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A bodycon dress is top of the trend and the perfect occasional dress to enjoy any big day. But it greatly emphasizes the body shape whatever you have, increasing the importance of wearing shapewear. Its means wearing the best shapewear for bodycon dress you can get curvy and flattering shape.

But picking the right undergarment, especially for a certain style of dress is quite challenging.

Therefore we made a shortlist of some best shapewear that is compatible with a bodycon dress and able to flatten the body comfortably yet effectively.

What Are Bodycon Dresses?

Bodycon Dresses
Bodycon Dresses

The trend of wearing bodycon dresses started during‘90s and it is still on the top list of current trends and fashion. A bodycon dress is a figure-hugging cloth that clings to the natural curves of the body. The bodycon dress is usually designed with weighty fabric that pulls the body while smoothing out the beautiful bumps and lumps.

Bodycon dresses vary in sizes, styles, and shapes. Style like cut-outs, plunging necklines, and lace detailing are top choices among women. The most exciting thing about bodycon dresses is these are fits in all body shapes and sizes for hourglass curve.

Why Use Shapewear For Bodycon Dresses?

To be honest, shapewear can’t make a body skinny. So you can just flesh out the extra fats from here and there but can’t get a skinny look wearing shapewear. So wearing shapewear with a bodycon dress can flatten the imperfections and recover your confidence level. This combination will look you more eye-catching by making the curves sexier and bulkier. It means shapewear is a smart choice to look slimmer in a tight dress like a bodycon dress.

Despite this, shapewear offers a soft massaging effect on the body that it covers. it encourages circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Shapewear is made of innovative fabric, resulting in remarkably comfortable to wear for a whole day.

Shapewear For Bodycon Dress (Our Top Picks)

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Best Shapewear For Bodycon Dress

1. SHAPERX Shapewear for Women

SHAPERX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Fajas Colombianas Body Shaper Zipper Open Bust Bodysuit

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This SHAPERX Shapewear is the best shapewear for a bodycon dress to enjoy fit and toned all day long. it won’t feel your suffocation while allowing using the restroom without removing the shapewear, thanks to its removable bottom part.

When it comes to flaunting your figure, this thong-style high waist shapewear greatly targets the midsection and chinches the lower and upper abdomen by offering compression.

For optimum breathability and stretch, this Spanx for bodycon dress is made from mesh elastic fabric.

Its open bust area is also supportive and offers some lifting in that region to emphasize you’re natural curves. With non-slip shoulder straps and a double hook design at the back, this shapewear for the bodycon dress not only holds everything together but also feels the wearer secure.

So if you’re ultimate goal is to look fitter and slimmer with a bodycon dress to enjoy any occasion or date, try this one.


  • Reduces waistline by creating a slimmer feminine shape
  • Compress the belly and lift the butt
  • Its Open Bust design allows wearing own favorite push up bra
  • Simple to go to the bathroom


  • Only suitable for hand wash

2. Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer

Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer Bodysuit Slim Full Body Zipper Shapewear Tummy Control Corset

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Whether you are looking for shapewear to look beautiful in a bodycon dress or a waist trainer to correct your posture, this undergarment will give you everything. Even waist trainer under bodycon dress ensures tight compression to offer the most flattened look.

This shapewear has a dual hook and zipper and a tight three-layer midsection to compress and correct the posture. So if you have belly fat and looking for shapewear to reshape mid, upper, and lower sections, this Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer is the way to go. Along with an open bust design, this shapewear is also engineered with a U-push-up breast design.

So you can have some lift and support all around the body to get a slimmer and more beautiful look with a bodycon dress. For convenience, this shapewear comes in an open crotch design and has a zipper closure. This highly affordable Tummy Control Corset also comes in a large size chart to allow you to pick the right fit for perfectly lifting and slimming.


  • Made of top-grade Spandex blend fabrics
  • Suitable for any season as has sweat absorbing moisture-wicking ability
  • Comes in an open crotch design
  • Suitable for correcting posture


  • May feel a bit of a breathing problem in the first couple of days
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3. Maidenform Women’s Anti-Static Fajas Shapewear

Women’s Convertible Slip With Built In Bra & Anti-Static Fajas Shapewear FL2304

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Want to have a flattened figure along with lifted breast under your favorite bodycon dress? Try this Women’s Anti-Static Fajas Shapewear.

This shapewear comes with a built-in custom padded bra which will offer light to moderate lift for a more attractive shape. Another exciting feature is bodysuit includes adjustable yet convertible straps that can be customized in several ways including crisscross and strapless.

So the shapewear will be versatile to wear under any style of bodycon dress whether it is strapless, open neck, layered, or tights. 

Made from nylon and Lycra Elastane material, this tummy control bodycon dress will feel you warm in cool weather however also suitable for hot weather. Available in a variety of sizes, this shapewear is convenient to wear and put off, thanks to its hook and eye gusset.


