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Is your extra belly fat or FUPA costing you much? Can’t wear your favorite jeans? Its happened. However, learning how to hide FUPA in jeans can help you avoid such embarrassing situations. Following some magical tips can let you enjoy your desired outfit for a daily activity or accession covering those extra belly fats and offering you a slim waist and tummy.

Along with revealing those mysterious tips we have shared some best jeans to hide FUPA so you can find those tips effective to reach the goal. Hope the guide will help you bring those dreams days!

What is FUPA?

Excess fat over the hips and the public bone is known as FUPA. Some people get a layer of fat over the upper public area and this excess fat is prone to show up. Though it’s a natural part of the body shape, prevent to enjoying favorite tight dress and hourglass figure.

Why It’s Important To Hide FUPA

Generally, FUPA can limit your dress choice and lower your confidence to enjoy a regular activity and special accession. Therefore hiding FUPA means getting some slimming effect at the tummy and waist area to restore the confidence and confidently go back to the favorite dress.

But hiding FUPA isn’t an easier task, especially you have to go through picking the right cloth. This is where shapewear plays its role. If you are interested to try the best Shapewear to hide FUPA you can check some best items that we have a review

5 Tips on How To Hide FUPA In Jeans Properly

High-waisted Is The Way To Go

High-waisted pants can cover up this annoying stomach fat and look taller and slimmer. But you must wear high-waisted jeans based on your body type to hide FUPA appropriately. And make sure the waistband remains snugly against the belly as too tight-fitting can cause uncomfortable. Despite your high-waisted jeans should sit an inch under the navel to prevent bulging showing over the top earlier.

Another important thing is that high-waisted jeans should bend down easily without exposing yourself much if wears a shirt with it. If you don’t want saggy pants, opt for a high-waisted pair of jeans that are made of stretchy materials. What about the color? Dark is the safest decision.

Picking the Right Length

Don’t fail to pick the right length jeans especially when you have a big tummy. If you don’t want to look your legs shorter, wear pants with hems that reach to the mid-calf.

Avoid longer length too as it will cut off circulation as sit too low on the hips, resulting in highlight the muffin top.

Pairing With the Perfect Shirt

A combination of jeans and a great shirt can flatter your body shape and keep the eye away from fupa. So if you have big thighs or hips, wear something like tunics or kaftans instead of fitted ones for better balance on a figure. But if you are short, don’t wear high-low hems as they can lengthen the legs. It will not only look you stumpy but also highlight the lower part which shouldn’t.

When it comes to color, pick something neutral yet slightly darker as you have worn black pants. This combo will keep the eyes on upward through the face and help hide fupa.

Accessorize To Look The Waist Smaller

Accessories like scarves and belts can keep attention away from the lower half. A big buckles belt can also distract people from the FUPA. Conversely, scarves can hide the neck effectively while offering a cowl neck dress. And jeans will complete your outfit perfectly. This combination will draw people’s attention towards the cute detail on the jeans. For hiding back fat, scarves are still a good choice as they can look smoother and softer. For better looks wear leggings under the scarves.

Don’t Forget Your Leggings!

Wearing leggings or tights under the jeans is a great way to make the legs slim. It also creates smooth lines to offer the slimmer appearance that you are looking for.

If you wear dark colors on top it will help you cover up the defects like cellulite. You can also show off the dimples on the butt if they cover by black. While shopping for these clothes, don’t forget to pick the right fit. 

Best Jeans To Hide FUPA

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1. SPANX Look at Me Seamless Leggings

SPANX Look at Me Now Seamless Leggings

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This SPANX Seamless Legging is flattering, comfortable, and fits beautifully.

The legging has great texture, so it won’t feel too tight during movement. So this SPANX Seamless Legging is suitable for regular wear, a long weekend trip, and occasionally. More importantly, the legging has a double-layer waistband to smooth the tummy and offer great coverage.

Therefore people won’t see any muffin top or FUPA around the tummy and waist. When it comes to compression this SPANX Legging has medium-firm compression around the body, making them the most flattering legging.

Another exciting thing is some users find this legging seamless even wearing it with bright lighting. If you want to try FUPA hiding jeans that will feel smooth in the waist without cutting the midsection, still this SPANX Legging is acceptable.


  • The length of this legging is flattering and reaches the skinniest part of the ankle.
  • The jean is easy to wear and feel comfortable
  • It hides muffin top and FUPA
  • Made of polyester and spandex and comes in a range of color


  • These jeans can slip down at the waist
  • Only allow to wash in hand

2. Levi’s Women’s Super Skinny Jeans

An image of Levi's Women's Super Skinny Jeans - Best Jeans To Hide FUPA

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It’s difficult to find jeans that are comfortable and stretchy for getting some room for fat or curves. Wearing these Levi’s Super Skinny Jeans you can have these most desired advantages.

