Shapewear Size Calculator – Measure Your Body For Shapewear

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Editor’s Choice, Resource, Shapewears

The Shapewear size calculator is a shortcut to track the right size of shapewear to enjoy your desired body shape and make the occasion memorable. However, you cannot enter a shapewear size calculator without first knowing your body measurements.

Don’t fret; this single post covers all the essential information, including a large shapewear size chart and a broad guide to measuring your body for shapewear. The aim is to lead you through the right size shapewear to enjoy a slimmer effect instantly.

How To Measure Your Body For Shapewear

shapewear size calculator - Shapewear Size Calculator

According to the report by Statista, the market value of shapewear will surpass 3.8 billion USD by 2025. Can you imagine how important wardrobe has become to the concept of body-positive fashion?

However, it is essential for women to wear the appropriate size shapewear to boost their confidence, and this is not an easy task.

Most women have a hard time picking the right size of shapewear that will fit them and make them comfortable. Even the overwhelming number of brands, sizes, and styles complicates the process.

But the fact is that you have to measure your body properly first to pick the right size of shapewear. Its means you have to measure your hi and low waist, hips, torso, and other body parts correctly.

So let’s take your measuring tape and follow these steps:


measuring waist - Shapewear Size Calculator
measuring waist

Wondering how to measure your waist for shapewear? Simply hold the measuring tape 3 points over the waist to measure your high waist. It means you have to measure the point where the waist goes in during bending sideways. To measure the low waist, hold the tape 12 cm below your waist.


measuring hips - Shapewear Size Calculator
measuring hips

To measure the hips, you have to hold the measuring tape 22 cm below the waist, which is the widest part of the waist. Make sure you keep measuring all the way around to prevent mistakes.


measuring torso - Shapewear Size Calculator
measuring torso

Place the top end of the measuring tape on the highest point of your shoulder and run it all the way down to your crotch. And then pull the tape back to the starting point.


measuring thigh - Shapewear Size Calculator
measuring thigh

Wrap the measuring tape around your largest thigh area. Remember, you must hold the tape at the widest part of the thigh.


measuring butt - Shapewear Size Calculator
measuring butt

Butts are another important body parts where there is no way to make a mistake. Otherwise, your shapewear will deliver its intended functionality. Likewise, for the thigh, measure the circumference around the butt cheeks by placing the tape at its widest part.


measuring bust - Shapewear Size Calculator
measuring bust

Wrap the tape at the fullest part of the bust and measure around the chest.

Things To Consider While Measuring Your Body For Shapewear

  • Don’t push or pull on the tape to get a more precise reading.
  • Stand calmly and barefoot to get the best measurement.
  • Try to avoid loose clothing while measuring your body as it can make the torso measurement less accurate.
  • Make sure your measuring tape doesn’t get caught on anything during measuring 
  • Don’t twist the tape around the waist while measuring the body parts.

Hopefully, now you know how to measure your body for shapewear and are ready to measure appropriately. So let’s complete the job so you can jump down to the next step.

Shapewear Size Calculator – Chart For Shapewear Size

After taking the proper measurements of your body parts, your next target is to select the right shapewear from the shapewear size chart, considering the problem area. For example, if you have a small waist and wider hips than your shoulders or bust, then go for a thigh shaper that tallies with your hips.

But if you have a wider tummy than hips, choose a high waist slimmer or a waist slimmer that tallies with your waist size.

Size Chart for Choosing a Perfect Shapewear


How tight should shapewear be?

You can wear shapewear that is tight and secure, but it should not obstruct your breathability or comfort.

Can you size down your shapewear?

Shapewear is an effective undergarment to smooth out lumps and offer a sleeker silhouette. Many women believe that sizing down in shapewear provides additional firmness. But the fact is that these tricks don’t zip the user into a smaller dress.

What if you sleep with your shapewear?

Can you wear shapewear regularly?

Many experts suggest wearing shapewear only on special occasions instead of every day. Wearing shapewear regularly can pose some health risks. So if you feel discomfort after wearing shapewear, put it off immediately.

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Final Words

The Shapewear size calculator is a life saver for women who are dedicated to having a slightly sleek look and slimmer effect. It not only assists in selecting the correct size of shapewear for a specific body type, but it also avoids the hassles that may arise from selecting the incorrect size.

Throughout the guide, we have taught you how to measure your body parts properly to pick the right shapewear to enjoy its optimum performance. I hope you find the information useful.