Cover Nipples Without A Bra

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Concealing the nipple will be an easier job if you wear a thicker fabric. Long tunics and flowy are stylish options that don’t offer a frumpy look. Moreover, a cloth-like blazer or jacket is also an effective option that will completely cover your chest. The blazer is made of different materials and designs and makes sure you are wearing the one that outfit with the season.

Use a Scarf

use scarfs - Cover Nipples Without A Bra

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Still searching how to go braless without showing nipples? Our last recommendation is scarf. The scarf is a pretty easy solution to conceal the nipples and is stylish to wear any season. Wear a longer scarf that will cover your chest and keep you confident.

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Final Words

Breasts aren’t such a part of the body that can be hung lower without a bra or less broad than with a bra. But it can make it scary to go out without a bra. Throughout the guide, we have explained lots of ways on how to cover nipples without a bra. The methods we have highlighted are safer for breast and skin, easier to apply and some will boost the stylish look. So apply any of them and enjoy confident outdoor activities without showing nipples even without wearing a bra.