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Wearing a Waist trainer after tummy tuck or other abdominal surgeries is essential for keeping the wound closed and speeding up the healing. It is also handy to reduce the sags of affected skin and aid in building a better contour, particularly for tummy tucks.

But medical compression garments and waist trainers aren’t the same things, and there is a need to follow the right waist trainer routine to recover faster. Read on to learn all the answers to all the queries related to tummy tucks and waist trainers to get the dream waist back.

Waist Trainer After tummy tuck
Waist Trainer After tummy tuck

How Long Should You Wait After Surgery?

In truth, the time to wait after surgery varies depending on how an individual’s body heals post tummy tuck. The health condition of certain women reacts differently to trauma. That’s why some patients heal faster, while others heal considerably slower.

For the safety concern, it’s highly suggested to follow the surgeon’s instructions while planning to wear a post-tummy tuck surgery garment since the sergeant area will be in direct exposure to the garment.

Despite this, listen to your recorded session to determine the time that will require recovery and figure out the best time to waist train once again.

If you are looking for an approximate time, you should wait at least 6 weeks before wearing the waist trainer. In some cases, it can take up to 3 to 6 months to be prepared to wear a compression band safely.

Why Do I Have To Wait for Post-Surgery?

The blood circulation throughout the tummy skin changes after a tummy tuck surgery. In this situation, covering those areas with compression, the band can cause impeding blood flow and disturb recovery.

Despite this, wearing a waist trainer too early after surgery can cause tissue loss and make recovery difficult. It won’t be a good idea to put pressure on recently moved skin where the blood supply isn’t established yet. Wait until your skin becomes able to breathe and gets sufficient room to adapt.

Should I Wear A Waist Trainer Before A Tummy Tuck?

Yes, even many surgeons appreciate wearing waist trainers just a few weeks before getting a tummy tuck. They believe it helps tighten the skin around the tummy, reduce the area required to operate on, and speed up the recovery process.

Don’t apply excessive compression even if your wounds are mild and you are recovering very well. Even if you heal completely, exercising caution is always preferable.

At the initial stage of wearing the waist trainer, keep it in a loose setting.

Waist Trainer After Tummy Tuck Recovery – Our Recommendation

The Everyday Trainer

It is extremely versatile, elastic, and adjustable on the skin. This type of waist trainer is particularly designed for regular use. It means you can wear this waist trainer to work, the gym, do errands, or at home. These waist trainers also consist of durable latex material.

The Gym Compression Band

This type of waist trainer is also versatile, elastic, and adjustable for comfortable wear. Made of neoprene fabric, gym compression bands are preferable for workout sessions as they are designed to retain heat. An exciting feature is that these waist trainers enhance sweating during a workout and remove water weight.

The Classic Corset

The classic corset is made of several steel bones inside of the bodice. But these waist trainers are less versatile and more toning. However, classic corsets are perfect for wearing during a special occasion as a fashion statement.

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When Can I Start Corset Training After a Tummy Tuck?

Most women desire to have a small waist but are afraid of tight compression. Even tummy tucks make the thing worse and become a huge obstacle to achieving it. So when can you start corset training after a tummy tuck? The actual time to start corset training after tummy tuck depends on how confident you are with the circulation of abdominal skin. Though corset training is rewarding, you shouldn’t risk compromising the healing of your tummy tuck by utilizing the corset too early.

Some people suggest starting corset training four weeks after the procedure. Though it’s better to consult with your own surgeon for instruction, many women start corset training just after two weeks.

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Should you wear a waist trainer after a tummy tuck?

In fact, a tummy tuck won’t give you the narrow waist you are looking for. Instead, a corset trainer is an ideal decision and you can start wearing it before the tummy tuck and four weeks after the procedure. 

How long should you wear a waist trainer after a tummy tuck?

After going through tummy tuck surgery, you should wear a waist trainer for at least 6 to 8 weeks after the operation. Despite this, you can wear the corset throughout the day and remove it while bathing.

How tight should the compression garment be after a tummy tuck?

You must wear a compression garment with gentle and supportive pressure after a tummy tuck. Make sure your compression garment is lying flat and soft on the skin. In general, the compression garment should leave room to slide a hand under efficiently.

Final Words

If you are wondering what waist trainer after a tummy tuck to wear, talk to your doctor to get a suitable model and determine the perfect measurement. The measurements needed after the tummy tuck is for the waist and hips.

Despite this, check the material of the waist trainer as it controls the compression power. I hope you have received all of the answers to your questions about regaining your dream shape after a tummy tuck.