  • Made of lightweight and moisture-wicking material to feel cool and dry
  • Has Adjustable and convertible straps for a customized fit
  • Design with built-in padded bra
  • Offer perfect compression to sculpt the body


  • The outline of its shinny stripes may be noticeable
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4. Bali Women’s Firm-Control Shapewear

Bali Women’s Shapewear Firm Control Ultra Light Built-in Bra Lace Body Shaper Briefer Fajas DF6552

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Bali is one of the best shapewear brands in the women’s undergarment industry for producing comfortable yet flattering cloth. This Bali Women’s body shaper is one of the popular undergarments from the brand that feels light and soft against the skin.

It also controls the body temperature while shaping the tummy and keeping flats. So wearing under your bodycon dress, this shapewear will be slim and eye-catching even remaining seamless. Another highlighted part is its crotch design which is made of cotton.

So after wearing this shapewear under your bodycon dress all day, you won’t feel any irritation or discomfort.

Apart from the bodycon dress, this body shaper is also suitable to wear with a skirt, pants, or other dress to enjoy the same shaping and enhanced opacity, thanks to its Two-ply shaping panels.


  • Has an adjustable strap for extra support and customize feet
  • Includes built-in underwire bra for shapely support and full coverage
  • Its U design ensures back coverage and shaping
  • Its Lay-flat lace ensures a lightweight feel


  • The closure area may irritate a bit after wearing for long and won’t if worn occasionally

5. Irisnaya Women Tummy Control Shapewear

Irisnaya Women Shapewear Bodysuit Tummy Control Body Shaper Spaghetti Strap Bra Top Bodycon Romper Butt lifter Short Jumpsuit

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This Irisnaya Women Shapewear will smooth you out giving a firm yet comfortable fit. The shapewear doesn’t have a bra and panty line, making it perfect for a seamless shape.

Even for all-day-long convenient wear, the manufacturer made this bodysuit with an open crotch design for freedom to tinkle without undressing.

Apart from under your bodycon dress, this body shaper is also perfect to wear as a regular dress. With a special Bra design, this bodycon shapewear pushes up the breasts gently to offer a charming and sexy look.

With a combination of adjustable shoulder strap and buckle, this shapewear will ensure nothing but comfort yet a perfect fit based on the figure.


  • This shapewear is very stretchable and comfy
  • U plunge backless bodysuit design makes it suitable for wedding
  • Reduce extra waistline and slim the mid-thigh
  • Comes in large size and at an affordable price


  • The chest size may be small for large breast woman

6. Irisnaya Bodysuit Shapewear

Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit Scoop Neck Tank Tops for Women Tummy Control Waist Trainer Vest Full Body Shaper

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This is another best shapewear for a bodycon dress from the Irisnaya and this one is coming in Full Body Shaper style. It also has structured boning to offer the body a naturally voluptuous figure.

But this bodysuit a slightly tight to hold you in a slim shape, making it the best shapewear for tight dresses as well as bodycon dresses.

But don’t be afraid of the comfort and breathability especially when the shapewear is made of nylon and spandex. Comparing the previous model, this body shape adjustable crotch space design allows you to open and cover the space as desired.

Despite the buttock region of the backside having a boning structure to emphasize the C-shape.


  • Made of quick-drying fabric and remain invisible
  • Suitable to wear with jeans, pants, skirts, and bodycon dress
  • Offer perfect waist and hip curve
  • Adjustable crotch space design makes it convenient to use the bathroom


  • The corner of the hooks may stick in the inner thighs

Tips for Choosing the Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dress

Body Types

Considering the body type is a well-accepted way to decide the right undergarment. Thoughtfully, not all the best shapewear for bodycon dresses will fit you perfectly as long as it met with your body type. Even choosing the shapewear based on body type will lower your option and lead you through the most appropriate one.

The hourglass figure

Being curvy all over is the real bonus. For having great shape and support through the whole torso, thigh, and waist hips, wears posture correcting shapewear shorts and bras. It will both support your bust and slip your upper body through your waist. A high-waisted shapewear short is also handy to cover everything keeping in shape whether it is the waist, buttock, or upper thigh.

The straight figure

The straight figure may seem slim to everyone but it is always not. For adding a range of dimensions, you should wear shapewear that can define from the lower bust to the hips to highlight both.

The Apple figure

It is also known as a V-shaped figure where the upper waistline is fuller or heavier than the lower. The woman with an apple figure also has slimmer thighs and narrower hips. For this body shape, underbust shapewear is a great choice as it lifts and supports the bust while flattening the love handles.