But due to being stretchy, this FUPA hiding jeans is slightly thinner. So buying these Levi’s Super Skinny Jeans you have to compromise on the thickness. Another exciting thing about these jeans is it comes in short size.

While the minimum size for most typical jeans is 29 or 30, Levi’s offers 28. So you can still enjoy these thigh slimming jeans if you have a small size waist. Just measure from below the belly button to get the right waist size and enjoy the perfect fit.


  • The jeans have a button closure for ease of use
  • These mid-rise jeans sit rightly at the waist
  • It can slim the hips and thigh
  • Available at a range of color


  • The jeans may feel a bit tight at first

3. Democracy  Ab Solution Jegging

An image of Democracy  Ab Solution Jegging - Best Jeans To Hide FUPA

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This Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jegging is another best jeans to hide FUPA. These figure-flattering jeans are also super comfortable and flattering.

The waist of these jeans is also high enough that can bend over instead of falling low. The jean features a no-gap elastic waistband to ensure a perfect fit to the body shape and hide FUPA.

When it comes to fabric, the manufacturer uses premium denim fabrics that are soft and super stretchy to elevate the look. A highlight feature includes, mesh panels in the front to smooth out the tummy and feel comfortable all day long. so along with hiding the FUPA, these jeans will work as tummy control cloth.


  • It has curved exterior pockets
  • The no-gap elastic waistband will mold and holds the shape
  • The jeans have mesh panels in the front
  • These FUPA hiding jeans are made of Super Stretch Fabrics


  • Users complain that it’s not a skinny jean

4. NYDJ Women’s Straight Denim Jeans

An image of NYDJ Women's Straight Denim Jeans - Best Jeans To Hide FUPA

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If you are looking for the best straight-leg jeans to hide FUPA, give these NYDJ Women’s Marilyn Denim Jeans a try. These jeans will also fit perfectly for the waist and giant hips.

Even if you are a short woman and have wide hips, still these jeans will help you hide FUPA to look slim.

Whether you are looking for a flattering waist, versatile straight-leg fit, or higher-rise, this NYDJ Marilyn Straight Jean will give you everything. With a combination of patented crisscross design and proprietary slimming panel, these jeans will shape and support your curves to offer a sleek silhouette look.


  • Construct with five-pocket styling
  • Perfect for the versatile and timeless woman
  • Extremely easier to clean at a machine
  • Made of Lift Tuck Technology


  • Some women feel a bit tighter around the ankles

5. Liverpool Abby Skinny Jeans

An image of Liverpool Abby Skinny Jeans - Best Jeans To Hide FUPA

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This Liverpool Women’s Abby Skinny is the perfect FUPA hiding jean for a varity of body shapes. So whether you have a curvy shape, small waistline, or recovering after childbirth, these Skinny jeans will fit snugly.

These Liverpool jeans have the exact amount of stretch in the right areas to feel comfy without digging even after wearing whole day. The jean also offers a perfect slimming effect to retain the shape well.

Even this mom’s jeans chugged on the bottom flatly. Though the manufacturer mainly used cotton, it has poly and spandex in a little amount to feel soft and smooth without feeling bulky. Even these FUPA hiding jeans won’t limit your movement and feel pain if sit down.


  • Offer Sleek and sophisticated look
  • Features 5-pocket styling details
  • Construct with Set-in waistband with belt loops
  • Effectively hide FUPA


  • Customer complain the jean faded significantly after washing

6. Vibrant Women’s High Waist Denim Jeans

An image of Vibrant Women's High Waist Denim Jeans - Best Jeans To Hide FUPA

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While researching, we found plenty of reasons to mark this Vibrant Women’s High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans as the best jean to hide FUPA.

Firstly, these jeans are hot mom jeans and aren’t awkwardly baggy. Unlike the typical stuff pants, these Denim Skinny Jeans are super comfortable and stretchy to wear.

So you can even consider these jeans for sleep. Secondly, these high waist jeans can cover the belly button.

Lastly, you can wear these jeans throughout the whole year in any season. Even these jeans won’t make your butt look saggy like the typical jeans.


