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Having a new waist trainer can be exciting as well as confectioning. It brings the excitement of getting the hourglass regular but causes tension if you don’t know how to put on a waist trainer. So if you have a waist trainer for the first time and don’t know how to wear it, keep reading the guide. Today we will present two different yet effective ways to put on a waist trainer. Both hacks offer a comfortable fit allowing wearing the waist trainer easily.

how to put on a waist trainer
how to put on a waist trainer

How To Put On A Waist Trainer?

Putting on a waist trainer for the first time is a confusing and tough job. Even the impact of pressure is so much that many women order the larger size. Following the section, we will teach how to put on a waist trainer properly. Usually, you can wear your waist trainer mainly in two ways including standing and lying down.  Let’s learn in detail:

Standing Up

Firstly, stand facing the mirror so you can observe whatever you are doing. Wrap the waist trainer around your body and make sure the corset remains above the hips. Despite this, keep the tag of the rear of the waist trainer at the top. Most waist trainer includes 2 or 3 even 4 hooks so you can wear the waist trainer in your comfort. So choose the hook where you feel most comfortable which is generally found in the first hook. If you are wearing the waist trainer for the first time, then consider your comfort level priory for the first week. After that, you can make it tighter.

Now fasten the hook and the eye and start from the bottom to make it easy. After fastening the first one, fix the second hook while repositioning the corset. And pulling your tummy in. if you find the last one unfastens, then loosen all the hooks and repeat the process.

After that fasten the hook and eye in serial and finally adjust the waist trainer to cover the torso properly. Keep in mind, the waist trainer includes some stretch that will mold after wearing continuously. So comparing the first wear, you will find the waist trainer easier to wear day by day.

Laying Down

This laying down method is mostly ideal for the plus-size woman as well as the girls who are suffering from back pain. Apart from these, comparing the standing methods, this technique allows putting on the waist trainer easily as the tummy remains flat and nice while lying down. The only error side of the laying down technique is it doesn’t allow observing the action however it isn’t necessary after practicing one or two times. The process is:

Place the waist trainer on the bed and lay down over it. Then wrap the corset around your tummy and fasten the bottom hook. Now complete the step of fastening all the hooks and eyes. After fastening stand up so you can adjust the waist trainer to endure the proper cover of the torso.

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Is it hard to put on a waist trainer?

Truthfully, you may find it a bit difficult to wear a waist trainer for the first time. If you can’t wear it, don’t force the waist trainer as it can damage it and result in not being returnable. After getting the right size waist trainer for your body, follow the method we have mentioned above for having the best experience.

Does waist training flatten the tummy?

Many celebrities believe wearing waist trainer don’t reduce tummy fat, help lose weight or offer similar effect to liposuction. Despite there is no proof that wearing a waist trainer reduces weight loss while calorie restriction and exercise are the most effective way.

How long you can wear a waist trainer in a day?

If you have a corset or latex waist trainer, then you can wear the fabric as long as you feel comfortable and safe. However, it is recommended to wear a waist trainer for a minimum of eight hours a day.

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Final Words

Hopefully, you have learned how to put on a waist trainer properly in two different effective ways. Now you can enjoy your hourglass look wearing the right-fitted waist trainer comfortably. But what about replacing the regular one? Using the waist trainer continuously can lose elasticity after some months. So if you feel the waist trainer isn’t fitting snugly anymore even after wearing it with the tightest setting, replace the waist trainer.