The pear figure

It’s opposite to the apple figure as the hips are noticeably wider than the upper body and the shoulder is narrower. A thigh shaper is a perfect option for this body type to get a slim and sleek fit. It also handles cellulite, love handles, bulges, and back fat. An underbust thigh shaper or an open bust is also an acceptable solution to shape hips, tummy, and thighs

Athletic Figure

This ruler-straight figure is pretty common where shapewear can add volumes to narrow the curve as required. A bodysuit with a corset or a high-rise and butt-lifting shapewear is your real target here. Athletic figures don’t need extra curvaceous however need something enhancing and shaping. Butt-enhancing briefs are also workable for this body as they can shape and highlight the tummy and buttocks.

Stick to Your Size

Many women believe sizing down can make the body look slimmer. It can be true, but did you think about the breathability? A smaller size will raise the bulges along with extra tightness. Therefore picking the right size shapewear is always a safe decision. But if you are in between 2 sizes, pick the bigger one.

Go for High-Waist Shapewear

High waist shapewear comes in various types including tights, shorts, and briefs that cover up to the torso. So high waist shapewear is an excellent choice to smoothen out those covered areas and banish the muffin top and tummy bulges. You can also hook up it with your bra to prevent it from slipping down.

Pick a Bodysuit for All-over Shaping

If you have a plus size figure, the shape should get more priority than the size. It means choosing shapewear that can shape all over as well as minimize the appearance of the larger breasts. The shapewear should also tuck your belly fat and smooth out the buttocks and hips. For these purposes, the bodysuit is the highly recommended option. The bodysuit comes with or without a bra. You can pick the bra-free bodysuit especially if you already have a proper fitting, shaper, and supportive bra.

Level of Constriction

Shapewear often mentions the level of construction in its packaging and the quality of material that decides it. In this case, nylon is a highly effective fabric to shape the body. It means shapewear with higher nylon content greater shaping effect.

Some heavier shapewear includes compression zones which also ensure better shaping of the body. Conversely lighter shapewear is mainly designed to smooth out the targeted region.

Cotton Blend is great for Breathability

Shapewear is also made of a blend of nylon and spandex, making them excellent for colder climates. However, it’s not mean you can wear this shapewear in warmer weather.

Cotton is perfect for hot weather as it is lightweight and breathable as well. Despite if you are sweaty, a breathable and moisture absorbable shapewear is the way to go. 

How to Hide Belly Fat In Bodycon Dresses?

Wearing the best shapewear for the bodycon dress itself is a solution to hide belly fat. Despite this, you can start practicing these tricks to hide your belly fat under the bodycon dresses:

  • Try to wear tight-fitting dresses and limit the usage of loose cloth.
  • Single-colored dress won’t highlight those imperfection areas.
  • Wear a longer dress that can reach below the knee.
  • You can also wear dark bodycon skirts that are made of thick fabric to hide the problematic areas.
  • A dress with vertical stripes can create a slimming effect lowering the round silhouette. This type of shape also helps look taller.

How to Look Good In Bodycon Dresses?

Following these dos and don’ts will help you get the most out of your bodycon dress:


  • Pick a bodycon dress that is made of thicker materials to get a more structured and streamlined silhouette.
  • Expose your best feature. If it is collarbones, put on a strapless dress, and for toned arms wear a sleeveless dress. Likewise, some that reach above the knee length are good for long legs.


  • Don’t avoid shapewear. Whatever the body type you have, shapewear can smooth out bulges, flatten the tummy and conceal panty lines.
  • Don’t uses over accessories and let your bodycon dress highlight.


You may have some questions left in mind. Try finding it here or leave a comment below.

  1. Can shapewear for a bodycon dress make you slimmer?

    Along with making more fashion, shapewear can make you slimmer and emphasize your appearance. It hugs the body snugly and hides those imperfection areas to offer some slim effect.

  2. Can a fat woman wear a bodycon dress?

    Obviously, a bodycon dress can flatten the stomach and perfectly cover up the shortcoming of the body to look beautiful.

  3. What is the best shapewear to wear under a bodycon dress?

    A thong with a thin control top is the best shapewear to wear underneath the bodycon dress. A full slip or bodysuit with a bra is also an excellent choice to get proper flattening and smoothen curves.

  4. What to wear under a tight dress?

    Spandex shapewear is the best thing to wear under a tight dress to get a seamless look. It can also make the body curvier and smoother.

  5. How to look gorgeous in a bodycon dress?

    The bodycon dress itself can look good. For a more attractive look, wear shapewear under it. Color is also a decider where dark is preferable.

  6. What shoes look good with bodycon dresses?

    Bodycon dresses are suitable for any occasion and it is versatile as well. So you can wear any type of footwear including sneakers, heels, and boots, with your bodycon dress. But the right shoes are depended on the type of occasion you will attend.

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Final words

Through shapewear isn’t a regular undergarment but sometimes it needs to wear for a long day for a special occasion.

Combine with bodycon dress shapewear can make your day along with the shaping and flattering. With this intention, we have offered you some of the best shapewear for bodycon dress. This shapewear may vary in style, size, and function but all are compatible with a bodycon dress to offer you the desired curve.