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What causes bra bulge? How to know if you are wearing the wrong bra? Even how can you fix the bra bulge?

Bra bulge or back bulge most common word for a woman and the most common problem is that can’t feel comfortable or prevent getting the sexy curve. It occurs in several places including on shoulders, underarms, alongside the back, and at the bust line. So, why is it caused? Let’s get into this.

what causes bra bulge

What Causes Bra Bulge?

Usually, several reasons are responsible for bra bulge or back fat under the bra including becoming fat and don’t spend time on exercise.

However, women research a lot to get rid of it but they can’t get effective results. Well, in this case, we will share with you some secret tips that don’t usually concentrate on. Apart from exercise and diet plans, the unfitted bra is also responsible for bra bulges. It’s a common answer and probably the easiest solution. To better understand let’s explore some other issue that also causes bra bulge.

Poor Diet

It’s a major reason that causes unwanted bra bulges if you consume more calories rather than burning them. Because of getting more food, the body’s extra calories turned into fat. As a result, you can notice it while wearing a bra.

Besides, consuming many carbohydrates is also responsible for excess fat. However, pasta, bread, and processed sugars are delicious, but be aware of more if you want to keep away from the bulge.

However, here is a dietary enhancing pill that will help you to diet more efficiently.

Lack of Exercise

If you don’t exercise regularly, you can become fat even after not taking much food. Following a sedentary lifestyle for a long time puts the body at the risk of several problems including bra bulge.

Incorrect Bra

Did you know around 80% of women don’t wear the right-fitting bra? It not only causes bra bulges but doesn’t offer women the most benefit of wearing it. So they don’t feel comfortable as well as look sexy. So measure the breast size before buying a new bra and choose the perfectly fitted one.

How to know you’re wearing the Wrong Bra

Reading this section will also help you figure out the way to choose the right size bra and enjoy a sexy curve look while keeping away the bra bulge.

Check the Band Fit

The bra you will choose should fit comfortably against your ribcage and perfectly sit on your sternum. If you choose the right one, it will dig into your body. As a result, it can make some bulges. Even things can go worse if you choose the strapless bra that depends on the band to support your breasts. So it can bring back fat. Conversely, a loose bra is prone to slide up and create the same unwanted ripple effect.

Check the Cup Size

Choosing the unfitted bra means choosing the incorrect cup size. Besides, if you find the cup’s fabric cuts into your boobs, then you have got the small size cup. Conversely, gapping or creasing means the cup size is too large. It can bring your boobs together and press into your chest to cause back fat and bulge. You may think about tightening the strap to flatten the cup gap, but if you do that it will make the thing complex rather than fix.

Take a Look at Your Bra Style

Thanks to the wide market as there are a variety of women’s shapes and sizes available. However, there has still some confusion. For example, if you choose the bra that cuts into your sides/armpit area it will help cause an unnecessary bra bulge.

At the same time, a bra with a thinner band will dig into your shoulders or sides and create a bra bulge. Besides, it can happen because of choosing the wrong style of bra.

Check How the Straps Fit

Straps are important parts of a bra that hold everything perfectly, so they naturally put pressure on the shoulder. Thus it will be better to choose the bra strap that comfortably sits on the shoulder and won’t dig too much on the skin and doesn’t show at the sides. Keep in mind that the bra band is responsible for supporting boobs, rather than straps. But unluckily lots of women believe the reverse.

So when you try to incorrectly tighten bra straps, it also takes the band to ride up your back. So creating a rippling effect helps make back fat.

Solutions: How To Reduce Back Bra Bulge?

As you now know who are responsible for causing bra bulges, so let’s think about how can you fix this horrible issue. Is there any bra that can help get rid of the bulge and reduce back fat? Or do you have to follow some extra method to reduce unwanted bumps, lumps, and ripples? The answer is yes. There available a range of ways that will give your confidence back in solving all the issues.

