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Are you suffering from hip dips and want to know how to get rid of hip dips? Then you come to the right place. Today we are going to share with you all the answers that you are looking for including the causing reason, reducing tips, and tactics.

So read the article till the end to get the most effective way.

What are hip dips mean?

Hips dips are usually the hidden depression along the side of your body, it causes below the hip bone. It is also known as violin hips. Rather than the outer edges of your hips following curves that seem like they were strained using a protractor, they have indentations.

These indentations may be a bit and hardly noticeable, or they could be rather observable. They are a usual part of your body frame. So it should be reduced for your natural look. That’s why we brought this article about how to get rid of hip dips.

What causes hip dips?

Where the skin is attached to a deeper part of the thigh bone, hip dips occur. Even this intent is more visible in some people. It also happened because of the amount of fat and muscle in body structure. On the other hand width of your hips, the shape of your pelvis, and the distribution of body fat control the hip dips, is it going to be more or less prominent? Wearing certain types of clothing can make them more visible. But doing the exercises below, you can reduce your hip dips and look natural.

9 Exercises That Really Helpful To Reduce Hip Dips

If you are searching for an answer on how to get rid of hip dips, it will be better to follow some exercises. It not only helps you to build muscle but lose fat.

First of all, stand in front of the mirror and Look at yourself to ensure you’re doing the poses perfectly. A workout that you can do one side at a time, let’s start with your weaker flexible leg.

In this way, if you start with a bit difficult side, another side will seem easier. Don’t be so quick, start per day by 1 to 2 sets and increase gradually. However, it won’t be a proper way to do different exercises on different days. You should spend at least 20 minutes doing the same exercise. 4 to 6 times per week will be the best.

These workouts will help you to tone and strengthen the muscles in your:

  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Abdominals


To answer the question of how to get rid of hip dips, these exercises are so effective.

1. Side Hip Openers

This movement targets hips, outer thighs, and side buttocks. But ensure that your weight equally distributed between your hands and knees while doing the exercise. Besides, using a dumbbell behind the knee will increase the difficulty of this exercise.

A girl doing Side hip openers (fire hydrants) to get rid of hip dips
  • Create a pose for Cat-Cow. Make sure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders. At the same time, your knees are directly below your hips.
  • Let’s inhale as you lift one leg from the other leg to produce a 90-degree angle. Apart from keeping your knee bent.
  • Slowly, try dropping your knee back down. Then before raising it again, prevent the leg from hitting the deck.
  • Practice this movement 15 times minimum. Pulse the leg 10 times in the upper position before lowering on the last replication.
  • Finally, Repeat on the other side.

2. Standing Kickback Lunges

If you want to get balance and stability in the body, this exercise will be great for you. It mainly targets thighs and buttocks. But ensure that your front leg and foot are engaged.

Engage your core during the pose as well.

A girl doing Standing kickback lunges - how to get rid of hip dips
  • Start with a prayer posture, like standing in front of your chest with your palms. Inhale, and raise your right leg to the P of your spine.
  • After that, exhale and raise your arms with your hands facing each other close to your ears as your right leg moves down.
  • Sink the right knee into the lunge, then around the same time keep your back foot on the ball and keep your toes pointing forward.
  • Again, inhale to bring the support of your right knee to your shoulders. Return your hands to the place of prayer simultaneously.
  • Do 12 lunges at least. Stay on your leg back on the last repeat and beat it up and down 12 times. 
  • Change the side and do the same.

3. Standing Side Leg Lifts

This movement is greatly effective to build up the muscle along the sides of the butt and hips. But you can feel a stretch in your inner thigh. So Ensure the movement is controlled and steady. But don’t rush or jerk the movement, and keep your body straight.

You are allowed to do this movement using ankle weights for added difficulty.

A girl doing Standing kickback lunges - how to get rid of hip dips
  • Let’s start with standing with your left side facing forward near chair, table, or wall. 
  • Try to root in your left foot using your left hand for stability and balance to raise your right foot off the floor. 
  • Then, inhale and raise the right leg steadily to the side. 
  • On an exhale, they progressively lower and then cross the opposite knee.
  • Do a minimum of 12 leg lifts on both sides.

4. Squat Jumps

It’s another great way to tone your hips, thighs, and butt. You have to make sure that your back keeps straight and your toes facing forward. Let’s engage your abdominal muscles for additional support. While doing these squats, holding a dumbbell will boost the result.