  • These high waisted jeans are super stretchy
  • Suitable for machine wash
  • Run true to size
  • Available in plenty of color and size


  • It doesn’t have a front pocket

Best Jeans To Hide FUPA For Plus Size

1. Gboomo Women’s Plus Size High Waisted Ankle Jeans

An image of Gboomo Women's Plus Size High Waisted Ankle Jeans - Best Jeans To Hide FUPA

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This Gboomo High Waisted Ankle Jean is the best plus-size jeans to hide FUPA. The pant feels good against the skin as fit perfectly. Even the jeans will hug your butt with comfy to offer a push-up look, thanks to its soft and stretchy material.

The pant itself features a five-pocket, ankle-length, and zipper fly to offer a stylish casual look to the plus-size women hiding the FUPA.

It brings a great opportunity to enjoy the day and activity confidently. These versatile jeans are suitable to wear for date, office, regular wear, and other range of occasions.


  • Comes in high waisted design to hide FUPA
  • These ripped skinny jeans have two buttons up
  • Made of super smooth and stretchy denim material
  • Comes in a huge size chart and lots of colors


  • A user finds the jeans are loose at the waistline

2. Lee Women’s Plus Size Sculpting Skinny Leg Jean

An image of Lee Women's Plus Size Sculpting Skinny Leg Jean - Best Jeans To Hide FUPA

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It’s pretty hard for a plus-size woman to find comfy jeans that fit perfectly in both waist and hips. This is where this Lee Women’s Plus Size Skinny Leg Pull-on Jean is the best from others. Even if you have a big thigh or booty, still these jeans will fit in your body nicely.

Made of cotton, rayon, and polyester, these jeans are fit amazingly while accentuating the curves.

With a mid-rise design and elastic waistband, these plus-size jeans are also effective hide FUPA even without cutting in. so you can enjoy a slim effect although the day without limiting the movement.


  • Ensure slim fit with pull-on flexible waistband
  • Suitable for a wash in the machine
  • Made of stretchy fabric and fits in hips and waist
  • Don’t dig in the skin and perfect for sleeping


  • Don’t have much color choice

3. Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jean

An image of Democracy Women's Ab Solution Jean - Best Jeans To Hide FUPA

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Another best jeans for belly fat is our list and this time it is Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jean. These pants can be slightly expensive but still perfect for a woman with a fat belly.

Design with solution technology, these jeans include an elastic waistband and slimming mesh panels. Combining these features, these pants will mold and hold your tummy area to hide FUPA and offer some slimming effect to enjoy the day confidently.

These mid-rise jeans also curve the back of the waistline and remain comfortable rather than puckering away. Lastly, this straight-leg pair of jeans is available in four different colors.


  • The fabric feels soft and highly comfortable
  • Mold to curve and magically hide FUPA
  • Ensure gentle hug and press at the right place
  • Give a uniform look to the body


  • Don’t dry the jean in a machine as they can lose the color

4. Riders by Lee Indigo Midrise Jean

An image of Riders by Lee Indigo Midrise Jean - Best Jeans To Hide FUPA

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If you are looking for perfect mid-rise jeans even at an unbeatable price, This Riders by Lee Midrise Bootcut Jean is the way to go. These mid-rise pants sit perfectly below the natural waist and ensure slimming fit through the thigh and seat and cover the FUPA. The pant is also slightly stretchy around the waist.

It means it won’t limit your movement and allow you to sit comfortably. Engineered with premium stretch denim these pant has a straight leg to draw attention away from those faulty areas and keep you confident at the top while enjoying your activity. 


  • This midrise pant has a zipper closure
  • Made of premium stretch denim
  • Has straight leg
  • Suitable for machine wash


  • Don’t have much color choice


How to hide FUPA in high-waisted jeans?

High-waisted jeans usually make the pock less prominent. But for hiding it, wear black and navy blue jeans matching with the skin tone. Despite avoiding bulky accessories as they can draw attention towards the waistline.

How to hide lower belly pooch?

Simply wear clothes that can cover up the lower belly and hide unappealing pooch. For this, wear a shirt with cuffs. You can also wear a belt with jeans to cover the excess fat at the waistline. Another effective solution is long-sleeved tops and leggings.

What to wear to hide belly bulge?

shapewear or Spanx is the best solution to hide belly bulge effectively. Shapewear can cinch the waist, thanks to its elastic compression panels. Conversely, Spandex is perfect for tight-fitting clothing to distract from the visible bulges.

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Final Words

Hopes know you know how to hide FUPA in jeans as you gots some effective yet amazing tips. At a time choosing from the list of Best Jeans to Hide FUPA will ensure the perfect effectiveness of those tips.

Now it’s your turn to practice and practice.

Remember a thing, love what you have and remember every woman is unique with their body shape.

Stay safe.