However some women think removing bulges is so easy like Photoshopping, but actually, it is not. You have to consider your body shape, type, and size to say goodbye to this problem. Let’s look out for some way that will help you get back your beautiful, curvy self.

what causes bra bulge, how to reduce bra bulge

Refine Your Diet

​As we talk earlier excess carbs are your enemy. If you don’t need more then cut them from your diet plan. Besides, try to reduce eating more snacks than you usually do throughout the day. Besides, you can try taking small meals 3 or 4 times a day rather than taking larger ones at the same time.

Get a Bra that fits suitably

Incorrect brand and cup size, both are responsible for an ill-fitting bra. So choosing carefully the right size is crucial as it helps you not be one of them of 80%, remember? If you are choosing for the first time, then you can talk to the experts to ensure the perfect size. However, the following two ways will help you make the right decision

Find the Correct Band Size

​First of all, hold on to the loosest area of the bra and then apply a finger test. If you can’t fit any fingers under the band, then the band size is small. On the other hand, if more than two fingers fit under the band, then it is too loose. Find the band that fits with two-finger. Also, the band that you are choosing should sit horizontally and glow against your skin.

Get the Correct Cup Size

​The main target would be choosing the cup size that feels supportive and feels like a second skin. Besides, it should be cradling your girls and hugging them flat across your boobs. It shouldn’t be any rippling, gapping, or pinching. Keep in mind that any underwear has to sit under your breast and chest.

Remember to Exercise

It doesn’t matter if you are plus or petite size, post-menopausal or adult, every woman carries their weight differently in their body. Besides, skin elasticity and weight also change over time.

However above mention tips will help you enjoy the curve figure instantly, but it won’t offer a permanent figure. In this case, you should target certain exercises for specific problem areas to get a permanent result.

Types of Exercise to Focus on

​ Lateral raises, tricep presses, Rowing, and planks are some of the targeted exercises that effectively help to smooth the underlying fascia. Apart from these, exercise is essential to living a healthy life. Most importantly eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise are proven ways that boost body confidence. Just choose the right exercise according to your body type by consulting with doctors or health experts before starting any new routines.

Exercises For Bra Bulge


How to practice: Get into plank position with your palms on a carpet. Your arms should be directly beneath your elbows and your fingers facing forward. Apart your feet hips-width and form your body straight. Then slowly bend your elbows downwards, your head should be about to touch the floor, and then press your palms to retain the previous position. Do this several times. At first, it will be hard for you but practice will make that easy.

Upright Rows

How to practice: Hold a 12-18 pound weighted bar or dumbbell. Stand on your feet and spread your leg to hip-width. Hold the dumbbell and pull it to your chest height bending your elbow and pulling down to the previous position. Repeat it several times.

Bar Front Raises

How to practice: How to practice: As per the previous rules, hold the bar and pull it without bending the elbow. Keep it straight as much as possible. Lift the bar to chest height and take it back to the previous position.

Chest Flys

How to practice: In this exercise, firstly lay down on your back on a mat. Hold a 5-10 pound dumbbell in each hand. Hold them above your chest slightly bending your elbow. Slowly inhale and spread the hand on both sides and exhale while taking it back into the previous position. This is a rep. Do this several times.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Raises

How to practice: Hold a 5-10 pound dumbbell in each hand. Keep your knees slightly bent, and hold the dumbbells as your palms should remain on your thigh’s side. Then raise the dumbbells with one hand just above your shoulders-height and alternate the hand. Continue alternating the hands and raising the dumbbells.

Overhead Pullovers

How to practice: Hold a 5-10 pound dumbbell in both hands and lie on your back on a mat. Extend the arms and hold the dumbbell over your chest and palms facing towards your feet. Then raise the hands over your chest and head and lower the hands behind your head without touching the floor. And then take it back to its previous position.


By digger deeper, we have provided you with what causes bra bulge or what causes fat under the bra. At the same time, we have discussed some effective ways that can help you get rid of such a common problem both instantly and permanently. So now it’s your turn to turn the tips into reality and enjoy a curve and sexy look under any type of dress at any time you want.

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