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Planning for outdoor parties wearing a favorite dress but can’t move due to those visible bra straps? In this situation knowing how to make strapless bra can help you out. Even it won’t let you invest in a new strapless bra that will cost both money and time. Moreover making a strapless bra at home doesn’t need much skill and time.

It meant within a short time you can make a strapless bra that won’t let you feel shoulder pain and enjoy outdoor wearing your most favorite dress that doesn’t have shoulder coverage.

Especially after spending ample of time, we have made a list of process that allows for making a strapless bra. The intention is to let you choose the most preferable that matches your skill and demands. So let’s get it!

How to Make Strapless Bra At Your Home

Going outside without a bra is an Armageddon as you might face a frustrating situation in the free world. Due to a lack of time for buying another boob prison, you can deal it with creative way.

Yeah! You got it; we are talking about making our DIY strapless bra at home. In this guide, you will have 4 different methods to do from which you can choose the most preferable and comfortable way!

Here we talked about 4 Working Methods to make a bra strapless and all you can do within some minutes. Let’s get into it…

Method 1: Convertible Straps

a woman wearing convertible strap bra - How To Make Strapless Bra

This is the easiest and quickest way to make a bra strapless. If you have convertible straps that you can remove from the back of the bra, then it will be great to follow this method. Besides if you want to learn How to make a backless bra without cutting or How to hide bra straps on an off-shoulder top, follow this method.

  1. Start with unhooking both straps from the back of the bra and then wear it. At this time, fasten the band and you will notice the straps are hanging down from the front of your lingerie.
  2. Now adjust the straps to make them in maximum length. You can shorten them later but initially make them as long as possible.
  3. Start with your left side strap. Wrap it up around your back and ribcage on the left side until you reach where you usually hook in the right bra strap.
  4. Hook the left bra strap securely into the right hook on the rear of the band and make sure it won’t slip.
  5. Now repeat the process with the right side strap. Adjust the strap if you feel it lose or dangling down.

Advantage Of This Method:

  • It is the quickest and simplest method that takes a few minutes and doesn’t permanently alter the bra.
  • Offer an extra added layer of strength as you can tighten the strap against your body
  • Securely keep the bra in place.
  • Fastening the following way user will have better support comparing actual strapless bras.

The Disadvantage Of This Method: 

  • The entire bra doesn’t have convertible straps making them not ideal for a common bra.

Method 2: Hide the Straps

Hide the Straps - How To Make Strapless Bra

If you want to know How to make a backless bra without sewing, follow this method.

  1. Grip a comfortably fitted bra that can be tightened a little bit.
  2. Normally wear the bra placing the strap on the shoulders.
  3. Tighten it as possible as you can to keep it in place while moving throughout the day.
  4. Drop the straps off your shoulder and make it shorten.
  5. Put each strap carefully into the cup and the side of your bra and don’t leave any bumpy appearance.
  6. If the straps stick out, secure them using fashion tape, safety pins, or even masking.

Advantage Of This Option: 

  • Hiding bra straps don’t convert the bra into strapless permanently. Technically this process allows wearing a bra with straps however it keeps invisible
  • Besides if you have a cloth that doesn’t have coverage in the shoulders, and want to hide the strap while wearing a bra, still it will be an appropriate method to follow.

The Disadvantage Of This Option: 

  • Considering the bra you will choose, it may leave a little bra bulge at the top of the cups. Besides due to wearing tightly, it may leave outlines under the band.

Method 3: Cut​​​​​ the Straps

cut the strapline with scissors - How To Make Strapless Bra

If you have practice sewing and won’t mind converting the bra permanently into strapless then follow this method.

  1. Select a comfortably fitted bra. Pace the bra on a flat surface and carefully clip off the straps from both sides of the bra using fabric scissors. Try to cut the strap closely to the bra so you don’t leave any remnants
  2. Now make a zig-zag stitch on the bra using a sewing machine where the strap you have cut. This method will make the bra long-lasting and allow you to wash it frequently.
  3. Throw away the straps and enjoy the outdoor without filling shoulder pain and showing the straps.

Advantages of This Way:

  • It will save money and restore the effectiveness of an unused bra
  • Following the easiest process, you will have a strapless bra to wear under multiple outfits

The Disadvantage Of This Way:

  • Won’t allow you to reshape the bra since you have cut the straps
  • It needs a swelling machine

Method 4: Sewing Into Your Top

sewing in the top of the clothes - How To Make Strapless Bra

This is another effective way that allows making strapless bras at home. This time following the process you will have a parliament strapless bra made from a shirt or dress. If you are ready to sacrifice your t-shirt or dress into a stylish, colorful, and comfortable strapless bra, keep following the process!

Prepare The Bra

This process will take some time and it needs a sewing machine. Likewise, in the previous method, choose a bra that you want to permanently change into a strapless bra. Follow the earlier method to make a strapless bra.

Now cut the side of the bra and about an inch from either side of the cups. You will find a hard piece of boning on each side of the bra. At this time either you can cut straight behind the boning or cut and remove the boning. But leaving the boning will keep the stronger structure of the bra. The larger chest woman or the woman who needs more support can keep the wiring in and cut behind it.

Attach The Cloth

Layout the remaining two cups on a flat surface. Now choose a cloth that you want to attach to the bra. Better choose the cloth that has an inner layer at it and will let you sew the bra directly to the layer. Besides chose a thread that mix-match with the fabric.

Sewing Them

Place the cup inside the cloth. Then move the cup around the cloth and place it in the desired position. After that, securely safely pin them to the cloth. Carefully do the job to ensure a smooth finish.

Now carefully sewing the bra into the top. Start with one point then work way around the bra. If the chosen dress is thin and has one layer, then sew only the inner side of the bra.

Advantage Of This Choice:

  • Securely keep the bra in place
  • Boost the confidence and feel like you are braless.

The Disadvantage Of This Choice: 

  • Its need much skill comparing other method mentioned above


What is a strapless bra?

It’s a type of bra that is designed in such a way can be worn without shoulder straps. Usually, Strapless bras feature silicone or rubber lining that helps prevent slippage and offers extra support. Even some of the strapless bra comes with molded cups for added support.

How to keep a strapless bra from falling?

Following some effective tips will help prevent the strapless bra from falling:

  • Choose a perfectly fitted bra
  • Invest in a high-quality strapless bra
  • Check the bra has rubber bands
  • Sew the bra to your dress
  • Attach the strap to your cloth using safety-pin
  • Choose strapless long-line bras
  • Use adhesive tapes

How strapless bra works?

Whether it is a strapless or regular bra, design with the band. This band holds the bra in place smoothly and securely. Especially a band of strapless bra offers extra support thus its don’t need a strap.

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Final Words

Though the above-mentioned methods aren’t the alternative to the best strapless bras, you will find them helpful if you are in hurry or for wearing your favorite dress that doesn’t have shoulder coverage. Even if you know how to make a strapless bra, it can save some bulk for you restoring the useless bra. So follow the most preferable way that you find helpful whether you want to alter your bra into strapless for permanently or temporarily.