A woman doing Squats jumps
  • Create stance that would be broader than your shoulders when standing on your knees. 
  • Then when you progressively lower down, exhale as you relax in chair. 
  • Inhale then get right up after that. 
  • Repeat this twelve times minimum
  • Keep the lower pose on the last repeat and pulse up and down minimum of 12 times.

5. Standing Side-To-Side Squats

It’s another type of squat that works the side of your buttocks, legs, and hips. Besides, it will keep your butt low during these squats. If your feet come together each time, then squat a bit lower. Even you can come up slightly as you move, but don’t turn up all the way. At the same time, you can do these squats using ankle weights.

A woman doing Squats jumps
  • The practicing continues with the feet close together in a standing stance. ● Then descend into a squat position. 
  • Shift your right foot to the right afterwards. 
  • Then take your left foot to your right foot. 
  • First, widen to the left of your foot. 
  • Bring your right foot on your left foot. 
  • Do on both sides ten of these squats.

6. Side Lunges

This movement is usually targeting your entire leg. They also help define both buttocks and hips. But ensure that you keep the toes of both feet facing forward. It allows a dumbbell while you doing these lunges.

A girl doing Side lunges to reduce hip dips
  • You need to pose with your feet directly behind your hips to do this training.
  • Then turn around while you walk with your left foot, to the left. 
  • Place your foot on the ground and lower your ass down. You bend your left leg and your right leg is level. 
  • Let’s press both feet further. 
  • Then rise up and hold up both of your feet. 
  • Create on either hand at least 12 lungs. 

7. Glute Bridges

This workout will work both buttocks and thighs. Let’s engage your abdominals. it will greatly help you support your body and move your stomach muscles.

A woman doing exercise named Glute bridges to get rid of hip dips
  • With your legs crossed, you have to lay on your back with arms.
  • Get the heels a little broader than the shoulders. 
  • Raise your hips and ass inhale and steadily. 
  • Exhale down as you go down. 
  • At least fifteen times repeat. Hold the top spot for at least 10 seconds on the last repetition. 
  • Then put your knees and back 10 times individually.

8. Leg Kickbacks

This exercise does a brilliant job to helps lift your butt. You have to keep your core engaged to look after your lower back. Do the workouts slowly. You can use ankle weights for these movements.

A woman doing Leg kickbacks
  • Let’s go all fours as you’d like to pose in Cat-Cow.
  • Then keep your hands and knees behind your waist behind your elbows.
  • Straight stretch your right thigh. Then raise your beet as high as it is going to be.
  • Drop your leg to the ground, but don’t hit your foot.
  • Do a minimum of 15 repetitions of these exercises.

9. Lying Downside Leg Raises

This leg raises movements to target your outer thigh and butt. But ensure you use the muscles in your butt and hips to perform the workouts. You are welcome to use ankle weights for these movements.

A woman exercising Lying down side leg raises
  • You have to lay on your right side to do this exercise to ensure that your body is direct. 
  • Then bend the right elbow and place your head or hold your arm on the ground with your palm. 
  • Hold your left hand in front of you for help afterward. 
  • Raise the left leg in the air, step by step. 
  • Drop your leg without it hitting your right leg. 
  • Do at least twenty repeats. Let’s hold the leg up on the last repeat and do twenty bursts. 
  • Finally, on the other hand, repeat.

Changing Lifestyle Is An Ultimate Solution Of ‘How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips’

Do your best to take the essential steps to create a healthy lifestyle. Eating well, Exercising, and normally taking good care of yourself will effectively help you feel good.

Enhance your water intake and ensure you’re getting enough calories. Besides, Carbohydrates may provide you with extra energy to maximize your workouts. On the other hand, eating lean protein may help increase your muscle mass. Include ample healthy calcium, fats, and fiber. At the same time, Avoid processed sugar, junk food, and alcohol. You have to make smart food choices, but keep in mind it’s okay to be indulgent every once in a while.

Besides, you can balance out your fitness plan by working out other parts of the body too. Even To change your body, you must do a variety of exercises. Integrate other types of cardio exercises into your routine. You have to stay dedicated to a workout routine and insert physical activity into your daily plan. Finally, consult your nutritionist, doctor, or fitness expert for guidance.

The Bottom Line

Remember that your results may be slow. Even it may be weeks or months before you see visible changes. Be as confident as possible about your body. At the same time, Use positive self-talk and concentrate on what you love about your body.

Stick to a plan or wellness plan that makes you feel positive. Then, set short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Getting your goals will greatly help you to feel and look better. Hope you get a helpful answer about how to get rid of hip dips. The first steps start now.